Highcourt judgment on the NIS case

May 10th, 2007

In 2005 after newsreports came in that the proposed National Institute of Sciences was shifted to West Bengal, Mr. Prasanta Das from Cuttack, on behalf of his organization, filed a PIL on this at the Cuttack high court. At one point the Cuttack highcourt put a stay order on any progress on IISERs (the renamed version of NIS). The central govt. went to the Supreme Court and got the stay order lifted. All these led to a lot of news coverage of this issue.

Several Oriyas helped in the supreme court part of the case and even roped in Arun Jaitely to argue the case on behalf of the PIL. The supreme court sent back the case to the high court and finally two days back the high court gave a judgment.

However during this time the PM had already announced the establishment of NISER in Bhubaneswar. This was conveyed to the high court through an affidavit, and that affidavit said that the NISER would open by August 2007. So the high court in its judgment basically said that NISER must be opened by August 2007. This news is reported in Sambada and New Indian Express. Some of the documents related to the Supreme Court case in regards to NIS/IISER shifting (1550-of-2006) are as follows:

Old news items on the case at high court and supreme court are in this blog.

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