NISER Bhubaneswar first batch graduates; most go on to Ph.D programs

June 27th, 2012

As per this Business Standard article out of 35 students that graduated from NISER Bhubaneswar this year 11  are going abroad for Ph.D (to places such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Stony Brook), 5 are going to TIFR for PhD, 2 are going to IISc Bangalore, 4 to NII Delhi and 4 to various IITs. This adds up to 26.

Even when a lot of IIT students were going abroad, no department of any IIT was sending so many to pursue Ph.D.

Kudos to NISER to live up to the dreams and goals behind establishing the IISERs and NISER.

Finally, considering the angst of some of the alumni of the IISERs (especially IISER Pune) kudos to NISER for holding its own entrance exam (and not take students from IIT JEE) so that students who come into NISER are more in synch with the institution in terms of their expectation. (Update: Just to be clear, now, IIT JEE is only one of the three means to get admitted to IISERS. The other two are via KVPY and an aptitude test.)

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  • 1. R. K. Ghosh  |  June 30th, 2012 at 11:31 am

    I agree to what Chitta says about achievements of NISER graduates, it is indeed commendable. Having said that, I think the story makes an unfair comparision between IIT depts and NISER. Because IITs are mainly for undergraduate studies in engineering. Engineering graduates get good placements immediately after graduation and many do not have to go for higher education. Until recently scopes were limited, so in the past many graduating students went for PhDs. This situation has changed drastically after 1995. However, in the case of scinece subjects it is different. So, most scinece graduates still go for Ph. Ds. Comparing the science depts at IITs with NISER is again not fair. Because science depts at IITs neither have grants in proportion to NISER nor they have operational autonomy like NISER.

  • 2. Biswajit Mishra  |  July 4th, 2012 at 8:10 am

    I agree with Ratan Bhai as far as the Engineering grads from IITs getting jobs after the mid nineties and the science students (mostly from Chemistry and Physics) go for Ph. D. At least in Kgp, students of Math and Geology/Geophysics also get jobs, respectively in software and hydrocarbon sectors. Let us accept the fact that no student, barring possibly 5%, take higher studies for sheer passion. What I don’t agree is that science departments in IITs don’t have grants and operational autonomy (read: in proportion to NISER), at least in Kgp we don’t see that. I believe the difference lies in the mind set. No students writes IIT JEE to be in science stream. However, they land up in IITs because of their relatively lower AIR. They could have opted for some other colleges (NITs/BITS) for an Engineering degree. But they want stamps of IITs. Hence, it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to motivate these guys. Students going to NISER, on the other hand, know that they will take up only SCIENCE and thus they are motivated from day one.

  • 3. sudeshna mallick  |  August 10th, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    i am a msc pass out student in physics. i want to do my phd here but .how can i get the short listed candidate name which are selected in junior research fellow?plz help me


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