Following is an excerpt from that report.

Promoted by the Chennai based Sun Network, the station promises to fill listners’ daily dose of entertainment with loads of superhit music and the best of RJs round-the clock.

“It would be witty, adventurous, cheeky and stylish,” said head, Operations and Programming, Nisha Narayanan talking to mediapersons here.

The station will position itself as a single source of contemporary entertainment, driven mostly by the choice and taste of listeners. “It would reflect the local flavour of the city and aim to pep up the spirit of youths as well as other age groups,” she said. The station can be heard at a radius of 60 km off Cuttack.

Unlike other stations, 93.5 SFM (where S stands for superhit) would be recognised as a “format radio station” with single and dual hour shows instead of four-hour block programmes to bring in an air of freshness and pace to establish a distinct style among the listeners.

The programmes would be interspersed with timely information on weather, traffic movement in the city and on highways and sports updates.