M.Tech seat matrix in colleges under BPUT for the 2010-11 session

Following is obtained from http://odishajee.com/home.asp.

In addition to the above, additional M.Tech seats are available at:

  • IIIT Bhubaneswar
  • SOA University Bhubaneswar
  • KIIT Bhubaneswar
  • CIPET Bhubaneswar
  • IMMT Bhubaneswar
  • OUAT Bhubaneswar
  • IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar campus
  • VSSUT, Sambalpur
  • NIT Rourkela
  • SUIIT, Sambalpur

See http://www.orissalinks.com/archives/4984 for seat matrix in the above places.

October 11th, 2010

Ph.D stipends to increase to Rs 16,000-Rs 20,000 per month

Update: The announcement is at http://www.education.nic.in/TechnicalEdu/RevratesPHD.pdf. It looks like the hike is only for Ph.D students and not for M.Tech students.

Following is an excerpt from a report in Hindustan Times.

Research scholars at the Indian Institutes of Technology and all other central science and engineering schools will soon receive a massive hike of up to 33 per cent in the monthly stipend they receive. The human resource development (HRD) ministry has communicated the decision to all central institutions including the IITs.

… Apart from the IITs, students and research scholars at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs), the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and the Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) will also benefit.

The HRD ministry letter to the Directors of these institutions also says the "revision in rate will be applicable to other government and government aided institutions funded by the All India Council for Technical Education and University Grants Commission."

Students who graduate from the undergraduate B.Tech programme at the IITs with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of over 8, and those who clear the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering will now receive R16,000 a month during their PG research. They receive R12,000 a month at present.

PG degree holders in the basic sciences and students who have qualified in the National Eligibility Test will get R18,000 a month till their fifth year of PhD research. Students who hold PG degrees in engineering will receive R18,000 a month during the first two years of research and R20,000 a month during the next two years.

3 comments October 5th, 2010

M.Tech programs offered by Engineering Colleges, other institutions and universities in Odisha

Following is extracted from multiple sources including http://www.aicte-india.org/excel/29jun/ORISSA.html

College M.Tech branch Number of Seats
Mahavir Institute of Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar (36) Computer Science & Engg 18
  Electrical & Communication 18
DRIEMS, Cuttack (90) Computer Science 18
  ECE 18
  EE (Power) 18
  Electronis & Instr 18
  IT 18
Synergy, Dhenkanal (72) Computer Science & Engg 36
  Electrical & Comm. (VLSI & Embeded System) 18
  Electrical & Electronics (Power Electronics & Drives) 18
Majhighariani, Rayagada (36) BioTechnology 18
  Mechanical Engineering 18
East, Bhubaneswar (36) Computer Science & Engineering 18
  Electronics & Telecommunication 18
CIPET, Bhubaneswar (54) Material Sc & Technology  (M.SC) 18
  Plastic Engineering (M.Tech) 18
  Polymer Nano Technology 18
Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar  (36) Computer Science & Engineering 18
  Mechanical System Design 18
IIIT, Bhubaneswar (25) Computer Science & Engineering 25
Krupajal, Bhubaneswar (72) Computer Science & Engineering 18
  Power Electronics & Drives 18
  Communication Engineering 18
  Heat Power Engineering 18
CEB, Bhubaneswar (54) Computer Science & Engineering  18
  Electrical & Communication 18
  Thermal Engineering 18
C V Raman, Bhubaneswar (180) Industrial Engineering 18
  Chemical Engineering 18
  Computer Science & Engineering 36
  Electrical (Power System) Engg 18
  Electronics and Communication 36
  Heat Power Engineering 18
  IT 18
  Mechatronics 18
Konark Institute, Bhubaneswar (36) Computer Science & Engineering  18
  Electrical & Communication 18
NM Institute, Bhubaneswar (36) Power Electronics & Devices 18
  Mechanical Engineering 18
Techno, Bhubaneswar (36) ECE 18
  EEE 18
Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneswar (36) Computer Science & Engineering 18
  Electrical & Communication 18
GITA, Bhubaneswar (36) Electrical / Electrical & Elex 18
  Mechanical Engineering 18
Silicon, Bhubaneswar (72) Computer Sc & Engineering 18
  Electrical / Electrical & Elex 18
  Electronics &Telecommunication 36
GIET, Gunupur (144) Applied Elex & Instrumentation 18
  Computer Science & Engineering 18
  Machine Design 18
  Thermal Engineering / Heat Power Engg. 18
  CAD/CAM 18
  Electronics & Comm. Engg. 18
  Industrial Engineering 18
  Power Electronics Engg. 18
IMIT, Cuttack (18)  IT 18
NIST, Berhampur (54) VLSI & Embedded System Design 18
  Wireless Communication Technology 18
  Electronics & Communication Engineering 18
IIPM, Kansbahal (0)
Production Management  
IMMT Bhubaneswar (10)
Material Research Engineering 10
IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Center (50) Electrical Engineering  (3yr weekend and after hrs M.Tech) 25
  Electronics & Communication Engineering  (3yr weekend & after hrs M.Tech) 25
Utkal University, Bhubaneswar (30*) Computer Science 30
  M.E in Computer Sc and Eng with specialization in Knowledge Engineering *
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar (144*) Water Resource Engineering – Civil 18*
  Construction Engineering & Management 18*
  Electrical  18*
  Mechanical 18*
  Computer Science 18*
  Electronics & Telecommunication 18*
SOA University, Bhubaneswar (144*)
Computer Science & Eng. 18*
  Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. –  VLSI Design & Embedded System) 18*
  Mechanical Engg. – Thermal Engineering 18*
  Electrical Engg. — Power Electronics & Drives 18*
  Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. – Telecommunication System Engineering 18*
  IT 18*
CET, Bhubaneswar (107)
Computer Science & Engg 13
  IT 18
  Industrial Engineering & Management 18
  Structural Engineering 18
  VLSI & Embedded Systems 10
  Mechanical System Design & Dynamics 10
  M.Architecture 20
ABIT, Cuttack (20)
M.Architecture  20
NIT Rourkela (288)
Biotechnology & Medical Engineering 18
  Ceramic Engineering 18
  Chemical Engineering 18
  Civil Engineering – Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg 18
  Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering 18
  Computer Science & Engineering- Computer Sc 18
  Computer Science & Engineering- Info. Security 18
  Electrical Engineering – Electronics Systems & Communication 18
  Electrical Engineering – Power control & Drives 18
  Electronics & Communication Engineering – Telematics & Signal Processing 18
  Electronics & Communication Engineering – VLSI Design & Embedded Systems 18
  Mechanical Engineering – Machine Design & Analysis 18
  Mechanical Engineering – Production Engineering 18
  Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Engineering 18
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 18
  Mining Engineering 18
VSSUT, Burla (152)
Communication System 18
  Heat Power Engineering 12
  Hydraulic & Irrigation Engineering 18
  Machine Design & Analysis 12
  Power system Engineering 18
  Production Engineering    12
  Structural Engineering 13
  Transportation Engineering     13
  Computer Science & Engg 18
  Manufacturing Systems 18
IGIT Sarang (54*)
Electrical – Power Electronics & Drives 18*
  Civil – Environmental Science & Engineering 18*
  Mechanical – Mechanical System Design 18*
OUAT, Bhubaneswar (*) Agricultural Engineering  *
Sambalpur University (20) Food Science & Technology 20
SUIIT, Sambalpur (24) Computer Science 24

The * implies that I am not sure of the number. The number I have in that case may be a few years old. The above adds up to 1830+372* seats total. Out of which 1112+318* seats are in the greater Bhubaneswar (including Dhenkanal) area.

My guess is that majority of these M.Tech’s (at least 50-60%) would go into teaching. This should definitely help the faculty quality of the engineering colleges and programs in Odisha. In a few years IIT Bhubaneswar is going to start M.Tech. That would help the situation further.

3 comments July 16th, 2010

IIPM Kansbahal to start M.Tech in Production Management; first such M. Tech in Odisha

Following is an excerpt from a report in Pioneer.

Indian Institute of Production Management (IIPM) located in Kansbahal, Sundergarh, has scored a first in the State by starting an MTech programme in Production Engineering. Classes are expected to start from July 10, 2010. The course will be conducted by the Wellteach University of Chennai and 25 students will be taken in through a Joint Entrance Examination to be conducted by the university in June. The course fee for the 2-year course has been pegged at Rs 2 lakh.

Announcing this to the media in a meeting organised here on Sunday, Director Prof MR Nayak emphasised that even though the institute does not have any BTech course on offer it has ventured to conduct the MTech course because of its close to three decades of experience in training and consulting activity in the field of production engineering which has seen over 30,000 trainees pass through its portals including 1,400 persons from abroad. Because of its uniqueness of expertise and experience it has been included as an approved training institute under the Colombo Plan and the international trainees are sent here for training after selection by the Ministry of External affairs of the Government of India.

Last year it created a school of management and started an MBA program.

May 18th, 2010

CIPET ad for M.Tech and Ph.D at its Bhubaneswar center: Samaja

May 3rd, 2010

CSIR Post Graduate Research Program in Engineering – 10 seats at IMMT Bhubaneswar

April 26th, 2010

IIT Kharagpur offers 3 yr weekend and after hours M.Tech in Bhubaneswar and Kolkata for faculty

The deadline for the coming year is past. But one can get the details for future years from http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/downloads/mtech_new1.pdf. Following is information from that page.

The following two M. Tech programmes will be offered for faculty members of AICTE-recognized programmes of Engineering Colleges:

1. M. Tech in Electrical Engineering
2. M. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering

The programmes will be offered from January 2010.

Programme Features

The features of these programmes and the mode of delivery are elucidated below.

• Each programme will be of three-year duration.

• These programmes will be offered in the holidays and beyond office hours on weekdays to facilitate the teachers employed in the engineering colleges to attend the classes.

• The programme may be offered during summer vacation.

• Since the potential student base for these programmes exist in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar, these programmes will be offered in the Extension Centers of the Institute at Kolkata and Bhubaneswar.

• A mixed mode of teaching through video-conferencing and face-to-face interaction will be adopted in these programmes.

• A faculty will deliver a lecture at any of the locations (primarily Kharagpur) and the students at Kolkata and Bhubaneswar will be able to attend the lecture and interact with the faculty through video-conferencing.

• The tutorials, seminars, and comprehensive viva-voce examinations will be conducted also in the above-stated mode, as and when required.

• The recorded lectures, tutorials, and interactions will be recorded in the two Extension Centres and will be stored at the library of each extension center. They will be available to the students for study during specified hours.

• Students cannot copy these recorded lectures.

• The recorded lectures, tutorials, and interactions will not be used in subsequent semesters as a substitute for live presentations.

• Laboratory classes will be conducted in one weekend of every month at IIT Kharagpur campus at Kharagpur.

• Laboratory classes may also be conducted at the respective extension centers in virtual mode, depending on the availability of the required facilities.

• Projects and supervisors will be assigned to the students by the Programme Coordinator after the completion of first two semesters.

• Students will carry out their project work at their institutions and have to be in constant touch with their supervisors. The sponsoring organizations are required to provide laboratory facilities to the students to carry out their M.Tech project works.

• There will be two class tests in every subject. The class tests will be conducted at Kharagpur when the students come to the Institute during the last weekend of a month for the laboratory class.

• Mid-Semester and End-semester examinations will be conducted at the respective Extension Centers with faculty members as invigilators.

• Comprehensive Viva-Voce will be conducted through video-conferencing.

Number of Students to be Admitted

• Twenty-five in each programme at each Extension Center.

Programme Fee

• Fee for each programme is Rs.2 lakh for each student to be paid in two instalments – the first instalment of Rs.1 lakh to be paid at the time of admission and the second instalment of Rs.1 lakh to be paid one year after the admission. The programme fee includes the tuition fee and the examination fee.

Eligibility for Admission :

• Faculty members associated with the AICTE-recognized programmes of engineering colleges are eligible for admission into the programmes.

• An applicant must have passed B. Tech in appropriate branch with a minimum of 60% marks in the final qualifying examinations (for SC/ST candidates it is 55%).

Application Fee

• The Application Fee of Rs. 2,000.00 for general candidates and Rs. 1,000.00 for SC/ST candidates should be payable by Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘IIT Kharagpur’ on any nationalized bank payable at Kharagpur.

Undertaking from the Sponsoring Institution

The sponsoring engineering college must give an undertaking that the college will upgrade its own facility (such as laboratories, computer facilities, and library) to enable the sponsored student to carry out his/her M. Tech thesis work in that college.

Selection of Candidates

The candidates will be asked to appear at a written test and an interview to be held at each Extension Center.

Some time back we had suggested something similar. See http://www.orissalinks.com/archives/501. Even with the IIT Kharagpur’s program there is need for more such programs. Perhaps IIIT Bhubaneswar and BPUT can make efforts in this direction.

1 comment March 29th, 2010

M.Tech and M. Pharm programs at ITER

2 comments June 15th, 2008

Samaja Ads: M.Tech in CV Raman and College of Engineering Bhubaneswar (CEB)

9 comments October 13th, 2007

M.Tech in ECE at NIST: Ad in samaja

1 comment October 10th, 2007

CEB offers M.Tech in Computer Science and Eng. : Ad in Samaja

We have now updated the list of the various colleges in Orissa that offer M.Tech programs.

9 comments September 29th, 2007

ITER advertises for its M.Tech program for the third time: Ad in Samaja

ITER had earlier advertised for its M. tech program in August and then again in September. Perhaps it still has unfilled seats. Hence a third advertisement and a third entrance exam.


September 19th, 2007

UCE Burla’s ad in Samaja for M.Tech

8 comments September 15th, 2007

ITER advertises (in Samaja) for its M.Tech program again

ITER had earlier advertised for its M. tech program. Today there is the following new ad.

August 30th, 2007

Krupajal starts M.Tech program; has AICTE approval

Earlier we had listed the various colleges in Orissa that offer M.Tech programs. To that we can now add Krupajal which will offer 18 seats in two of its branches: Computer Sc. and Electronics and Telecom. Following is Krupajal’s ad in Samaja on this.


16 comments August 10th, 2007

Ad for M. Tech at Siksha `O’ Anusandhan University

August 3rd, 2007

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