Vedanta University is likely to be issued environmental and coastal regulatory zone clearance: Economic Times

August 28th, 2010

Following is an excerpt from a report in Economic Times.

The Anil Agarwal Foundation’s Vedanta University project, to be housed in Orissa, is likely to be issued environmental and coastal regulatory zone clearance. The proposed university project will now have to give up 200 acres of the 6,892 acres allocated to it, to address a coastal regulatory zone clearance.

It will be located on the Puri-Konark Marin Drive. These clearances were put in abeyance in May, after the environment ministry received information alleging irregularities, illegal and unlawful deeds by the Foundation. The university project had been given conditional environment and CRZ clearance in April. The proposed Vedanta University project is estimated to involve an amount worth Rs 150 billion.

We need to keep a close watch for any further hanky-panky. We need to make efforts to convince the honorable governor to sign the bill. Finally, keeping in mind the open offer from Andhra and Karnataka we need to urge the CM as well as Vedanta University authorities to speed up work.  (Note that already due to Odisha government’s dilly-dallying we may lose Amrita University and Medical College to Andhra.)

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