IIT Bhubaneswar students will most likely stay in MMM Hostel

June 1st, 2008

The students admitted to IIT Bhubaneswar will be taking their first year classes at IIT Kharagpur, the oldest IIT. Most likely they will stay in the MMM Hall at IIT Kharagpur. They will be staying with the IIT Kharagpur students.

This is an excellent idea as the students will bring with them some of the culture, tradition and history of IIT Kharagpur and the student  life there. Some of the highlights are : (i) Illumination and Rangoli (ii)  Spring Fest  (iii)  Techno-management festival caleld  Kshitij (iv)  Hall day (v) Hostel libraries  (vi) Wing culture (vii) General championship (viii) Hall and Gymkhanna elections (ix) Hall GBMs and budgets and their spending (x) Scholars Avenue fortnightly newspaper (xi) Equal relationship between juniors and seniors – no calling seniors as Sir, bhai, bhaiyya, dada, etc.

In contrast, the IIT Gujarat students are reported to start their classes at the Vishwakarma Government Engineering College campus at Chandkheda in Gandhinagar district where IIT Bombay has the extension center. They will be more prone to bring with them the culture, tradition and history of that govt. college. IIT Hyderabad students will have to start from scratch, as it is reported that their classes will be held in Isnapur near SangaReddy in Medak district, near Hyderabad.About the arrangements in IIT Rajasthan, Times of India has this to say: "Apartments of IIT-K’s guest house would be converted into hostels for students of IIT-Rajasthan. Classes and labs would be held in shifts. If IIT-K classes are held in the morning shift, IIT-R students would have to attend classes in the evening and similar arrangement would be made for labs".

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  • 1. Sanjoy Das  |  June 2nd, 2008 at 2:46 am

    Excellent move.

    Furthermore, JEE IIT aspirants may opt for IIT Orissa instead of the other new IITs because of the one year academic exposure to such a well established institute (IIT KGP).


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