Some National Institutions/Universities and their locations; planning for the future in Orissa

October 4th, 2009

Update on 27th April 2011: The Central University location has been changed to Bander Sindri near Ajmer and only 80 kms from Jaipur. The Innovation University (previsouly referred to as National University) aiming for world class is now pushed for Jaipur. [Times of India]. has a report that mentions some official saying that because of the lack of an airport in Rourkela central government will not agree to have ESIC medical college in Rourkela. I think this is a completely frivolous argument; I don’t see much connection between an ESIC medical college and an airport. (Often airport is a codeword for adequate infrastructure. If that is the case Rourkela indeed has the infrastructure for an ESIC medical college.)

However, in regards to certain centrally funded institutions, such a requirement is in the background and mentioned by journalists, even if they may not be spelled out explicitly. So while pushing for an ESIC medical college in Rourkela, we should set our target to push for more functioning airports as a next action item. Following is a more detailed analysis.

Given below are the locations of some national institutions and some related attributes. It is easy to see that for the locations of IITs, IIMs and National Universities being near (say within 120 kms or 2 hrs) an operational airport has been an important factor. For national universities, in addition being in a large (1 million plus metropolitan area) area with other research institutes has also been spelled out as an important criteria and it is reflected in the locations that are picked.  

On the other hand, the newly established central universities are in towns of all sizes and the locations of the NITs are mixed. The next level centrally funded but locally focused technological institutes, SLIET, Longowal, ABAGKC IET, Malda and Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar are on purpose established in rural areas and smaller towns. Unlike the NITs these institutions take only local students and also have programs focused on local needs. Nevertheless, their quality need not be bad. For example, SLIET is considered quite good.

Looking to the future following are some points relevant to Orissa.

  • For Orissa to have future central institutions like IIM, SPA, etc. to be in a location outside of Bhubaneswar, Orissa must push for the quick establishment of airports and other infrastructure in other parts of the state. For example, the airports in Jharsuguda and Rourkela are the closest to be operational and they should  have scheduled flights at the earliest. Otherwise new centrally funded institutions may again be established near Bhubaneswar and crying hoarse after the fact may not be productive.
  • Similarly the knowledge commission has proposed the establishment of 50 national universities in the long run. Considering that the education budget significantly increases from one 5 yr plan to the next, I would not be surprised if there is another set of them made during the 12th plan. Orissa must be prepared for that and by that time (there is a short window) have other areas in Orissa with adequate infrastructure that are being deemed necessary for a national university.
  • Orissa must take advantage of the industrial and investment interests in Orissa, mostly due to its minerals, and develop metropolitan areas with larger population base. Currently the local people are creating roadblocks rather than helping in such development.
  • In 2010 we should do our best to convince the planning commission, the PM and MHRD that the 12th plan (starting 2012) should include more centrally funded institutions of the kind that can be located in rural or semi-urban areas. In particular,
    • A centrally funded but locally focused technological institute (like SLIET) in all states. The one in Orissa could be located in Kalahandi or Balangir, the other two KBK districts that lack centrally funded institutions.
    • Two regional universities in each major states that are funded 50-50 by the state and the center. (This would be better than one centrally funded institute.)
    • Multiple branches of Indira Gandhi National Tribal University in districts with high tribal population.

The NITs.

City/Town State Population of city/town Population rank
Delhi Delhi 18,639,762 2
Surat Gujarat 3,196,799 10
Jaipur Rajasthan 3,102,808 11
Patna Bihar 2,656,318 13
Nagpur Maharashtra 2,569,775 14
Bhopal MP 1,751,766 17
Allahabad UP 1,272,612 31
Jamshedpur Jharkhand 1,252,815 33
Srinagar J & K 1,104,489 41
Calicut Kerala 1,000,802 46
Tiruchirapalli Tamil Nadu 963,237 49
Jalandhar Punjab 958,854 50
Raipur Chhatisgarh 795,104 56
Dehradun Uttarakhand 738,889 57
Warangal Andhra Pradesh 656,298 61
Surathkal, Mangalore Karnataka 612,374 66
Pudducherry Pudducherry 575,027 71
Rourkela Orissa 550,668 75
Durgapur West Bengal 543,922 77
Shillong Meghalaya 304,596 136
Aizawl Mizoram 295,864 140
Imphal Manipur 279,679 147
Agartala Tripura 218,028 184
Silchar Assam 209,543 193
Kurukshetra (Thaneswar) Punjab 157,609 249
Panaji Goa 142,336 271
Kohima Nagaland 103,210 407
Gangkot Sikkim 32,483  
Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh 17,219  

The IITs

City – Metropolitan area State(s) Metro population Metro rank State or country Capital Rank in state Number 1 in the state Nearest airpot Preferred airport
Bombay Maharashtra 21347412 1 Yes 1 picked in area same
Delhi UP, Delhi, Haryana 18639762 2 Yes 1 picked in area same
Chennai Tamil Nadu 7305169 4 Yes 1 picked in area same
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 6290397 6 Yes 1 picked in area (60 kms away) same
Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad Gujarat 5334314 7 Yes 1 picked Ahmedabad (40 kms) same
Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 3494275 9 No 1 picked in area (only Air India) Lucknow (80 kms)
Patna Bihar 2656318 13 Yes 1 picked in area same
Indore Madhya Pradesh 2049193 15 No 1 picked in area same
Bhubaneswar Orissa 1666429 22 Yes 1 picked in area same
Guwahati Assam 1038071 44 Yes 1 picked in area same
Ropar – Chandigarh Punjab 1033671 45 Yes 3 Ludhiana (19) Chandigarh (60 kms away) same
Jodhpur Rajasthan 987919 47 No 2 Jaipur  (11) in area same
Kharagapur West Bengal 511303 82 No 5 Kolkata (3) Kolkata (120 kms away) same
Roorkee – Haridwar Uttarakhand 250645 166 No 2 Dehradun (57) Dehradun (1 hr away) Delhi (180 kms)
Mandi Himachal Pradesh 32014   No 3 Shimla (194) Kullu-Manali airport (60 kms away) same

National Universities

City – Metropolitan area State(s) Metro population Metro rank State or country Capital Rank in state Number 1 in the state Airport with scheduled flights Other airport nearby
NOIDA – Delhi UP, Delhi, Haryana 18639762 2 Yes 1 picked yes  
Kolkata West Bengal 15414859 3 Yes 1 picked yes  
Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad Gujarat 5334314 7 Yes 1 picked yes  
Pune Maharashtra 5273211 8 No 2 Mumbai (1) yes  
Jaipur Rajasthan 3102808 11 Yes 1 picked Yes  
Patna Bihar 2656318 13 Yes 1 picked yes  
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 1751766 17 Yes 2 Indore (15) yes  
Bhubaneswar Orissa 1666429 22 Yes 1 picked yes  
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 1644224 23 No 2 Chennai (4) yes  
Kochi Kerala 1541175 24 No 1 picked yes  
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 1511687 26 No 2 Hyderabad (6) yes  
Mysore Karnataka 1230039 34 No 2 Bangalore (5) New airport but no scheduled flights yet 140 kms from Bangalore
Amritsar Punjab 1206918 36 No 2 Ludhiana (19) yes  
Guwahati Assam 1038071 44 Yes 1 picked yes  

New Central Universities

City – Metropolitan area State Metro population
Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad (temporary?) Gujarat 5,334,314
Srinagar J & K 1,104,489
Khunti, Ranchi  Jharkhand 1,066,449
Jammu J & K 690,924
Bikaner (Changed to be in Bander Sindri, near Ajmer, 80 kms from Jaipur) Rajasthan 624,577 613,293
Gulbarga Karnataka 534,417
Sagar Madhya Pradesh 351,537
Bilaspur Chhatisgarh 319,129
Bathinda Punjab 269,520
Koraput-Sunabeda-Jeypore Orissa 200,000
Motihari Bihar 121,475
Tiruvarar Tamil Nadu 61,270
Kasaragod Kerala 52,683
Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand 25,425
Mahendragarh Harayana 23,977
Kangra Himachal Pradesh 9,155



City – Metropolitan area State Metro population Airport
Kolkata West Bengal 15414859 in area
Bangalore Karnataka 6466271 in area
Ahmedabad Gujarat 5334314 in area
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 2991280 in area
Indore Madhya Pradesh 2049193 in area
Ranchi Jharkhand 1066449 in area
Kozhikode Kerala 1000802 in area
Tiruchirapalli Tamil Nadu 963237 in area
Raipur Chhatisgarh 795104 in area






in area

72 km away in Pantnagar

Udaipur Rajasthan 456994 in area
Rohtak Haryana 340319 71 kms from Delhi
Shillong Meghalaya 304596 in area

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