Some notable K-12 Schools in Bhubaneswar – from a Dharitri supplement

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Comparing top 1% cut-off across various boards in India for class X (2007) and XII (2009)

The following is from which came from Table 1 of the INSPIRE application form of 2010.

Board Class 10 % ( top 1% cut off in 2007)
Class 12 % (top 1% cut off in 2009)
Andhra Pradesh 91.10 82.30
Assam 77.60 73.40
Bihar 73.20 73.40
CBSE 93.60 92.40
Chhattisgarh 82.50 85.00
Goa 85.80 81.80
Gujarat 86.40 77.80
Haryana 87.00 82.60
Himachal Pradesh 76.30 79.40
ICSE 95.60 93.30
Jammu & Kashmir 84.40 79.20
Jharkhand 78.40 67.20
Karnataka 89.60 88.00
Kerala 93.90 91.80
Madhya Pradesh 85.80 82.60
Maharashtra 80.10 83.80
Manipur 77.00 75.80
Meghalaya 70.50 70.60
Mizoram 86.60 68.20
Nagaland 68.10 73.00
Orissa 81.30 76.10
Punjab 81.30 76.70
Rajasthan 79.10 82.40
Tamil Nadu 90.40 94.50
Tripura 68.80 68.80
Uttar Pradesh 72.50 72.60
Uttarakhand 70.40 68.20
Viswa-Bharathi 93.40 95.80
West Bengal 86.60 82.20
This list is taken from the website  (2007 class X and 2009 class XII) cut off Table 1.

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Stewart School in Cuttack to celebrate its 125th anniversary

Following are excerpts from a Telegraph report on this.

…On November 20, Orissa’s Stewart School gears up to celebrate its 125th year.

The institution, where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose received six years of elementary education, is marking the occasion by asking former students to come forth and to share memories of the alma mater.

Through this exercise, principal Asha Margaret Das hopes to accumulate an school information archive. On November 20, a five-day celebration with a host of programmes is also expected to start.

So far, the school has started a special unit to receive messages from former pupils. “I am sure that former pupils from far and wide must have interesting anecdotes to share,” she said.

“If you have any stories related to the old higher-secondary school or any other information, we would love to hear from you. We believe that it’s important for former pupils to realise they are a part of a rich historical past,” Das said. “It is one of the oldest schools in Cuttack and the few that are older are so by 10, maybe 25 years.”

The school, which started in 1882, was re-christened Stewart School in 1919 after its founder William Day Stewart, a civil surgeon. Stewart School began as the Orphanage School in November 1882. Soon, it came to be known as Protestant European School (in 1891) and in the same year its doors opened to Indian students. Since 1971, the institution has been managed by Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India. Until that time it was under the Baptist Missionary Society. 

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