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Central government on the right track to give tribals their fair share

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Telegraph.

… According to the draft bill, a mining company has to “allot free shares equal to twenty six per cent in the company… in case the holder of the lease (the land being taken over) is a company”. If the holder of the lease is a person, “an annuity equal to 26% of the profit after tax” has to be given as “annual compensation”.

The draft Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act, 2010, also proposes that the mining company has to provide employment and/or other assistance in accordance with the rehabilitation and resettlement policy of the state government concerned.

Government sources said they hoped the draft bill would address these issues through the “partnership” plan. “Their (tribals’) home is being taken away so how will they feel. The point is being driven home,” said an official with the mines ministry.

… The sources said the bill could come up before the cabinet for clearance in a few weeks.

The bill envisages the involvement of gram sabhas or district councils or panchayats — as the case may be — who would identify the families to be affected by mining projects, directly or indirectly, before the commencement of operations to “ensure appropriate benefits”.

“A mining welfare fund will be set up, funds from which will be only for tribal land,” sources in the government said. The plan is to create “model villages”, added an official.

The bill also proposes a mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility document to be attached to the mining plan. The document envisages a scheme for annual expenditure by the mining company on socio-economic activities in and around the mine area to facilitate self-employment opportunities.

P. Chidambaram’s home ministry, too, has come up with a plan to assuage tribal sentiments. It has proposed free power for villages within a certain radius of power plants. “People should not feel that the power generated from their land is benefiting only the rich in cities,” said a home ministry official.

…  Home ministry officials said the focus was now on “micro-management” to understand the problems of tribals. On April 30, MPs from 34 districts most affected by Maoist violence will be briefed by home ministry officials. “We can put things right in the bureaucracy, but it is the duty of MPs to go and talk to affected people,” said a source.

On policing, the ministry wants to deploy police personnel “sympathetic” to tribals.  …

Vedanta’s plan for Orissa

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Following is an excerpt from a report in

… Mr.Agarwal impressed upon the Chief Minister that his group is eager to expand the .50 million ton smelter in Jharsuguda to a 1.6 million ton per annum (MTPA)

Naveen Patnaik, asked the Chief Secretary to look into the matter finalize the expansion program, said sources. 

Mr.Agarwal updated the Chief Minister about the status of Vedanta’s ongoing projects in the state here on 3 January..

The Alumina Project at Lanjigarh, Smelter and Power Projects at Jharsuguda and the University project at Puri is being implemented by the Vedanta group.

On Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) front, adoption of 400 anganwadis, providing education for 14000 children at Kalahandi are being implemented, briefed Mr.Agarwal.

Mr. Agarwal agreed to extend the coverage to 40000 children and agreed to introduce the Mid Day Meal scheme for 30000 primary and the secondary level school student in the state through Nandi and Sterlite Foundation as the Chief Minister requested him.

He also announced a 100 bedded state-of-the-art multi-speciality hospital at Jharsuguda will provide medical facility to the local people.

Chairman Vedanta group reiterated his earlier commitment to build a 1000 bedded super-specialty hospital at Puri.

It was also informed that the design and the engineering has been completed and construction is to begin soon.

In addition Mr Agarwal put forth his plans of setting up of a downstream Aluminium Park in collaboration with the government to promote as many as 600 small and medium scale industries at Jharsuguda

The project will generate large scale employment opportunities and additional economic activities in the region.

Currently the Vedanta Group’s investment commitments are in excess of Rs 50,000 crores, half of which has already been invested in various projects of Orissa.

Vedanta is presently generating a huge number of direct and indirect employment for approximately 25000 people, eighty percent of which belong to the state of Orissa.

After the meeting the CM, Mr Agarwal told reporters that all the ongoing projects of Vedanta would continue as per schedule in spite of the recent global recession.

He also assured that in his personal capacity he would make all possible efforts to complete the Vedanta University Project, a world class University at par with the Havard and Stanford University of U,S.A.

He has already committed personal contribution of Rs 5000 crore towards this project.

Vedanta has a good CSR advisory board

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Following is from a news item in Kalinga Times.

“Vedanta is already doing a remarkable performance in its CSR activities and it should come with more such initiatives in the near future,” said S.B. Mishra, former Chief Secretary of Odisha while addressing at the first Corporate Social Responsibility advisory body meeting of Vedanta Aluminium Limited here on Saturday.

Noted writer Pratibha Ray also expressed her satisfaction over the CSR initiatives of Vedanta and advised the company authorities to lay more emphasis towards development and empowerment of women in the plant locations. She particularly gave thrust on women taking up higher responsibilities in society and that all the trainings should not be confined to only basic subjects.

Speaking on the occasion, veteran actor Bijay Mohanty expressed his willingness to visit the plant locations along with the other members and wanted to personally interact with the localities so that the realistic need analysis can be made.

The meeting was convened by the Whole Time Director and CEO of Vedanta Aluminium Sector M. Siddiqi.

Speaking on the occasion, Siddiqi said “Vedanta always strives for improving the living standards of the people on a sustainable basis. The efforts of the company have started showing result on the ground. But this is only the beginning. The wealth of expertise and experience of the Advisory Board Members will carry our CSR efforts to greater heights and show us the right direction”.

The advisory board comprises of 10 honorary members belonging to the elite section of society. The members on the board include P.K Jena, Chairman, Institute of Advance Technology & Environmental Studies; S. B. Mishra and Sahadev Sahoo (both former Chief Secretaries of Government of Orissa); O N Mohanty, Vice-Chancellor, Biju Patnaik University of Technology; A.B. Tripathy, retired Director General of Police; A. B. Ota, Director SC &ST Research and Development Centre, Government of Orissa; actor Bijay Mohanty, besides three women of repute Rita Ray, Professor, Department of Sociology, Utkal University; Namita Panda, Chairperson State Women Commission; and writer Pratibha Ray.

All the 10 members of the board attended the meeting today and shared their thoughts on CSR with the top Management of Vedanta Group.

According to the company, the advisory board is meant to act as a bridge between the company and the people of Odisha. The board will regularly monitor the CSR initiatives of the company and would ensure that the benefits of CSR efforts reach out to the society at large.

NALCO’s CSR activities

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Following is from a report in Pioneer (Note: It may be in response to

National Aluminium Company (Nalco) has so far spent more than Rs 100 crore towards various social sector development activities. Creation of infrastructure in the surrounding villages for communication, education, healthcare and drinking water gets priority in the periphery development plans of the company.

Nalco sources said community participation in innovative farming, pisciulture, social forestry and sanitation programmes apart, encouragement to sports, art, culture and literature are all a part of Nalco’s involvement with the life of the community. Successful operations of the company have led to employment and income generation for the local people in many significant ways.

These apart, during natural calamities, Nalco has been donating to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Soon after Super Cyclone in Orissa in 1999, Nalco created 197 primary school-cum-cyclone shelters in the coastal districts. Besides, illuminating Lord Lingaraj Temple, Nalco has set up Mahatma Gandhi Park and Biju Patnaik Park in Bhubaneswar and Gandhi Ghat Park at Puri. The company has also committed Rs 2 crore for renovation of Ananda Bazar in the premises of the Jagannath Temple.

"In education, our focus is on primary education, for which we have been extending financial assistance in remote tribals-dominated places of Orissa. But, despite our best of intentions, it is not possible to fund all such projects. As a result, at times, some aggrieved persons do turn to media to tarnish the image of Nalco," a senior officer of the company remarked.

As for the rehabilitation of the 635 families displaced due to the Nalco project in the Damanjodi and Angul sectors, the company sources said employment has been provided to 629 nominees. The nomination status of balance six families has been taken up at appropriate level. Besides, 1,530 families were substantially affected (parting with one-third or more of their lands) in Angul. Even from these, jobs have been provided to 1,160 persons. Nalco has also been sponsoring ITI training to such persons, with 543 having been technically trained so far.

Nalco CMD CR Pradhan said, "As a corporate policy, Nalco has been allocating 1 per cent of its net profit of the year for social sector activities in the succeeding year. During the 2006-07 fiscal, Nalco made a net profit of Rs 2,381 crore and, accordingly, for the 2007-08, the company allotted Rs 23.81 crore for various developmental activities. "Today, in any investment plans in Orissa, the interested companies are cited Nalco’s role as a responsible corporate citizen."

Survey starts fpr the 20 crore, IOC funded, Konark beautification project: Samaja

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A rejoinder to PRI’s comments

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The Hindu reported today that the chief representative of PRI(Posco Research Institute) has made some adverse comments on the progress of MOUs in Orissa.

Taking excerpts mentioned in the report:

“Chief Representative of PRI Chang-ho Kwag said the social infrastructure of the State was not proper to absorb mega projects. “Attitude and mindset of State Government and people towards projects need to be changed. Education of people to understand the real cost benefit of industrial project was necessary in which the state government has a big role,” Mr. Kwag said.“West Bengal can be a good example. Why is every good project taking shape in West Bengal? I think the State Government played a key role there,” he said.

Despite being a State governed by Left parties, the State adopted itself in post-liberalisation era, the PRI Director said.

All the coastal states of India showed healthy GDP growth while Orissa lagged with 3.5 per cent rate growth compared to West Bengal’s nearly 6 per cent, he said.

“The Government needs to set up service mechanism for expediting mega projects,” Mr. Kwag said. The Posco Research Institute said Chinese government had engaged two to three of its personnel for one big project so that they could take care of different processes and ensure project getting converted into reality.

The Head of PRI must understand that Orissa is not a communist country like China. Where if requirements are provided by companies, local protests are crushed using an Iron hand and value propositions are ignored completely. Rehabilitation is a complicated process.

It is surprising to note, that , the head of PRI has mentioned that most projects are coming up in West Bengal. Do they actually think, that they would get a captive port in West bengal and also land at such cheap rates which is being provided to them in Orissa.

Also, they might actually mention which big projects are coming to West Bengal. In West Bengal land acquisition is easier since, the writ of the local communist runs in every block. Even then a Nandigram has happenned there.

Perhaps, he should see the amount if strikes that happen in West bengal. A bandh(strike) is a regular feature of life in the state. If this is considered business friendly then we have some new rules for business.

The truth of the matter is that, Orissa has been second fastest in implementation of MOUs in the country.

Let it be noted ,that , it is a combination of land and accesibility to a sea-port which makes Orissa an attractive destination.

Perhaps, the head of PRI is not aware that according to a World Bank report, Orissa is supposed to be the fastest place to start a Business among all states in India.

Perhaps, some of the statements can be reconsidered.

Tata footbal academy looking for talents in Kalinganagar

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Govt grants environmental clearance to Posco steel plant

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The Hindu reports that environmental clearance has been granted to POSCO steel plant. POSCO has earmarked 1,525 crores for environmental pollution control as per the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) as well as the state government conditions. Excerpts:

“The Ministry of Environment and Forests has given the environmental clearance for Posco’s mega steel project at Kujang near Paradip in Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa,” highly-placed official sources said.The Korean steel giant had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Orissa government in June 2005 pledging an investment of Rs 52,000 crore for setting up the plant.

“The project authorities shall utilise Rs 1,525 crore earmarked for environmental pollution control measures judiciously to implement the conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) as well as the state government. The funds so provided shall not be diverted for any other purpose,” a source quoted the Environment and Forests Ministry as saying, while granting clearance.

The clearance has been granted to the world’s third largest steel manufacturer for installing furnaces using FINEX technology only and on the condition that gaseous emissions from its various units should strictly conform to load/mass based standards notified by the government.

Earlier in April, the MOEF had granted its approval under Coastal Regulation Zone to the Korean steel giant’s proposal to set up a captive port at Jatadhari at a cost of Rs 17,113 crore.”

MCL, Jobs, CSR and R & R: Should follow CCL

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On the ongoing tussle to make MCK comply with R & R policies MP Dharmendar Pradhan has compared MCL’s hirings with other similar companies hirings. New Indian Express gives a report on this and we give some excerpts from that report.

The average annual production of coal in Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) is 30 million tonne with a workforce of 1.02 lakh; with 95,000 manpower, the annual production of Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) is about 23 million tonne, and Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) has nearly 90,000 workforce to produce 32 million tonne.

Similarly, the Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) has about 70,000 employees with an annual production of 42 million tonne. The South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) is the largest producer of coal with annual production of 88 million tonne and has 80,000 workforce.

On the other hand, MCL, the second largest producer of coking grade coal in the country with average annual production of 80 million tonne, has given jobs to 20,591 people. The company has been facing resistance from the locals for its poor policy on resettlement and rehabilitation.

MCL’s Chairman and Managing Director Aviram Sharma was caught on the wrong foot when Dharmendra Pradhan, MP, sought to know from him the manpower position in other subsidiaries of Coal India vis-a-vis their production at a high level meeting here on Thursday. The meeting was convened to discuss the contentious issue of R&R policy in MCL areas.

Pradhan told the meeting that there are nearly 5,000 rightful claimants for compensatory job in MCL. Besides, MCL is not doing a favour to them as they have already lost their land and livelihood, he argued.

Revenue Minister Manmohan Samal, who presided over the meeting, directed MCL and NTPC to implement the policy and report it every week on the progress.

Now, just because MCL employs less it does not become a bad guy. But, if must follow the R & R policies and also keep its promises. Moreover, it should consider the action by Central Coal Fields to set up an engineering college in Jharkhand. Following is an excerpt from the Business Standard article that reported on this.

The Jharkhand-based public sector Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) has established 68 schools in various parts of its working areas of different standards besides financial and other infrastructural help to 195 schools situated in and around CCL command area.

CCL has recently decided to establish on engineering college for the benefit of the people of Jharkhand.

CCL spent over Rs 1042 crore on social overhead onwards 1998. It had constructed over 160 km of heavy duty coal transportation roads. 300 km of approach road and equal length of colony roads, 6 major bridges on river Damodar, 59,455 permanent houses, 19 hospitals besides water supply schemes covering over a population of 5.02
lakh. CCL is also one of the major employers in Jharkhand.

It has 62,827 employees on the roll of which 35 per cent belonged to Schedules caste and Scheduled tribes.

The company is also one of the major contributors to state exchequer. The state has earned over Rs 2811.56 crore of royalty and other taxes from CCL?s mining activities after the constitution of Jharkhand state. …

In the financial year 2006-07, CCL has constructed/repaired 35 km new roads in nearby villages in its command area. Over and above, CCL is to organise 215 health camps for various specializations during this financial year.