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TIFR e-booklet on various scientific research institutes in India

TIFR has a nice e-booklet on various scientific research institutes in India.

March 31st, 2007

RRL (Regional Research Laboratory) in Bhubaneswar “upgraded” to Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT)

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) aims to provide scientific industrial R & D. It had many central, national and regional research laboratories, including a regional research laboratory (RRL) in Bhubaneswar. In early March the name of all the five RRLs in Bhubaneswar, Jammu, Bhopal, Johrhat and Trivendrum have been changed.

* RRL Bhubaneswar’s name has been changed to Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT).

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Orissa government did send a formal KBK Central University proposal to the center

Samaja reports that the Orissa Chief minister sent a formal proposal on a KBK Adivasi Central University to the central government on December 23rd 2006.

Earlier, the CM had brought up the issue of a central University in KBK with the HRD minister on Oct 24 2005. (See
The MPs Mr. Panda and Ms. Bohidar had asked a question on it in the Rajya Sabha on 19.12.2005 ( See ).

March 30th, 2007

Letter from the Vedanta University project CEO

Dear Friend,

We are pleased to share with you, as well wishers of the proposed Vedanta University in Orissa, the developments to-date and our objectives in the project. The Vedanta University will be established in the state of Orissa, along the Puri-Konark highway.

We recall with pride the glorious past when Orissa had Ratnagiri University, known around the world. With the active support, encouragement and good wishes from all of you through your
constructive communication in the various blogs, e-mails and internet communications, we are confident of making Orissa once again a globally recognised center for higher learning.

Anil Agarwal Foundation, a “not for profit” institution, has been founded by Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Resources Plc, London, for making a significant contribution to a core requirement of India viz. Education.

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IIT issue rocks Orissa Legislative assembly (OLA)

The IIT issue rocked OLA yesterday. Some BJP legislators were very vocal about it and said they were fed up with the central government’s negelect with respect to higher education locations. In jest, some even suggested that Orissa should have an economic blockade against the center as suggested by Biju Patnaik decades ago. Other members suggested that an assembly committee on this issue be formed and that committee visit the Prime minister on this issue. The proceedings of the assembly on the debate on IIT shifting is further reported in, New Indian Express and Samaja (in Oriya).

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AIIMS-like institution in Bhubaneswar

Following are some details on the AIIMS like institute in Bhubaneswar: architecture competition; RFP for consultancy; Notice inviting tender for survey works; Reply to queries raised by bidders ; More details (Drawing1, Drawing2, Drawing3, Architect’s brief). The "Architect’s brief" is a comprehensive document on what is planned for the AIIMS like institution. In the health budget of 2007-08 there is 150 crores for the 6 new AIIMS type institutes and upgradation of 10 state govt hospitals. In 2006-07 this was 75 crores which was revised down to 10 crores. There is a rumor in Orissa papers that the 150 crores in the 2007-08 is only for upgradation and nothing will be spend on the new AIIMS like institutions. I don’t believe it. Lets wait and wtach.

March 29th, 2007

Vedanta University unveils its web page

The webpage was unveiled on March 26th 2007. It has details on what they plan to do.
(Thanks to Prof. Sanjoy Das for the pointer.)

March 29th, 2007

IIT issue raised by Orissa MPs in the 1st phase of the budget session of the parliament

Dharitri (page1, page 2, page 3, page4, page5, page6, page7) has a nice summary of the various issues raised by Orissa’s MPs in the just concluded first phase of the budget session of the parliament. It shows that various MPs raised the IIT in Orissa issue and MHRD’s discrimination against Orissa. In particular:

* BJD and BJP MPs gave a notice in the Lok Sabha on this issue, and received acknowledgement from the speaker, but it did not get a chance to be included in the Lok Sabha proceedings. (page1) We hope that they insist that it gets included in the second phase of the parliament session.

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Orissa School of Mining Engineering in Keonjhar

Since 1995 Orissa govt has introduced B.Tech programs at the Orissa School of Mining Engineering in Keonjhar (location). However, so far it has very minimal facilities. In 2006, the Orissa governemnt decided to upgrade it and model it after the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad. They have gone around and obtained pledges from various industries operating in that area and have created a budget of 50+ crores to upgrade this school. They have identified 46 acres of land for the the upgraded school. This was reported in various newspapers in late October 2006 (samaja, statesman, tathya). The new industrial policy 2007 (page 12, 10.2.iii) of the Orissa government which was made in March 2007 also states the Orissa government’s plan regarding this school.

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Guest Article by Sandip Dasverma: Himalaya Senapati, a RMTS Scholar is finalist for the India team selection to International Math olympiad

(Editor’s comment: Please read more about the noble RMTS effort and consider contributing to it.)

Dear Friends: Please read the mail below from Dr. Swadheen Pattanayak and rejoice. It has been long 4 years but it seems only the other day when the list of 30 students selected from 1st RMTS(2003) was forwarded by Swadheen, to me in December 2003. Himalaya was second of thirty in the list of merit.

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ICFAI University, Bhubaneswar

Update: The MOU has been signed. [Kalinga Times]

Pragativadi reports that ICFAI plans to sign an MOU with Orissa government to establish an ICFAI university in Bhubaneswar. At present they have universities in Uttaranchal, Tripura, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Jharkhand. For example, ICFAI University in Dehradun has a business school, a science and technology school, a law school, a college of education, etc.
They plan to buy 150 acres of land from private parties near Jatni – the area near the Khurda Road station. The report also says that Orissa government is in the process of making legislation that will allow such private universities like ICFAI university, Vedanta University and Ravishankar University.

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IIIT Update: Classes may start in a building in Infocity

There is some possibility that IIIT Bhubaneswar classes may start in a building in the Infocity campus. That location has many advantages over the CITE location in Rasulgarh. Effort is on to obtain some chair professorship  funded by various companies  that have operations in Bhubaneswar and Orissa. The search for a director continues. The plan to start classes in the coming academic year is still on.

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Land for Ravenshaw University second campus and culture university

New Indian Express reports that the Utkal University of Culture has been granted 48 acres of land in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. It does not exactly say where.

Few days back the Orissa government agreed to give 150 acres of land to Ravenshaw University  for its second campus. It also agreed to allocate a significant additional budget of 5-8 crores this year and 80+ crores over the next several years. Various news papers have reported on this and they all have different numbers. Samaja (page1, page2), Sambada and Pioneer are some of the newspapers that report this.
The newspapers list the various new departments that will be there in the new campus. They also mention that while Ravenshaw University currently has 7000 students, it is being made so as to be able to accommodate 25000 students later in this century.

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Updates on the IIT Orissa issue

Pragativadi on 3/9/2007 reports that HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh has said that the proposal for an IIT in Orissa is still under consideration and the state government has received a letter to that effect from Mr. Arjun Singh.

However, the headline of the Pragativadi news item “Arjun Singh assures Orissa will have an IIT” does not match with the text of the news item.

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10 Ekalavya model residential schools in Orissa

A press release mentions that the UPA government has opened 72 Ekalavya Vidyalayas in tribal areas across India. 10 of those are in Orissa. Each is constructed using an one time allocation of 250 lakhs towards school building, hostels, teachers’ quarters, library, laboratory etc. An annual grant of 30 lakhs is then given to run the school.

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Progress on Vedanta University front

Vedanta University has unveiled a new web page since March 1 2007. It has a nice picture of the location of the university. I am told that the architects of the university have come up with a detailed design of the initial buildings. Also, the CAO search is going well and an announcement in this regard may be made in May 2007.

1 comment March 13th, 2007

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