Following is from its "About Us" page.

Radio Namaskar, the only Community Radio of Orissa (India) established at KONARK ( Internationally renowned tourist place for Sun Temple) to make the common people informative & active participant of the community development process.

It will ensure overcoming social problem through a community owned process through deployment of oriented personnel and sensitizing the beneficiary mass & will enable the general public to have access to each others views and ideas directly through a network of communication and can be able to have direct and immediate access to ensure redressal of grievance as well as finalization of local based issues of state and national importance. This will be possible in coordination with mass media of the state and even in coordination with the elites of the State that includes people from different streams of society who do have command and interest in different matters of common interest. This will ultimately augment the communication and knowledge transformation process in a well regulated but well related manner.

Radio Namaskar is established by Young Indiaa civil society organisation formed by some National Youth Awardees, Indira Gandhi NSS Awardees & Ex- NSS volunteers those are committed to the cause of social transformation & development.