Mata Amritanandamayi Math Trust which runs Amrita University in South may have a medical college and university near Bhubaneswar

Update: A bit of Googling revealed that the trust also approached Andhra Pradesh about 2 weeks back. See Since their proposal to Odisha was sent about a year back, it is not clear if they are still interested in Odisha or because of Odisha’s delay they will go to Hyderabad. While their VC went to Hyderabad to meet AP CM, no one of that stature came to Odisha. So if Odisha really wants it they must move fast in offering the land.

Following is from a report in

Mata Amritanandamayi Math Trust proposed to set up an ultra modern medical college and hospital in the state. The Government has approved the proposal of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math Trust on Thursday for setting up of an ultra modern university in city at an investment of Rs 700 crore. In the first phase the Trust will invest a sum of Rs 500 crore and the admission will be started within two years.

The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has approved the proposal of the Trust on Thursday . The proposed university would be provided 150 acres of land somewhere between Bhubaneswar and Khurda.

The Higher Education Minister Debi Prasad Mishra. said that the Chief Minister has approved the proposal of the Math Trust . As per the proposal, the Trust would set up a medical college and hospital along with institutions which would impart engineering, nano technology, biotechnology, ayurveda, Arts and Science subjects. The university would have facilities for imparting various courses to nearly 25 thousand students of which five percent would be reserved for meritorious students belonging to BPL families. It would provide study loans to the poor meritorious students. The Trust would also open off-campuses in other cities of the State, he said.

Informing about the success story of the universities set up by the Trust, the Minister said the former has already set up five universities in three States including Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu and Keral which have been successfully imparting quality education. The proposed university would invest Rs 3 crore per each bed in its medical college and hospital.

The trust has set a target to start admissions in two years time. It would begin the construction work forthwith after lands are allotted and no special legislation would be required, Minister said.

Indeed this trust has set up some very good institutions in the south. Its main institution, Amrita University is a very good university  with campuses in Kerala at Amritapuri and Kochi, in Karnataka at Bangalore and Mysore, and in Tamil Nadu at Ettimadai. (See ) Its vice Chancellor Dr. P. Venkat Rangan is a well known scientist and very well respected in the US. Please see . He became a full professor at the age of 33 in a top US University (Univ of California San Diego). Amrita University‘s business, engineering and medical schools are nationally ranked: Amrita School of Business is ranked 28 (2010 rediff careers 360 ranking); Amrita School of Engineering is ranked 27 (2009 Dataquest ranking) and  Amrita School of Medical Sciences is ranked 18 (2009 India Today ranking). It has Schools of Engineering at Amritapuri, Bangalore and Ettimadai (Coimbatore), School of Business at Ettimadai Schools of Arts and Sciences at Amritapuri and Mysore, Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry at Kochi, and many other schools. It is in collaboration with major US Universities . It is one of the very few universities in India that offers a dual Masters degree program together with a top US university (SUNY Buffalo). 

Some may be disappointed that why this university in Bhubaneswar and not in another place in Odisha. The following is what I was told. Some Odia disciples of Mata Amrutanandamayi approached the government about this almost a year back. The government proposed them another location away from Bhubaneswar.  The organization wanted Bhubaneswar. The last I heard the stalemate was going on. Today I read in the paper about this.

There is one lesson one can take away from this and other recent examples. Other locations which want such institutions should contact appropriate trusts and let the trust propose their location. I think the government will support that. Not only that if the location that is proposed is a backward area the government would chip in with land as well as 10 crores. The recent medical college proposal for Keonjhar comes to mind. So that is where the energy should be put. Alternatively, one may follow the JITM route, which now is a state university in Parlakhemundi. One needs to take such initiatives and be motivated by successes at other places.

For example, now that various organizations came together and successfully stopped Vedanta mining in Kalhandi, those organizations should be contacted to help the development of Kalahandi in other ways starting with higher educational institutions and eco-tourism infrastructure. I think Dr. Digambar Patra has already contacted some of them, but a more concerted effort would be good.

The SAIL medical college effort is also in the right direction. Please consider signing the petition at .

Also, making efforts to improve the infrastructure in other places so that outside trusts are interested in those places is equally important. In that regard please consider signing the petition at which is about establishing functioning airports at Jharsuguda and Jeypore and initiating international flights to Bhubaneswar.

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