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Additional land for NIT Rourkela and operationalizing Rourkela airport discussed by the Chief Secretary: Samaja

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As per their 2010 placement brochure, NIT Rourkela has 675 acres and following some high court order would be expanding by adding another 400 acres. The following Samaja article talks about that expansion.

It is great that this discussion came up at the Chief Secretary level. With stability at that position for next several years pursuing a comprehensive development agenda for Rourkela with him could work well. Some of the issues that should be pursued with him include:

  • Medical Colleges (ESIC, SAIL)
  • University (a comprehensive metropolitan university with all branches)
  • A national level sports or physical education institute or university (upgrade existing sports academies)
  • Airport
  • Raiway issues (world class station, Division HQ, Talcher-Bimlagarh line; more trains)
  • Declaring greater Rourkela as a municipal corporation
  • Public transport inside Rourkela
  • Enticing IT/BPO industries to take advantage of the cosmopolitan demography to set shop there; Development of IT parks.
  • Encouraging various companies in RKL to further contribute with respect to HRD (SAIL medical and Engineering College, etc.)

Please suggest more.

We discussed this earlier in greater length at See also

Vedanta a role model for other industries in Orissa; hope Jindal and others learn from it

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Note: There are often many PR related activities by Vedanta and we usually don’t cover them. But this is an exceptional act of good citizenship on the part of Vedanta when the state is going through an extremely difficult time with respect to its power situation. The excerpts below are from an article by journalist Nageswar Patnaik, who is often very critical of industrial houses. Coming from him, this reinforces the genuineness and the importance of this good action by Vedanta and thus needs to be highlighted.

This should be contrasted with the Jindal group, which was reported to have violated the agreement it signed with Orissa government, and siphoned off extra power, until it was stopped by the high court.

Vedanta Group has finally come to the rescue of Orissa which is currently facing an acute power shortage due to scanty rainfall and "almost dried-up" reservoirs and breakdown of certain thermal power units in the state.

The London-based company on Thursday announced to provide 200 MW power daily to the state grid from its own power plants with immediate effect.

Vedanta has managed to get a better price for offloading power to the grid at the rate of Rs 3.60 per unit against the current Rs 3 per unit bought by the state from the CPPs.

In fact, Vedanta had been providing 115 MW of power from its Group Company BALCO in Chattisgarh to Orissa since July 4 by depriving its own smelter.

"Looking at the continuous demand in the state, Vedanta extended its supply with effect from July 9 from Jharsuguda and has managed to provide additional 100 MW of power to the state grid. The total capacity provided by Vedanta will cover up to the tune of one third of overall power shortage in the state," a source in the company said.

This was accomplished in the face of severe challenges, including shortage of coal and non availability of railway "rack," Mr Siddiqi said, assuring, to stand solidly behind the state in all its critical times.

On an average, Orissa’s daily requirement is around 2400 MW, which goes up to 2,800 to 3,000 MW during the peak hours in the evening. The state has a combined installed capacity from hydel projects to the tune of 1,900 MW. But they are generating around 1,000 MW.

Orissa is passing through power crisis forcing the authorities to restrict load restriction on industrial users by 50% among other measures to tackle the situation.

The state is facing shortage of power by 300 MW on an average and 450 to 500 MW at peak time. The delayed monsoon made things worse while the breakdown in the coal fired power plants operating in the state added to the crisis.

The VAL has set up a Greenfield alumina refinery in Orissa’s Kalahandi district with a capacity of 1 million tons per annum. It is also setting up a 0.5 MTPA aluminum smelter, 1215 MW captive power plant at Jharsuguda.

The Group Company Sterlite Energy Limited is also setting up a 2400 MW Independent Power Plants at Jharsuguda.

Jindal asked by the high court to give extra electricity to the state: Dharitri

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Is Jindal Steel of Kalinganagar trying to cheat Orissa? – Sambada

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Following is from Sambada. It reports that Jindal Steel of Kalinganagar is trying to give its extra power to its plant in Harayana against the agreement that the state of Orissa has the first rights to get that extra power. The Orissa high court was approached on this and it has put a stay order on this. Industrialists should realize that such attempt to steal from a state, that too a poor state like Orissa, is what gives the whole conecpt of industrailization a bad name.

High Court asks state to take stringent action against road blockades

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Following is an excerpt from New Indian Express on this.

… the High Court on Wednesday asked the State Government to initiate stringent action against road blockades.

A division bench of Justices B P Das and M M Das directed that the Government make adequate provision in laws for realising the cost of damage caused to public and private property from persons staging road blockades. The recovery can be done under the Orissa Public Demand Recovery Act, the bench stated.

Expressing concern over studentsí rising propensity to violence, the court also called for amending the Orissa Education Act so that they can be made accountable for the acts of organising road blockades and causing damage to public or private property. Their acts should be reflected in their conduct certificates, the court said.

Instructions should be issued to school and college authorities to obtain undertakings from parents or guardians that they would pay up for the loss caused by their children or wards while indulging in such activities.

Along with these stern directives, the bench directed the Government to pay Rs 1 lakh compensation to one Chambara Soy of Gobarghati village in Jajpur district for his sonís death. Soy could not take his son to hospital in time due to the Kalinga Nagar road blockade. The amount may be recovered from persons involved in blocking the road, the court said.

The ruling came in response to the petition filed by Soy early this year seeking adequate compensation, action against persons carrying out the blockade and also against officials who did not act on his FIR after his sonís death.

The Home department, Collector and SP of Jajpur have been ordered to take effective steps on the FIR lodged by the petitioner at the Kalinga Nagar police station.

Earlier, in the process of hearing, the court had instructed collectors and SPs in the State to place before it the number of road blockades and such acts organised in their areas between October 1, 2005 and September 30, 2006.

The affidavits filed revealed a total of 523 incidents within the period. Most of the reasons, as examined by the court, were found to be flimsy.