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Several four laning projects approved and their impact

Angul, Anugul- Talcher - Saranga- Nalconagar, Jajpur, Jajpur Rd- Vyasanagar- Duburi- Kalinganagar, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Kalinganagar - Tarini - Keonjhar, Kalinganagar- Chandikhol- Paradip, Kalinganagar-Bhadrakh, Kendrapada, Keonjhar, NH 200 (440 Kms: Chhattisgarh - Jharsuguda - Deogarh - Talcher - Kamakhyanagar - Duburi - Chandhikhol), NH 215 (348 Kms: NH-5@Panikoli - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border - Rourkela - Rajamundra - Pala Laharha - Talcher - NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: NH-6@Sambalpur - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - NH-5@Nergundi), Paradip - Jatadhari - Kujanga, Sambaplur- Burla- Bargarh- Chipilima, Sundergarh 1 Comment »

Note, that Jajpur-Rd Duburi is also being 4-laned. With all these 4-laning, Kalinganagar area will be surrounded by four 4-lane segment: NH-5, NH-200, NH-215 and Jajpur Rd-Duburi.

(The above map fragment is from an wikipedia map.)

There will also be two four lane paths from Kalinganagar area to Rourkela.

 With approved plans to four-lane NH 42 between Angul and Sambalpur, the state govt. needs to four lane the segment between Angul and Talcher to have a seamless 4-lane transition between NH-42 and NH-200 at Angul-Talcher.


There is plan to four-lane Bhubaneswar-Puri. The Orissa government should pursue the four-laning of the following:


  • NH-42 from Cuttack to Angul
  • NH-23 from Talcher to NH-6

The Orissa government should team up with Jharkhand to 4-lane

  • NH-23 from Rourkela to Ranchi
  • NH-83 from Jamshedpur to NH-6
  • NH-5 between NH-6 and Balasore (the last two need for port access in the upcoming ports in the Balasore district)

The Orissa government should team up with West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Maharashtra for four-laning NH-6 completely.

These actions will 4-lane the upper part of Orissa with fairly direct 4-lane paths from many areas of Orissa to Delhi and Mumbai. (Fairly direct 4-lane connections exist between Orissa to the south and Kolkata.)

Following is from

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today gave its approval for the development of 4 laning of (i) Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimouli, (ii) Rimouli-Roxy-Rajmundra sections of NH-215 and (iii) Chandikhole-Duburi-Talcher Section of NH-200 in the State of Orissa under NHDP Phase III A on BOT Basis.

The project cost of (i) Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimouli section (163 km) is estimated as Rs.1170.59 crore including Rs.84.40 crore towards Land Acquisition (LA), Rehabilitation and Resettlement and preconstruction. Similarly, the estimated cost for Rimouli-Roxy-Rajmundra (106 km) and Chandikhole-Duburi-Talcher Section (133 km) are Rs.849.05 crore and Rs.969.63 crore respectively. The cost towards LA, R&R and preconstruction of other two projects are Rs.195.29 crore and Rs.185.63 crore respectively. The Government would provide the viability gap funding (VGF), which would not exceed 40% of the total project cost excluding the cost of LA, R&R and pre-construction.

The project will be developed by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) through the Private Sector Concessionaires who will be selected by NHAI following two stage bidding process. The first stage of the bidding process i.e. pre-qualification of the bidders has already been completed by NHAI. The second stage of bidding process is in progress.

The Concession period for the Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimouli section will be 20 years. For Chandikhole-Duburi-Talcher Section and Rimouli-Roxy-Rajmundra section the concession period is 18 and 25 years respectively.




Railways around Greater Kalinganagar

Angul, Angul - Talcher - Sukinda (under constr.), Bhadrakh, Bhadrakh-Sarla Rd...Vizag, Cuttack, Cuttack - Paradeep, Dhenkanal, ECOR, Haridaspur - Paradeep (under constr.), Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur, Jajpur Rd- Vyasanagar- Duburi- Kalinganagar, Jakhapura - Daitari, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Kalinganagar - Panikoili - Jajpur - Kendrapara, Kalinganagar - Tarini - Keonjhar, Kalinganagar corridors, Kalinganagar- Chandikhol- Paradip, Kendrapada, Keonjhar, Khordha, Railway maps, Railways, Rajathagara - Nergundi, Talcher - Barang Comments Off on Railways around Greater Kalinganagar


Wrong actions of industries in Kalinganagar adds to people’s suspicion of Industrial houses

Jajpur, Jajpur Rd- Vyasanagar- Duburi- Kalinganagar, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Metals and alloys, Steel, Tatas Comments Off on Wrong actions of industries in Kalinganagar adds to people’s suspicion of Industrial houses

The following article from Samaja explains why people in Orissa (and India) do not believe companies’ promises. If what the article says is true it is shameful on the part of Tatas to behave that way. 20070820a_004101003.jpg

One step closer for the national waterway in Orissa

Angul, Balasore, Bhadrakh, CENTER & ODISHA, CORRIDORS, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, INVESTMENTS and INVESTMENT PLANS, Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Kalinganagar - Panikoili - Jajpur - Kendrapara, Kalinganagar corridors, Kalinganagar- Chandikhol- Paradip, Kendrapada, National Waterway 5, Ports and waterways Comments Off on One step closer for the national waterway in Orissa

Some of the earlier news reports on national waterways in Orissa are linked from this site. Following is the latest development, as reported in an Indian Express article. Excerpts:

The Parliamentary Standing Committee has shown the green signal to two new national waterways in West Bengal-Orissa and Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu even as it called for an integrated transport policy and an institutional framework for inland water transport. … The other waterway—Talcher-Dhamra stretch of the Brahmni-Kharsua-Dhamra Rivers, Goenkhali-Charbatia stretch of the East Coast canal, Charbatia-Dhamra stretch of Matai River and Mahandai delta rivers between Mangalgadi and Paradip is also up for the national waterway status. Around 18.07 million tonnes of inland water transport traffic is expected to be carried out on the proposed waterway after its full development in eight years time. The traffic is expected to be handled at four terminals—Talcher, Nasirabd, Balasore and Rajnagar and the major cargoes are coal, fertiliser, cement, iron ore, agricultural and industrial products. The Standing Committee, however, has recommended the Government to prepare the road map for an integrated transport policy to include inland water transport, coastal shipping, civil aviation, road transport & highways for enabling better inter-connectivity amongst multiple modes of transport. The Committee has also called for provision of an institutional framework for development of IWT sector so as to increase capacity of IWT agencies, increased cost recovery and commercialisation of IWT industries. In case of the West Bengal-Orissa waterway, the Committee has suggested that another terminal be developed at Geonkhali in West Bengal to enable better traffic handling. It was also noted by the panel that there’s need to develop an action plan to address the growing demand of repair and service facilities of IWT vessels.

The final step for the bill would be to getting approval in both houses of the parliament. nw5.jpg

Following up on the standing committee’s recommendation it may be appropriate to establish an airport near Jenapur-Kabatabandha as the ECOR Howrah-Chennai Railway line and NH 200 (Chandikhol-Sukinda-Talcher) intersects the national waterway at that point; NH 5A (Chandikhol-Paradip), NH 5 (Panikoili-Chandikhol) and NH 215 (Panikoili-Keonjhar) are close by; Haridaspur – Paradeep railway line will start very near to that point; Jakhapura-Banspani line also starts close to that point and that airport will serve the greater Kalinga Nagar area where multiple steel plants and other plants are coming up. Going further on that, the Orissa government is supposed to have made a master plan for Kalinga nagar. Following is an excerpt from a year old report (May 28, 2006) in Steelguru on that. (See also this New Indian Express report)

Orissa government has decided to prepare a master plan for Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur district. South Africa based Lea Associates will prepare the master plan in collaboration with School of Planning and Architect, New Delhi and the Centre for Environment and Planning. The master plan will be completed by July. Kalinga Nagar Industrial Area will be developed for a population of over 10 lakh keeping an eye on 2025 and will be extended to 177 square kilometers. As per the draft, the KNIA will be extended to 134 villages. So far 112 villages have been included in the industrial area. About 1 million hectare land will be acquired by the Government in a phased manner for the development of the area. According to the draft plan, 68 square kilometer out of the total area will be reserved for town planning. About 89 square kilometer will be earmarked for industrial units while 20 square kilometer will be reserved for development of different infrastructure including bus stand, hotels, schools and hospital. Decision has also been taken to set up Kalinga Nagar Development Authority.

Roads and Highways infrastructure in Orissa

Angul, Balangir, Balasore, Bargarh, Baripada-Balasore-Kirtania, Bhadrakh, Bhadrakh-Balasore, Bhadrakh-Dhamara, Bhubaneswar-Berhampur, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack- Kalinganagar, Bhubaneswar-Dhenkanal- Anugul, Bhubaneswar-Nayagarh, Bhubaneswar-Paradip, Bhubaneswar-Pipli- Astaranga, Bhubaneswar-Pipli- Konark, Bhubaneswar-Puri, Bouda, Choudwar-Kendrapara - Dhamara, Coastal highway, Corridors emanating from Bhubaneswar metro, Cuttack, Cuttack-Paradip, Deogarh, Dhenkanal, DISTRICTS & BLOCKS, Gajapati, Ganjam, Grama sadak, Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur, Jharsuguda-Sambalpur- Bargarh, Jharsugurha, Kalahandi, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Kalinganagar - Panikoili - Jajpur - Kendrapara, Kalinganagar - Tarini - Keonjhar, Kalinganagar- Chandikhol- Paradip, Kalinganagar-Bhadrakh, Kandhamala, Kendrapada, Keonjhar, Khordha, Koraput, Malkangiri, Mayurbhanj, Mining Corridor, Nabarangpur, National Highways, Nayagarha, NH 200 (440 Kms: Chhattisgarh - Jharsuguda - Deogarh - Talcher - Kamakhyanagar - Duburi - Chandhikhol), NH 201 (310 Kms: Boriguma - Bhawanipatna - Balangir - Bargarh), NH 203 (97 Kms: Bhubaneshwar-Pipili-Puri-Konark), NH 203A (49 Kms: Puri - Bramhagiri - Satpada), NH 215 (348 Kms: NH-5@Panikoli - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 217 (438 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Khariar Rd - Nuapada - Khariar - Titlagarh - Ramapur - Baligurha - Asika - Brahmapur - Gopalpur), NH 224 (298 Kms: Khordha - Nayagarh - Dashapalla - Bauda - Sonapur - Balangir), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border - Rourkela - Rajamundra - Pala Laharha - Talcher - NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: NH-6@Sambalpur - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - NH-5@Nergundi), NH 43 (152 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Chandili - Borigma - Jaypur - Koraput - Sunki - Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5 (488 kms: NH No.6 in Jharkhand - Baripada - Baleshwar - Bhadrakh - Cuttack - Bhubaneswar - Khordha - Brahmapur - upto Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5A (77 Kms: NH-5 at Chandikhol to Paradip), NH 6 (462 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Lobarchatti - Bargarh - Sambalpur - Deogarh - Kendujhargarh - Jashipur - Bangriposi - Jharkhand Border ), NH 60 (57 Kms: West Bengal Border- Jaleswar - Baleshwar), NH 75 (18 Kms: Jharkhand Border to NH-215 near Parsora), Nuapada, Overall Odisha, Puri, Puri - Konark, Rayagada, Road maps, Roads, highways and Bus stands, Rourkela-Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Sonepur, State highways, Sundergarh, Vijaywada-Ranchi highway Comments Off on Roads and Highways infrastructure in Orissa


In recent years there has been a big jump in the number of kilometers of national highways in Orissa. Following is copied from my page "Roads and Highways infrastructure in Orissa."

Road network: Orissa Roads1; Orissa Roads2; India’s NH network; India’s golden quadrilateral; the part of the GQ/NH-5 that runs through Orissa.

  • National Highways in Orissa and India; its growth in recent years:
    • NH 5: Junction with NH No.6 in Jharkhand near Baharagora-BaripadaBaleshwar-Bhadrakh-Cuttack- Bhubaneswar-Khordha-Chhatrapur-Brahmapur– upto Andhra Pradesh Border. (488 kms)
    • NH 5A: Junction with NH No.5 near Haridaspur-Paradip Port. (77 kms)
    • NH 6: From Chhattisgarh Border-Lobarchatti- BargarhSambalpur-Deogarh-Barakot- Kendujhargarh -Jashipur-Bangriposi-upto Jharkhand Border (462 kms)
    • NH 23: From Jharkhand Border-Panposh-Raurkela– Rajamundra-Barakot- Pala Laharha-Talcher-Jn. with NH-42 (209 kms)
    • NH 42: Junction with NH No.6 near Sambalpur– Redhakhol-Anugul-Dhenkanal- Jn. with NH-5 near Cuttack. (261 kms)
    • NH 43: From Chhattisgarh Border– Dhanpunji- Borigma- JaypurKoraput-Sunki- Andhra Pradesh Border. (152 kms)
    • NH 60: From West Bengal BorderJaleswarBaleshwar (57 kms)
    • NH 75: From Jharkhand Border to junction with NH No.215 near Parsora (18 kms)
    • NH 200: From Chhattisgarh-Machida-Jharsuguda– Kochinda- Deogarh –Talcher-Kamakhyanagar-Sukinda- Chandhikhol (440 kms)
    • NH 201: Boriguma-Ampani-Bhawanipatna– Belgan- Balangir-Luisinga-Jogisuruda-Dunguripali-Bargarh (310 kms)
    • NH 203: Bhubaneshwar-Pipili-PuriKonark (97 kms)
    • NH 203A: The highway starting from its junction with NH-203 at Puri, connecting Bramhagiri and terminating at Satpada (49 kms)
    • NH 215: Panikoli-Anandapur-Ghatgan- Kendujhargarh– Parsora-Koira-Rajamundra (348 kms)
    • NH 217: From Chhattisgarh Border-Nauparha-Khariar- Titlagarh-Belgan- Ramapur- Baligurha-Sorada-Asika- Brahmapur– Narendrapur- Gopalpur (438 kms)
    • NH 224: Khordha-Nayagarh-Dashapalla- Purunakatak-Bauda-Sonapur-Balangir (298 kms)
  • Vijaywada-Ranchi highway (approved by planning commission as reported in May 2006), [July 06] [The Orissa government has been demanding a NH from Vijaywada to Ranchi which will pass through the Naxal infested areas. 1200 km of this 2000km will be in Orissa. CM talked to planning comission about it.]
  • Ongoing National Highway work in Orissa
  • Future plans for Orissa: [1:april-28-05]; [2:april-28-05].
  • Various phases of NHDP: [1]; [2]; [3]
  • Other highway plans:
    • 4 laning of Chandikhol-Paradip by February-end of 2007
    • 4 laning of Keonjhar-Panikoili, Duburi-Talcher, Cuttack-Paradeep and Duburi-Keonjhar Highways. [June17-05-Pragativadi]
  • Aim-for-with-high-priority/parts-of-it-in-Orissa-govt- plan(page4)-already:
    • Connect NH 215 (perhaps at Jajpur Rd) to Jenapur to NH200 (where it meets Brahmani) with a highway as Jenapur is the location where the National waterway will cross the railway line and Jenapur is 7 kms from where a branch of the line goes to Daitari and Bansapani.
    • Designate AP-border-Koraput-Raygada-Padampur- Berhampur (in NH5) as a National highway. (This will bring Koraput and Raygada, thus a big part of KBK, closer to BBSR) — a slight revision of what is in the plan
    • Designate Anandpur (NH 215)-Bhadrak-Dhamara port as an NH. (This will bring Dhamara port closer to Jharkhand, thus helping industries in Jharkhand and Orissa.)
    • Jagatpur-Kendrapara-Chandbali-Dhamara — make it an NH (alternative route to Dhamara port)
    • Panikoili/Kuakhia-Jajpur-Aradi-Chandabali — make it an NH (alternative route to Dhamara port)
    • Panikoili-Jajpur-Kendrapara-NH5a-Paradeep — make it an NH (alternative to Paradeep port)
  • Orissa State Road Transport Company (OSRTC)
  • Wide city roads:
    • Four-laning of the Airport-Dhamana Chhaka road in Bhubaneswar: [1]
    • Other Bhubaneswar Road plans: [1], [2]
  • Bhubaneswar area road plans: