NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest 2011: A team from DPS Rourkela wins the first prize in the 11-12 grade small team category and Mrinal Chaudhury, also of DPS, wins speciality first prize for Artistic Merit

The web page of this contest is at The results of the 2011 page is at Following are excerpts from that web page.



Grand Prize

The Grand Prize for the 2011 Space Settlement Contest went to a large team of 7 students (11-12 grade), Gaurav Kumar, Deepak Talwar, Harman Jot Singh Walia, Mahiyal B. Singh, Kaenat Seth, Ishaan Mehta, and Navdeep Singh Makkar, from Punjab, India for creating the Hyperion Space Settlement. They also won the NSS Bruce M. Clark, Jr. Memorial Space Settlement Award.

First Prize

11-12 Grade First Prize
  • Asteria, Sarah Bell, Queensland, Australia, Individual.
  • Shangri-la, Odisha, India (Delhi Public School), Small Team.
  • CRONOS, Constanta, Romania (Colegiul National "Mircea cel Batran"), Large Team.
9-10 Grade First Prize
  • Adamas, Aditya Bathla, Punjab, India (Apeejay School), Individual.
  • AMOS (Advanced Moon Orbiting Settlement), Romania ("Tudor Vianu" National High School of Computer Science), Small Team.
  • Brisinger, Constanta, Romania (Colegiul National "Mircea cel Batran"), Large Team.
6-8 Grade First Prize
  • The Satus Novo Serere, Hasan N. Kahn, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (American International School), Individual.
  • Big Bang, California, USA (Sequoia Middle School), Small Team.
  • EON: Everlasting Orbita Nation, New York, USA (Cortland Junior Senior High School), Large Team.
Specialty First Prize
  • S’ukhavati, Mrinal Chaudhury, Odisha, India (Delhi Public School), Artistic Merit.
  • Life on the Space Station, Seebor, Romania (Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science), Literary Merit.
  • Arcadia, Shanghai, China, Life Sciences. has some details about the winners. Following are some excerpts.

Among the winners include the team comprising Siddharth Tripathi, Akshat Dutt and Nisarg Behera of class –XII, and Mrinal Chaudhary of class-VIII of the same school.

The team comprising Siddharth, Akshat and Nisarg won the first prize in the 11th -12th grade for their project titled “Sangri-La”, a space settlement colony to provide exceedingly proficient and enjoyable living amenities for 20,000 permanent space residents. The colony that the team has proposed, is designed as a heavenly abode for settlers who can revel in the extraordinary luxury away from the earth. Thinking out of the box, the team proposed a major scientific research laboratory as well as a business hub in space, bio-regenerative life systems incorporating all biological components, state of art meditation halls, an efficiently functioning government machinery to take care of the law and order, a new currency named ‘Hawking’ and also a National Shangri-La Stock Exchange to help people participate in World economic affairs.

Mrinal won the specialty first prize for Artistic merit in her paper presentation titled “Sukhavati”. Mrinal in her report presented the colony and several paintings and diagrams depicting the interior and the exterior, living spaces, laboratories, recreation areas etc. of the colony.

… Mr.Bijoy Bahadur Mathur, Science Head of the School and the mentor to these students has been instrumental in preparing the students for this competition.

Teams from Odisha have been doing very well in this contest for the last several years. 

April 26th, 2011

NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest 2010: Prateeksha Das from Rourkela has the top individual entry

The web page of this contest is at The results of the 2010 page is at Following sentence is from that web page.

Prateeksha Das, Ispat English Medium School, Odisha, India’s entry "Paradise Reclaimed" won the inaugural Bruce Clark Memorial scholarship which goes to the top individual entry.

She is from the 11-12 grade.

Following is from Dharitri.

Last year a team from Bhubaneswar co-won the grand prize.

16 comments May 5th, 2010

NASA Space settlement design contest

NASA organizes a space settlement design  contest for high school students and students from all over the world, including from India, participate in it. This year a team from Orissa won the grand prize. The 2009 contest page has this to say about it. (Some name corrections are made using a article about this.)

The Grand Prize winning submissions for 2009 went to Eric Yam, Pooja Bhattacharya and Swastika Bhattacharya.
Eric is a student of Ms. Gillian Evans at Northern Secondary School in Toronto Canada. His project was named ASTEN [PDF file 12 MB].

Pooja Bhattacharya and Swastika Bhattacharya were instructed by Ms. Itishree Nanda of St. Xavier’s High School in Orissa India. Orissa Design Inspired Systems and Aerovehicles was the title of their submission.

Following is a list from the page that points to some of the winning proposals.

May 11th, 2009


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