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Toursim potential of Cuttack: two articles and a picture from Samaja

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Nuclear medicine center comes up in Bhubaneswar

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Following is from a report in

… a group of non-resident Oriyas have joined hands to set up Orissa’s first Nuclear Medicine Centre. The state-of-the-art facility under the name of Utkal Institute of Medical Sciences would be inaugurated here tomorrow.

Nuclear medicine has emerged as an important speciality not only for pinpointed diagnosis of complex diseases and conditions but also treatment procedures. It utilises radio isotopes produced in nuclear reactors for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The dynamic and functional parameters along with the capability to detect substances at molecular levels has made it complementary to CT, MRI and USG-based scans of the body.

According to Director and Chief of Nuclear Medicine of the Institute Prof BK Das, the Nuclear medicine is useful in cardiology, endocrinology, neurology and nephro-urology and Oncology (cancer). It helps in making accurate diagnosis, assessing prognosis and selecting the most cost-effective therapy as well as monitoring of its efficacy.

While Nuclear medicine has become an integral part of healthcare in other countries, in India it is in its infancy. With a population of over 100 crores, the country has only 175 facilities, mostly in the private sector.

Orissa with over four crore people has no such facility and for investigations and therapy patients have to go to either Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

Defense department objects to proposed port location(s) near Chandipur

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Update: Following is an excerpt from a report in Hindu.

…“The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) had objected to construction of a port at Inchudi which was close to test range at Chandipur”, Chief Secretary Ajit Kumar Tripathy said after holding a discussion with the DRDO personnel here on Frida y.

The state government, which was planning at least five ports in Balasore coast, had received green signal from DRDO for four other ports at Bahalpur, Chudamani, Chandipur and Kirtania. Only one port at Inchudi was objected to, he said.

Meanwhile, the state government had already signed MoU with a private firm for setting up a port at Kirtania. The DRDO objected to the port at Inchudi because it fell within the 50 km range of the test range at Chandipur. The state government, however, claimed that though the Revenue village at Inchudi came under the 50 km radius of the test range, the proposed port is located at its border and well outside the specified distance.

The state government’s argument was not accepted by the DRDO officials who attended the meeting and asked the administration to submit a detailed project report with the Defence ministry again before going ahead with the port proposal at Inchudi.

Following is an excerpt from a report in Pioneer.

The Ministry of Defence has raised objections to the ports like Enchudi, Chandbali, Kirtania, Bahabalpur and Chudamani. However, the State Government has raised objections to it. It has pointed the DRDO had passed the proposals in way back in 1996. The Government officials pointed out that it should have raised the objections at that time when the State submitted proposals for their clearance.

Meanwhile, a high-level team of Defence officials called on the Chief Secretary and discussed these issues. “We will soon sort out the problem. Efforts would me be made to keep the interest of the State,” said the team leader of the Defence officials. The State Government has already singed MoU for the Kirtania port.

Natya Chetana impresses in National Theater Festival, Kolkata

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Telegraph.

Gently slipping into its silver edition, Nandikar’s National Theatre Festival must receive a standing ovation for persevering annually over 25 years, providing Calcuttans the only sustained platform to see a wide spectrum of Indian theatre. Even if some invitees have proved substandard recently, even if the full houses caused by serpentine overnight queues in the past have vanished thanks to TV, the organizational achievement remains undiminished.

Almost without fail, at least one surprise every year has won us over. This time, Natya Chetana (from outside Bhubaneswar) did the trick with dramatist-director Subodh Pattanaik’s Mati in Oriya, though we might have expected it on the strength of their Katha in 2002. Among those few Indian troupes to live and work on a rural commune, Natya Chetana admirably pursues theatre for social development. Mati (both earth and mother) manages to connect all of India’s present woes, perhaps too causally, but nonetheless passionately. An American in top hat and stars-and-stripes (an unnecessarily simplistic demonization, the only flaw) sells hybrid seeds to farmers through politicians and middlemen; eventually yields suffer and the villagers are exploited, paving the way for Maoist intervention and violence. The grounds for the spread of insurrection are sympathetically delineated. The collective performs energetically (especially the main family, in the picture) and Pattanaik designs another trademark bamboo-and-cloth set, made exclusively of natural material.

Two news on Gopalpur: port and SEZ

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Following is a one year old report from Steelguru on Gopalplur SEZ which I had missed.

TATA Steel has announced setting up of up a galvanizing and color coating line with a capacity of 150,000 tonnes at an investment of INR 250 crore at the special economic zone proposed by TATA Steel and notified by the Union government at Gopalpur.

Mr B Muthuraman MD of TATA Steel told media that “It would be a multi product SEZ and as a first step, TATA Steel had decided to set up the galvanizing line. TATA Steel was looking to rope in partners to develop the infrastructure for the project.”

He said “We are looking for partners who will promote infrastructure within the SEZ. It will be a multi product SEZ, and the project should take about 24 months to be implemented.”

Following is from a report in Steelguru.

BS reported that cargo handling capacity is projected to be 14 million tonne per annum from the 0.55 million tonne envisaged for the first phase. It will have 5 berths including one exclusive berth for aluminium by 2011 and 10 berths by 2016. Similarly, the number of ship calls per day is projected to increase to 1,451 by 2016 from about 333 likely to be achieved by 2011.

According to official sources, the company submitted the detailed project report for developing an all weather port at Gopalpur having direct berthing facility to the Orissa government recently. Though INR 20 crore was proposed to be invested by GPL in the first phase, it has already spent about INR 78 crore on making the port functional.

During the second phase, the port will have facilities to handle export cargo of ilmenite sand, iron ore, thermal coal, bauxite, granite, steel coil, aluminium ingots and import cargo of fertilisers, aluminium powder, coal, coke, rock phosphate and foodgrain.

As per report, cargo handling capacity is projected to be 5.6 million tonne in the first year of operations and increase to 8.9 million tonne in the second year. Similarly, it is projected to have a cargo handling capacity of 9.3 million tonne in the third year and 13.5 million tonne in the fourth year. The final cargo handling capacity of 14 million tonne is likely to be achieved by the fifth year of the commissioning of the port.


Centre NOT to intervene in disposing of a company’s application for mineral concessions in case the State does not take a decision in the prescribed time limit

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Steelguru.

…the provision that allows the Centre to intervene in disposing of a company’s application for mineral concessions in case the State does not take a decision in the prescribed time limit is being done away with. This provision was one of the reform recommendations made by the high level committee set up under Mr Anwarul Hoda member of Planning Commission for the mining sector with the objective to woo big investments.

Officials in the Ministry of Mines said that the Indian government has not agreed to the Hoda Committee recommendation on this issue. Officials said that “Constitutionally, State Governments are the owners of all mineral resources in their region. Mineral rich States had opposed the proposal and the Centre has agreed with them.”

Chief Ministers of Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in December 2007 had submitted a joint memorandum to the Prime Minister opposing the power given to the Centre in the draft National Mineral Policy. The chief ministers said that “This approach is fundamentally flawed in so far as bulk minerals like iron ore, bauxite, chromite, limestone, dolomite and manganese are concerned.”


Why so many want to establish ports in Orissa? Sambada asks

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Sambada raises interesting queries regarding why so many companies are interested in making ports in Orissa and what kind of goods will pass through those ports. A partial answer is that the ports are not only for meant for Orissa but also for landlocked mineral rich neighboring states such as Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand. Also, when one looks at the number of ports in Gujarat, the number of ports coming up in Orissa does not seem that excessive. Nevertheless, the Orissa govt. must be careful to make sure it is not being taken for a ride by a company.

Nine projects approved by the Single Window Committee

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Following is an excerpt from a report in

The State-level single window clearance authority (SWCA) today gave approval to nine project proposals worth over Rs 13,000 crore.

The Ashapura Minechem Limited, the largest multi-mineral solution provider in the country and the flagship of Ashapura Group, has evinced interest to set up mineral separation plant in Puri district with an investment of Rs 910 crore. The plant will separate minerals from beach sand and it will produce titanium dioxide, widely used in paints. The project will create employment opportunities for 300 persons, Industries Secretary Ashok Dalwai told mediapersons.

The other new proposal cleared by the SWCA was a 1.2 million tonnes iron ore beneficiation and pelletisation plant by Jaiswal Nicco Industries at Harmote near Barbil in Keonjhar district. The company planned to invest Rs 452 crore and the proposed project would generate employment opportunities to 500 persons.

The proposal of Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) for capacity addition to its existing steel plant from two million tonnes to six million tonne was also approved. The steel production of the plant will be 3 million tonne through DRI (sponge iron) route and another 3 million tonnes through blast furnace route. The company has also proposed to increase the capacity of its thermal power plant from 900 mega watt to 1080 MW. The total investment of the company will increase from Rs 13,135 crore to Rs 22,440 crore.

The authority also cleared the expansion plan of International Mineral Trading Company having a pelletisation plant at Barbil in Keonjhar district. The company proposed to set up an iron ore beneficiation plant of 1.5 million tonne capacity with an investment of Rs 175 crore.

The BRG Iron and Steel Company at Khurunti in Dhenkanal district proposed to increase its steel production capacity from 0.257 MTA to 1.2 MTA with an investment of Rs 960 crore. The project has received environmental clearance.

Shree Metallics also proposed to increase its steel plant capacity from 0.25 MTA to 0.98 MTA with an investment of Rs 709 crore. The other expansion projects include Grewal Associates sponge iron plant at Barbil to 0.25 MTA steel plant and a 15 MW power plant, Dinabandhu Steel and Power for a 0.26 MTA steel plant with 25 MW power plant and Ganesh Metallics for 0.25 MTA steel plant with 16 MW captive power plant.

MOU signed with Navayuga group for a port in Astaranga

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Pioneer.

… the CVR Navayuga Group on Monday inked an MoU sign with the State Government to develop a Greenfield port at Astaranga in Puri at a investment of Rs 6,000 crore. Astaranga is one of the 13 sites identified by the State Government for development of minor ports in the State.

… Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said Navayuga Engineering had plans to invest Rs 1,500 crore in Phase 1 at Astaranga with a capacity of to move 25 million tones of cargo. "With the completion of the Phase -II and Phase-III, the total investment made at the location will be Rs 6,000 crore with a capacity of 60 million tonne," he said, adding that the project was estimated to yield revenue of Rs 20 crore per annum for Government during Phase-1 and Rs 1,000 crore per annum by the completion of Phase -III.

The project in its entirety shall be implemented over a period of eight years with Phase-1 being completed within 48 months. 10, 000 jobs will be created. The scope of the project also includes construction of a 50-km rail link to connect Astaranga with mainline at Khurda via Sakhigopal.

A report in Hindu has some more details. Following are excerpts.

The Hyderabad-based Navayuga Engineering Company has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Orissa for the development of a modern deep water, all-weather, alongside-berthing, mechanised port at the Astaranga area located in Puri district, according to a company release. 

The MoU was entered on a build, own, operate, share and transfer (BOOST) basis. …

The first phase was planned to be made operational in four years. As per the concession agreement, all investment for the project should be arranged by the developer; the revenue share to the Government was fixed at five per cent for the first five years, eight per cent for sixth to 10th year, 10 per cent for 11th to 15th year and 12 per cent for the remaining period of 15 years.

The MoU had a provision of 30 years concession period and could be extended by an additional 20 years. The detailed concession agreement is to be signed within six months.

Orissa getting no tax from Bhushan Steel operations In Kantabania, Dhenkanal: Samaja

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There are at least two Bhushan companies. This article is about Bhushan steel Ltd.The other company is Bhushan Power and Steel.

Sanctuaries and national parks in Orissa

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The following map is from

Cruise boat inaugurated in Mahanadi Cuttack (picture from Dharitri)

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RSB Metaltech signs MOU with Orissa

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Following is an excerpt from a report in the Statesman.

The state government today inked an MoU with RSB Metaltech for setting up of an integrated light metal aluminum complex. The papers were signed by state industries and mines secretary Dr Ashok Dalwai and RSB Metaltech MD Mr SK Behera

In the first phase, the proposed company, with an investment of around Rs 6,800 crore, will produce about 7 lakh tonnes per of alumina. In the second phase, nearly 1.75 lakh tonnes of aluminium is expected to be produced from the plant. The produced aluminium will be used for production of finer parts in motor vehicles, aerospace, railway and construction industry.

While the mining and refinery units of the project will come up a Rayagada, the smelter unit and power plant are proposed to be set up at Kamakshyanagar in Dhenkanal.

Chief minister Mr Naveen Patnaik said that the project will generate about 11,000 direct and the equal number of indirect jobs. "This project, along with its alumina refinery at Rayagada and Gopalpur port will form an industrial corridor in southern Orissa," Mr Patnaik said adding that the corridor will help fast development, alleviation of poverty and improvement of life of the local people in that region. He suggested that provisions should be made to provide technical education to local youths. "The rehabilitation, resettlement and environment aspect should be taken proper care of," he pointed out.

The Union minister has been requited to expedite and complete the "Therubali-Gunupur railway project to enhance the connectivity in that region," he informed.

I wonder about the progress of the earlier plan of establishing an auto component manufacturing plant near Cuttack by RSB Transmission. (See

List of MLAs of Orissa in the 13th assembly

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The following list is from, click on Assembly Members, and then click on the appropriate assembly.


List of Members in the Thirteenth Assembly


1 Shri Ajit Hembram    001-KARANJIA (ST) Biju Janata Dal  
2 Shri Shambhu Nath Naik    002-JASHIPUR (ST) Independent  
3 Shri Prahlad Purty    003-BAHALDA(ST) Jharkhand Mukti Morcha  
4 Smt. Droupadi Murmu    004-RAIRANGPUR(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
5 Shri Chaitanya Prasad Majhi    005-BANGRIPOSHI(ST) Biju Janata Dal  
6 Shri Sananda Marndi    006-KULIANA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
7 Shri Bimal Lochan Das    007-BARIPADA Jharkhand Mukti Morcha  
8 Smt. Pramila Giri    008-BAISINGA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
9 Shri Golak Bihari Naik    009-KHUNTA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
10 Shri Bhaskar Madhei    010-UDALA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
11 Shri Ananta Das    011-BHOGRAI Biju Janata Dal  
12 Shri Aswini Kumar Patra    012-JALESWAR Bharatiya Janata Party  
13 Shri Raghunath Mohanty    013-BASTA Biju Janata Dal  
14 Shri Arun Dey    014-BALASORE Orissa Gana Parisad  
15 Shri Kartik Mahapatra    015-SORO Indian National Congress  
16 Shri Padmalochan Panda    016-SIMULIA Indian National Congress  
17 Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi    017-NILGIRI Bharatiya Janata Party  
18 Shri Ananta Sethi    018-BHANDARIPOKHARI(SC) Indian National Congress  
19 Shri Naren Pallai    019-BHADRAK Indian National Congress  
20 Shri Manmohan Samal    020-DHAMNAGAR Bharatiya Janata Party  
21 Shri Netrananda Mallick    021-CHANDBALI(SC) Indian National Congress  
22 Shri Bijayshree Routray    022-BASUDEVPUR Biju Janata Dal  
23 Shri Prafulla Chandra Ghadai    023-SUKINDA Biju Janata Dal  
24 Smt. Sanchita Mohanty    024-KORAI Bharatiya Janata Party  
25 Dr. Parameswar Sethi    025-JAJPUR(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
26 Shri Kalpataru Das    026-DHARAMSALA Biju Janata Dal  
27 Shri Sitakanta Mohapatra    027-BARCHANA Indian National Congress  
28 Shri Debasis Nayak    028-BARI-DERABISI Biju Janata Dal  
29 Smt. Pramila Mallik    029-BINJHARPUR(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
30 Shri Pratap Keshari Deb(Aul)    030-AUL Biju Janata Dal  
31 Shri Kishore Chandra Tarai    031-PATAMUNDAI(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
32 Shri Nalinikanta Mohanty    032-RAJNAGAR Indian National Congress  
33 Shri Utkal Keshari Parida    033-KENDRAPARA Orissa Gana Parisad  
34 Shri Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak    034-PATKURA Biju Janata Dal  
35 Shri Chiranjib Biswal    035-TIRTOL Indian National Congress  
36 Dr. Damodar Rout    036-ERSAMA Biju Janata Dal  
37 Shri Umesh Chandra Swain    037-BALIKUDA Indian National Congress  
38 Shri Bishnu Charan Das    038-JAGATSINGHPUR(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
39 Shri Pratap Jena    039-KISSANNAGAR Biju Janata Dal  
40 Shri Bikram Keshari Barma    040-MAHANGA Biju Janata Dal  
41 Shri Kalindi Behera    041-SALEPUR(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
42 Shri Rabindra Kumar Mallick    042-GOBINDPUR Indian National Congress  
43 Shri Pravat Ranjan Biswal    043-CUTTACK SADAR Independent  
44 Shri Samir Dey    044-CUTTACK CITY Bharatiya Janata Party  
45 Shri Dharmananda Behera    045-CHOUDWAR Biju Janata Dal  
46 Dr. Debasis Pattnaik    046-BANKI Indian National Congress  
47 Shri Ranendra Pratap Swain    047-ATHGARH Biju Janata Dal  
48 Shri Debi Prasad Mishra    048-BARAMBA Biju Janata Dal  
49 Shri Sashibhusan Behera    049-BALIPATANA(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
50 Shri Biswabhusan Harichandan    050-BHUBANESWAR Bharatiya Janata Party  
51 Shri Sarat Paikaray    051-JATNI Biju Janata Dal  
52 Shri Pradeep Maharathy    052-PIPLI Biju Janata Dal  
53 Shri Baidhar Mallick    053-NIMAPARA(SC) Bharatiya Janata Party  
54 Shri Surendra Nath Naik    054-KAKATPUR Biju Janata Dal  
55 Shri Ramaranjan Baliarsingh    055-SATYABADI Independent  
56 Shri Maheswar Mohanty    056-PURI Biju Janata Dal  
57 Shri Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra    057-BRAHMAGIRI Indian National Congress  
58 Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan    058-CHILKA Bharatiya Janata Party  
59 Shri Jyotirindra Nath Mitra    059-KHURDA Biju Janata Dal  
60 Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik    060-BEGUNIA Indian National Congress  
61 Smt. Surama Padhy    061-RANPUR Bharatiya Janata Party  
62 Shri Arun Kumar Sahoo    062-NAYAGARH Biju Janata Dal  
63 Smt. Bijayalaxmi Pattnaik    063-KHANDAPARA Independent  
64 Shri Rudra Madhab Ray    064-DASPALLA Independent  
65 Shri Madhaba Nanda Behera    065-JAGANATHPRASAD(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
66 Shri Bikram Keshari Arukha    066-BHANJANAGAR Biju Janata Dal  
67 Shri Kishore Chandra Singh Deo    067-SURUDA Bharatiya Janata Party  
68 Shri Saroj Kumar Padhi    068-ASKA Independent  
69 Shri Ladu Kishore Swain    069-KAVISURYANAGAR Biju Janata Dal  
70 Shri Niranjan Pradhan    070-KODALA Biju Janata Dal  
71 Smt. V. Sugnana Kumari Deo    071-KHALLIKOTE Biju Janata Dal  
72 Shri Nagireddi Narayan Reddy    072-CHATRAPUR Communist Party of India  
73 Shri Naveen Patnaik    073-HINJILI Biju Janata Dal  
74 Dr. Trinath Behera    074-GOPALPUR(SC) Indian National Congress  
75 Dr. Ramesh Chandra Chyau Patnaik    075-BERHAMPUR Biju Janata Dal  
76 Smt. Usha Devi    076-CHIKITI Biju Janata Dal  
77 Shri Surjya Narayana Patro    077-MOHANA Biju Janata Dal  
78 Shri Bharat Paik    078-RAMAGIRI (ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
79 Shri Trinath Sahu    079-PARLAKHEMUNDI Indian National Congress  
80 Smt. Hema Gomang    080-GUNUPUR(ST) Indian National Congress  
81 Shri Dambarudhar Ulaka    081-BISSAM-CUTTACK(ST) Indian National Congress  
82 Shri Ulaka Rama Chandra    082-RAYAGADA(ST) Indian National Congress  
83 Late Anantaram Majhi (Expired on 25/11/2007)    083-LAKSHMIPUR(ST) Indian National Congress  
84 Shri Purna Chandra Majhi(Bye)    083-LAKSHMIPUR(ST) Indian National Congress  
85 Shri Jayaram Pangi    084-POTTANGI (ST) Biju Janata Dal  
86 Shri Tara Prasad Bahinipati    085-KORAPUT Indian National Congress  
87 Shri Nimai Chandra Sarkar    086-MALKANGIRI(SC) Indian National Congress  
88 Shri Prahlad Dora    087-CHITRAKONDA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
89 Shri Basudev Majhi    088-KOTPAD(ST) Indian National Congress  
90 Shri Rabi Narayan Nanda    089-JEYPORE Biju Janata Dal  
91 Shri Habibulla Khan    090-NOWRANGPUR Indian National Congress  
92 Shri Sadan Nayak(Kodinga)    091-KODINGA(ST) Indian National Congress  
93 Shri Ramesh Chandra Majhi    092-DABUGAM(ST) Biju Janata Dal  
94 Shri Dharmu Gond    093-UMERKOTE(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
95 Shri Rajendra Dholkia    094-NAWAPARA Independent  
96 Shri Duryodhan Majhi    095-KHARIAR Biju Janata Dal  
97 Shri Bira Sipka    096-DHARAMGARH(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
98 Shri Puspendra Singh Deo    097-KOKSARA Biju Janata Dal  
99 Shri Himansu Sekhar Meher    098-JUNAGARH Bharatiya Janata Party  
100 Shri Pradipta Kumar Naik    099-BHAWANIPATNA(SC) Bharatiya Janata Party  
101 Shri Balabhadra Majhi    100-NARLA(ST) Biju Janata Dal  
102 Shri Dhaneswar Majhi    101-KESINGA Bharatiya Janata Party  
103 Shri Karendra Majhi    102-BALLIGUDA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
104 Smt. Ajayanti Pradhan    103-UDAYAGIRI(ST) Indian National Congress  
105 Shri Padmanabha Behera    104-PHULBANI (SC) Biju Janata Dal  
106 Shri Pradip Kumar Amat    105-BOUDH Biju Janata Dal  
107 Shri Jogendra Behera    106-TITILAGARH(SC) Biju Janata Dal  
108 Haji. Md. Ayub Khan    107-KANTABANJI Independent  
109 Shri Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo    108-PATNAGARH Bharatiya Janata Party  
110 Shri Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo    109-SAINTALA Biju Janata Dal  
111 Shri Narasingha Mishra(Loisingha)    110-LOISINGHA Indian National Congress  
112 Shri Ananga Udaya Singh Deo    111-BOLANGIR Biju Janata Dal  
113 Shri Binod Patra    112-SONEPUR(SC) Indian National Congress  
114 Shri Niranjan Pujari    113-BINKA Biju Janata Dal  
115 Shri Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo    114-BIRMAHARAJPUR Biju Janata Dal  
116 Shri Nagendra Kumar Pradhan    115-ATHMALLIK Biju Janata Dal  
117 Shri Rajani Kant Singh    116-ANGUL Biju Janata Dal  
118 Smt. Anjali Behera    117-HINDOL (SC) Biju Janata Dal  
119 Shri Sudhir Kumar Samal    118-DHENKANAL Indian National Congress  
120 Shri Saroj Kumar Samal    119-GONDIA Biju Janata Dal  
121 Shri Prafulla Kumar Mallik    120-KAMAKHYANAGAR Biju Janata Dal  
122 Dr. Nrushingha Sahu    121-PALLAHARA Indian National Congress  
123 Shri Mahesh Sahoo    122-TALCHER(SC) Bharatiya Janata Party  
124 Shri Satya Bhusan Sahu    123-PADAMPUR Indian National Congress  
125 Mohammad Rafique    124-MELCHHAMUNDA Bharatiya Janata Party  
126 Shri Subal Sahu    125-BIJEPUR Indian National Congress  
127 Shri Bimbadhar Kuanr    126-BHATLI(SC) Bharatiya Janata Party  
128 Shri Ananda Acharya    127-BARGARH Biju Janata Dal  
129 Shri Jayanarayan Mishra    128-SAMBALPUR Bharatiya Janata Party  
130 Shri Anup Kumar Sai    129-BRAJARAJNAGAR Indian National Congress  
131 Shri Kishore Kumar Mohanty    130-JHARSUGUDA Biju Janata Dal  
132 Shri Brundaban Majhi    131-LAIKERA(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
133 Shri Rabinarayan Naik(Kuchinda)    132-KUCHINDA (ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
134 Shri Sanatan Bisi    133-RAIRAKHOL (SC) Biju Janata Dal  
135 Shri Nitesh Ganga Deb    134-DEOGARH Indian National Congress  
136 Smt. Sushama Patel(Bye)    135-SUNDARGARH Bharatiya Janata Party  
137 Late Shankarsan Naik (Expired on 11/01/2005)    135-SUNDARGARH Bharatiya Janata Party  
138 Late Gajadhar Majhi (Expired on 20/05/2006)    136-TALSARA(ST) Indian National Congress  
139 Dr. Prafulla Majhi(Bye)    136-TALSARA(ST) Indian National Congress  
140 Shri Gregory Minz    137-RAJGANGPUR(ST) Indian National Congress  
141 Shri Nihar Surin    138-BIRAMITRAPUR(ST) Jharkhand Mukti Morcha  
142 Shri Sarada Prasad Nayak    139-ROURKELA Biju Janata Dal  
143 Shri Halu Mundari    140-RAGHUNATHPALI (ST) Jharkhand Mukti Morcha  
144 Shri Laxman Munda    141-BONAI(ST) Communist Party of India (Marxist)  
145 Shri Dhanurjaya Sidu    142-CHAMPUA(ST) Indian National Congress  
146 Shri Gourahari Naik    143-PATNA (ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
147 Shri Mohan Charan Majhi    144-KEONJHAR(ST) Bharatiya Janata Party  
148 Shri Niladri Nayak    145-TELKOI (ST) Biju Janata Dal  
149 Shri Niranjan Patnaik    146-RAMACHANDRAPUR Indian National Congress  
150 Shri Jayadev Jena    147-ANANDAPUR(SC) Indian National Congress  

TCS Software development center to be inaugurated on January 5

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Business Standard.

… the proposed software development centre of IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will be inaugurated on January 5 next year. The first tower of TCS which will be inaugurated in the city’s Infocity campus will have a capacity to accommodate around 1,500 employees.

“… Wipro’s second campus in the city is also scheduled to be inaugurated within a month”, said Vishal Dev, director, IT department of the Orissa government at an International Conference on IT, held at the Xavier Institute of Management.

TCS is developing its software centre in the city on a 54-acre plot in the Infocity campus. While the first tower of TCS is scheduled to be inaugurated early next month, the company is expected to add two to three towers within three months.

Land requirement of various upcoming steel companies

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Business Standard.

The combined area required by these units has now been assessed at 33,268.5 acres, 16.48 per cent less than the 37,750 acres envisaged in the memoranda of understanding (MoUs) between these companies and the state government.

The state-owned Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa (Ipicol) had appointed MN Dastur & Co as consultant to prepare a report on the land requirement of various industries after receiving complains about companies demanding more land than they needed for the projects.

Ipicol, based on the report, has reassessed the land needs of the projects. The mega units that have been affected include Posco India, Jindal Steel and Power, Mittal Steel (India), Uttam Galva Steels, Sterlite Iron and Steel, and Bhushan Steel.

On the other hand, there has been no reduction in the land requirement of four mega units — Essar Steel Orissa (2,500 acres), SSL Energy (2,000 acres), Tata Steel (3,500 acres) and Welspun Power and Steel (2,200 acres). Out of the total land requirement, these steel companies have already applied for allotment of 32,034.9 acres, sources say.

Posco India, a subsidiary of South Korean steel major Posco, had sought 6,000 acres in the MoU signed with the state government in 2005 for its proposed 12-million-tonne per annum project near Paradip in Jagatsinghpur district. Ipicol, based on the Dastur & Co report, has reassessed the land requirement at 5,525 acres. The company has so far applied for 5,151 acres. While the state government has allotted 516 acres of its land to Posco, the company has already invested Rs 175.5 crore.

Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, which is setting up a six-million-tonne per annum steel project at Kerajang, needed about 5,750 acres. This has been cut to 3,843.5 acres by Ipicol. The company has applied to the Orissa government for 4,027 acres and has been allotted 1,719 acres. This includes 687.93 acres of government land and 1,031.85 acres private land. It has invested about Rs 765.46 crore in the project so far.

The land requirement of ArcelorMittal, which is planning to set up a 12-million-tonne greenfield steel project at Patna tehsil in Keonjhar district, has been reassessed at 7,750 acres. The company had sought 8,000 acres in the MoU. It has applied for 7,770 acres and has invested about Rs 50 crore for the project.

Similarly, the land requirement of Uttam Galva Steels, which is setting up a three-million-tonne steel project at Bistapal, has been reduced by 250 acres. While the MoU provided for allotment of 2,400 acres, Ipicol has reassessed this at 2,150 acres. The company applied for 2,146 acres and has been allotted 27.81 acres so far. The company has invested about Rs 35 crore for the project.

The three-million-tonne steel project planned by Sterlite Iron and Steel at Palasponga will have to manage with 1,000 acres less land than what was provided in the MoU. The company’s land requirement has been re-assessed at 2,400 acres. The company had applied for 3,378 acres, though has not been allotted any land so far.

The estimate of land needed by Bhushan Steel for its six-million-tonne per annum steel project at Meramundali in Dhenkanal district has been reduced by 600 acres. Though the company was to be provided 2,000 acres according to the MoU, Ipicol has reassessed the requirement at 1,400 acres. Bhushan Steel had applied for 1,994 acres and has been allotted 1,620 acres. It has invested Rs 5,000 crore in the project.

L & T receives order of 1372 crores for three plants in Orissa

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Following is  from a report in Economic Times.

MUMBAI: Larsen & Toubro shares edged higher Tuesday after it won orders worth Rs 1372 crore from aluminium and steel makers.

The orders were received from Vedanta Aluminium, a part of Vedanta group, Utkal Alumina International and Bhushan Steel, it said in a statement.

The Rs 516 crore order from Vedanta Aluminum was for setting up of a 3 million tonne per annum alumina refinery at its Lanjigarh plant in Orissa. Utkal Alumina’s order was worth Rs 455 crore in which the engineering and construction firm would set up a 1.5 MTPA green field alumina refinery at Doraduga in Orissa.

Furthermore, L&T has secured an order worth Rs 401 crore from Bhushan Steel for civil, structural, equipment, erecting and piping works at Angul in Orissa.

Samaja pictures of a boat house being built to ply on Mahanadi from Cutack

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I hope the boat house looks better once it is constructed and its capacity is scientifically calculated and enforced.

JSW eyes making a port in Balasore district on the Orissa-W. Bengal border

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Following is from a report in Telegraph.

Sajjan Jindal’s JSW Group is close to getting an approval from the Orissa government to build a port for its 10-million-tonne steel plant in Bengal.

The group has pitched for 4 out of the 12 bids offered by the Orissa government to investors for developing a port in the state.

Information trickling in from the government indicate that JSW may get the approval to build a port in Baleshwar district on the Bengal-Orissa border, south of Digha.

The port will cater to the upcoming steel plants in Bengal and Jharkhand.

Biswadip Gupta, joint managing director of JSW Bengal Steel Ltd, said the port would be closer to the project site than Haldia. “It will be about 110 km from our plant at Salboni in West Midnapur compared with a distance of 130 km from Haldia,” he said.

Note that there has been interest from others on a port in Kirtania. In particular, Creative ports signed an MOU about a port in Kirtania with Orissa government in 2006. Is JSW talking about a port in Kirtania or between Kirtania and Digha?

Port and cruise terminals proposed at Baliharchandi, Puri

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Following is from a report in CargonewsAsia.

The Kolkata-based Shyam Group has joined hands with another local company Century Plyboards India Ltd and floated Puri Ports Ltd to launch a port at Baliharchandi, about 40 km from Puri (Orissa), the Business Line reported.

About 3,500 acres of land has been identified for the proposed port project and a memorandum of understanding with the Orissa Government is to be signed shortly.

The Ministry of Tourism’s clearance would be required because, as it was pointed out, a cruise terminal would be an important component of the proposed port.

The first phase of the proposed port, to be complete with four berths including the cruise terminal and an industrial park.

Hindu also writes about it. Following is from that report.

The Kolkata-based Shyam Group is planning to set up an integrated minor port in Orissa for which IIT Chennai has been engaged to prepare the detailed project report, Deepakk Goyal, Executive Director of Shyam Steel, said.

The diversified Shyam Group which has interests in cement, power and steel is hopeful of signing a memorandum of understanding with the Orissa Government by January 2009, according to company sources. After signing the MoU, the company will approach the Coastal Regulatory Zone for its approval.

In the first phase, the project will entail an investment of between Rs. 1,800 crore and Rs. 2,000 crore and a capacity of 12 million tonnes annually which includes a four-berth port, two dedicated cruise terminals and a wood-based industrial park. The ultimate capacity will be between 30 million tonnes and 40 million tonnes and the implementation may have to be done in three phases.

The site that has been identified for the project is Baliharchandi, which is south of Puri and north of Chilika Lake. Around 3,500 acres has been set apart for the project. The land is proposed to be acquired through the Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Company and the project is to be completed within 24 months of land acquisition.

Shyam Steel, which is the third-largest stakeholder in Century Plywood, has already formed an equal joint venture with Century. The company is called Puri Port Ltd. The cargo will be clean cargo like wood and export-cargo of steel and import-cargo of raw materials.

Ultratech USB outlets in Orissa (five already exist)

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From their descriptions these outlets sound similar to the Home Depot, Lowes kind of stores in the US. Following is an excerpt from a report in Economic Times.

Eyeing the fast growing construction market, leading cement company Ultratech is planning to open 400 new unique retail outlets across the country, including many more in Orissa soon.

…  Ultratech Cement Ltd (UCL), a part of India’s global conglomerate Aditya Birla group, has opened five UBS retail outlets in Orissa’s Bhubaneswar, Puri and Cuttack.

This was the first ever entry of UBS retail outlets in the growing construction markets of Orissa and the company plans to open many more such outlets in the state.

Its 89 existing outlets are currently operational in states like Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and plans are afoot to add six more states due to the success obtained in the existing ones, according to UCL’s chief marketing officer O P Puranmalka.

As many as 400 such outlets are planned to be opened across the country in 2009 offering a wide spectrum of end-to-end home-building solutions, high quality construction materials and allied value-added services, he said.

Describing UBS as a unique concept, he said in a release it was being launched in a big way in Orissa, a fast growing construction market in the eastern region.

Advocating our ‘plan, build and support’ philosophy, it seeks to enhance the shopping experience of the customers as well as to strengthen existing trade partnership by upgrading the service proposition, he said.

At UBS outlets, visitors can get reputed brands of all construction materials including cement, aggregates, bricks, tiles, sanitary fittings, paints, water-proofing compounds and white cement, the release said.

The outlets also provide value added services including mobile concrete testing vans for conducting quality tests as well as architects, contractors, vaastu consultants and other construction personne.

They have technical teams which train masons and contractors besides offering advice on legal formalities and plan approval procedures.

Second Ayush group hospital with 200 crore investment planned for Bhubaneswar

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Business Standard.

Ayush Hospital and Trauma Care Limited has drawn up a plan to set up its second multi-speciality hospital in the city at an investment of about Rs 200 crore. The proposed hospital would be equipped with over 500 beds and it is expected to be operational by 2012.

… “We will shortly approach the Orissa government for allotting us 8-10 acres of land in or around the city for our proposed multi-speciality hospital. The construction work for this hospital is expected to resume next year.”

The new hospital will offer treatment across wide range of specialities like trauma care, oncology, neurosciences, gastroenterology, gastro intestinal surgery, spine and knee replacement surgery and cardiac care to name a few. The hospital would have separate and dedicated units for each of these specialities.

Acharya said that expansion of beds and other facilities could not be taken up at the existing Ayush Hospital in the city due to space constraints and the new multi-speciality hospital will be run by a pool of 1,000-1,500 professionals, including doctors and the paramedical staff.

He said, Ayush Hospital is prepared to reserve 15 per cent of the beds in the proposed multi-speciality hospital for BPL (below poverty line) families and extend free treatment to them if the state government provided support in the form of allotment of land. Ayush Hospital was also keen on imparting training to the government doctors at the sub-divisional level.

… Acharya pointed out that Ayush Hospital plans to set up a telemedicine facility in the hospital so that people staying in remote villages can have access to its doctors for consultation.

The existing 120-bed Ayush Hospital in the city offers treatment to patients like neurology, cardiology, nephrology, plastic surgery, urology, gastroenterology and spine surgery. The hospital’s objective is to reverse the exodus of patients from the state by offering the latest healthcare facilities to the people at an affordable cost.

30 crore Trauma care unit to be established in SCB: Samaja

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