Kalinga Bharati Residential College shines in the +2 performance: top three in science and topper in commerce are from this college

The website of this college is http://www.kalingabharati.org/. This year students from this college have done extremely well in +2 results. Only BJB College’s performance is close to them. While earlier it used to be a contest between BJB and Ravenshaw, this year Ravenshaw has bitten dust and its place has been taken by this college.

In particular its performance in +2 is as follows:

Upon further browsing their web pages I am of the opinion that this college will be a trendsetter and pioneer in Odisha. Just look at their faculty listed at http://www.kalingabharati.org/FACULTY_LIST.HTM.

Department Faculty’s name Qualification
Department of Physics & Electronics Er. Himansu Acharya M.Sc, M.Phill, M.Tech (C-S), IIT – Khadagpur
Er. O.P Singh B.Tech, REC – Bhopal
Er. Abhijeet Kumar M.Tech, IIT – Khadagpur
  Er. PS Satpathy B.Tech, IIT – Bombay
  Er. Jayanta Kumar Patra AMIE, Calcutta
  Mr R K Maharana M.Sc
  Mr.Debabrata Dwibedi M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D. (continuing), DISM
  Ms. Jayashree Sahoo M.Sc, M.C.A., B.Ed
  Mr. M.G.B. Amant M.Sc. A-Level (continuing)
Department of Physics & Electronics Dr. Daitary Sahoo M.Sc, M.Phill, Ph.D.
Prof. R.B. Kanungo M.Sc, Ph.D.
Er. Vidyasagar Sharma B.Tech, IIT – Kanpur
Er. Aditya Pandey B.Tech, IIT – Delhi
Ms. Menakarani Routray M.Sc, Ph.D (continuing)
  Mr. S.K. Pattnayak M.Sc
  Er. B.P Mishra B.Tech, HBTI – Kanpur
  Mr. Vinod Kumar B.Tech, HBTI – Kanpur
  Mr. Parasar Mishra M.Sc, B.Ed
Department of Mathematics Er. Shiva Prasad Das M.Sc, M.Tech (C-S), IIT- Khadagpur
Er. Ranjit Singh B.Tech, IIT – Khadagpur
Er. Mithilesh Kumar B.Tech, REC – Bhopal
Er. Chitaranjan Swain B.Tech, Utkal University
  Mr  M M   Muduly M Sq    M.Phill
  Mr. Nirmala Chandra Sahu MSc.
  Mr. Umakant Sahu MSc.
  Mr. Ajay Kumar Sundaray MSc.
  Mr. P.K. Choudhury MSc.
  Mr. Ansuman Sing Gaur M.Tech, HBTI – Kanpur
  Ms. Prajna Jene M.A. (Math), PGDCA
  Ms. Ranjita Pradhan M.Sc, PGDCA, CWA
Department of Biology n Biotechnology Dr. Arun Kumar Rath M.Sc M.Phill, Ph.D
Mr. P.C. Mohapatra M. Sc. , M.Phill,
Mr. Animesh Das Pattnayak M.Sc, PGDCA
Ms. Smruti Rekha Das MSc.
Ms. Usharani Tripathy MSc.
  Ms. Bijayalaxmi Biswal MSc.
  Ms. Leena Gantayat MSc.
  Dr. Dilip Kumar Swain M.V.Sc., OUAT
  Mr. Nirmal Biswal MSc.
Department of Biology n Biotechnology Mr. B N   Mishra M.A. (English)
Mr. Pranab Patra M.A. (English)
Ms. Narmada Satpathy M.A. (English)
Department of Oriya Dr. jatadhari Mohapatra M.A., Ph.D
Ms. Manorama Mohapatra M.A. (Oriya)

Based on this faculty I am going to go out on a limb and predict that this year there will be at least 10 students from this college in the IIT JEE top 1000.

I hope some of the other private +2 colleges will immediately copy from this college and assemble a similar faculty and beat Kota at its own game and send more Orissans to IIT and other top institutions.

As per Dharitri the +2 Science topper from Kalinga Bharati, Kiity Jain (a girl) is from Khariar in Nuapada district and the +2 Commerce topper Bhabani Acharya (also a girl) is from Semiliguda in Koraput.

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