Following is an excerpt from a New Indian Express report on them.

Do wrong credit card bills scare the daylight out of you while your bank doesn?t give a damn to your complaints?

Are you worried that sanitation work in your locality leaves a lot to be desired and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation is not bothered? Have problems with weights and measures issues but you don’t know who to look forward to? You can turn to a group of senior citizens who would guide you how to go about it.

Assembled under the banner of Orissa Consumer Welfare Foundation (OCWF), they have joined hands to make consumers aware about their rights, and in cases, they would even take up your cause and fight on your behalf.

They may be ageing but they come from different walks of life and with a varied experience behind them. Some of them have long been social workers while others have put in decades as professionals.

All that one has to do as a consumer is write to the foundation and drop complaints in their drop-boxes kept at two points in the City. Members of OCWF would get back to them seeking an audience so that next course of action can be decided. …

“Over 90 percent of the consumers are not even aware that when one gets LPG cylinder, the delivery man must weigh it first. The foundation would take up consumer rights activism in an organised manner,” Jena said.

Rout said, OCWF would help individual consumers in different ways. “Not many know who to approach to in case of rights violation and how. We will draft letters, guide them with technicalities.”

The two contact points of OCWF are: 95 & 96, Surya Nagar as well as Sri Aurobindo House, Near Syndicate Bank Building, Kalpana Square.

A similar organization called “Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela” already exists in Rourkela and they even have a website. Their address, phone number, fax and email are:

Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela
C/66, Sector-2
Rourkela-769006. Orissa. India
Ph/Fax: +91-661-2472521, 2640810
Email: or