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The music, dance and craft festivals in and around Bhubaneswar during Nov 2011 – Feb 2012

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Following is a list with some links. Please let me know if I am missing something.

  1. Gotipua Dance Festival, (15th-17th November 2011).
  2. Puri Beach Festival (23rd – 29th November 2011).
  3. Konark Festival (1st – 5th December 2011).
  4. International Sand art Festival (1st-5th December 2011).
  5. Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav (10th – 14th December 2011).
    1. Dhauli Mahotsav (10th-12th December 2011)
    2. Kalinga Mahotsav (13th-14th December 2011)
  6. Shreekhetra Utsav, Puri  (14th-25th December 2011) ???
  7. Toshali National Crafts Mela (15th – 27th December 2011).
  8. Odissi International (18th-22nd December 2011).
  9. Eastern Jatra Festival (24th – 30th December).
  10. International Odissi Dance Festival (23rd-30th December 2011).
  11. Odissi Music Festival (8th – 10th January 2012).
  12. Ekamra – the Temple City Festival (10th-20th January 2012)
    1. Mukteswar Dance Festival (14th – 16th January 2012).
    2. Rajarani Music Festival (18th – 20th January 2012).
  13. Adivasi Mela (26th January – 5th February 2012).
  14. Kharavela Mahotsava (30th January – 5th February 2012).
  15. Konark dance and music festival (19-23rd February 2012).
  16. BYOF (Bring Your Own Film) -21st -25th February 2012.
  17. Drama Season in Bhubaneswar: February – April.
  18. Samrachana: Choreography Festival (1st March to 5th March 2012).

This year some of the festivals are new. They are: Gotipua festival, Sand art festival and the Odissi music festival. All of them are great additions. 

In the future years perhaps additional festivals that would include Pala/Daskathia, Sambalpuri music, Sambalpuri dance, Chhau dance, Ghumura etc. can be included. Chhau and Ghumura may be part of the adivasi mela, but giving them a solo dance or music platform (not part of a mela) would be great.

2008-09 Festivals and Fairs Calendar (organized by OTDC)

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Sl. No.


Name of the Event





1st – 5th December 08

Konark Festival



15th – 27th December 08

Toshali National Crafts Mela



10th  – 20th January 09

EKAMRA : The Temple City Festival



10th – 11th January 09

Kalinga Mahotsav



12th – 20th January 09

International Food Festival



14th – 16th January 09

Mukteswar Dance Festival



18th – 20th January 09

Rajarani Music Festival



25th – 31st January 09

Shreekshetra Utsav



25th – 27th January 09

Shree Jayadev Odissi Sangeet  Samaroh



25th – 31st January 09

Odissi Food Festival



26th Jan – 1st February 09

Tribal Fair at Bhubaneswar

Ekamra Utsav of 2008

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The following is from

Bhubaneswar, the capital of modern Orissa, is a happy combination of old world charms and new world comforts. The scriptures refer to the ancient Bhubaneswar as the Ekamra Kshetra, literally meaning ‘mango orchards’ which remind us the union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. The blending of modernity with tradition here is impeccable. While the ancient city is 2600 years old, the modern city came into existence in 1948 as the new capital of Orissa, designed by the German Architect O.H. Koeingsberges. It is said that there were about seven thousand temples here, which earned it the coveted title of the ‘Temple City of India’. Even today from the hundreds of temples that still stand majestically as mute witness of a glorious past, one can study the chronological development of temple architecture from the beginning in the 7th Century AD to its culmination in the 13th Century AD. It is a centre of art and craft, manifest in the dazzling array of products like stone sculptures, pata paintings, palm-leaf etching, silver filigree, papier mache, etc. which is a shoppers’ delight. The classical Odissi Dance and Music have a solid foundation here fondly nourished by illustrious Gurus. The city has also distinguished itself as an important IT Centre and Software Technology Park as well as an ideal Venue for Conference and Conventions to do business with pleasure.

Around Bhubaneswar lies Dhauli in the South which witnessed the great battle of Kalinga in 261 BC after which Emperor Ashok embraced Buddhism and spread the message of peace to the world. Closeby are the remains of Sisupalgarh believed to be the earlier capital of Kalinga. On the west are the twin hills of Khandagiri-Udayagiri honeycombed with rock-cut caves built for the Jain ascetics during the illustrious emperor Kharavela in the 2nd century BC.

Bhubaneswar has, however, been mostly popular as the city of temples among the tourists. But the cultural efflorescence of the city goes beyond the temples. To familiarize the tourists with the larger canvas of the place covering Art & Crafts, Dance & Music, Handicrafts & Handlooms, etc., a Mega Festival titled Ekamra- The Temple City festival has been conceived. This 14-day event will also feature a Food Festival and a Mini Marathon will add spice to this year’s Utsav. The festival of promises to be an experience of a lifetime.

The highlights, as listed in, are:




Toshali National Crafts Mela
(All India Handicrafts & Handloom

Exhibition and Cultural Programme

Janta Maidan

15th – 27th Feb 08

Mini Marathon

To be Flagged off at Kalinga Stadium traverse through the important inter sections of Bhubaneswar city (15 km)

17th Feb 08

Mukteswar Dance Festival

Mukteswar-Parsurameswar temple premises

17th – 19th Feb 08

Kalinga Mahotsav

Shanti Stupa, Dhauli

23rd –24th Feb 08

Ekamra Food Festival

Exhibition Ground

20th – 27th Feb 08

Rajarani Music Festival

Rajarani Temple Complex

26th – 28th Feb 08


Additional Details:

Toshali National Crafts Mela

The Toshali National Crafts Mela has been setup in a rural ambience and is having over 150 National & State award winning handicraft and handloom artisans from all over India. Rural Tourism, Live Demonstration and Workshops will feature the main theme of the Mela.

Cuisines, representing the flavours of India combined with a strong component of day performance and evening cultural programmes have become a major draw in the Mela. The highlight of the cultural evenings will be the scintillating programmes to be presented by exponents of Indian Classical and Folk Dance & Music, Gahzal, etc.


1st Session
06.00 – 06.30 PM

2nd Session
06.30 – 07.00 PM

3rd Session
07.00 – 07.30 PM

4th Session
07.30 – 08.00 PM

1st Day/ 15-02-08

Odissi Dance

Rekha Tandan

Shankha Dhwani, Ranapa & Chadheya Gangeswar Jugala Sankhabadya, Narendrapur, Ganjam

Dhan Koila

Kala Tirtha, Badamba, Cuttack

Folk Dance

To be sponsored by EZCC, Kolkata/ Song & Drama Division, Kolkata

2nd Day/ 16-02-08


Baboo Panigrahi


Ektara Kala Kendra, Titilagarh

Katha Kandhei

Maguni Charan Kunara, Keonjhar


3rd Day/ 17-02-08

Odissi Dance

Pratibha Panda


Maguni Das & Group, Raghurajpur, Puri

Ghoda Nach

Uchhab Das & Group Choudwar, Cuttack


4th Day/ 18-02-08

Odissi Music

Mohapatra Minati Bhanja

Chhow Dance

Uttarasahi Chhow Nrutya Pratisthan, Baripada

Chutku Chuta

Dulduli Kala Parishad,  Balangir


5th Day/ 19-02-08


Shri Pankaj Udhas


6th Day/ 20-02-08

Susmita Banerjee

Naga Nacha

Shrikshetra Hanuman Jayanti Anustan, Puri


Mahanadi Sahitya Sansad, Sonepur


7th Day


Shri J. Hariharan

8th Day

Geeta Gobinda

Sulagna Nanda

Animal Dance

Biswa Janani Kala Parishad, Bhanjanagar

Paika Akhada

Bachhera, Jatrni, Khurda


9th Day

Odissi Dance

Raminder Khurana


Mayurbhanja Sangeet Nrutya Vikash Samiti, Rairangpur


Sankar Prasad Behera & Troupe, Loisinga, Balangir


10th Day/ 24-02-08

Odissi Vocal

Mamata Parija

Bangiri & Sadaras

BSA, Kesinga, Kalahandi


Sanskrutika, Padmapur, Bargarh


11th Day/ 25-02-08

Odissi Dance



Dhol-Mahuri Anusthan, Nuapara

Folk Dance

Rangam, BBSR


12th Day/ 26-02-08


Ku. Rashmi Dave


Achyuta Behera, Tabada, Baragarh

Nupur, Barpali


13th Day/ 27-02-08

Odissi Dance

Gajendra Panda

Laudi & Ogala

Laxmidhara Barik & Group, Bhadrak

Chadheya -Chadheyani



Mini Marathon

Orissa Mining Corporation ltd. is going to organise the 2nd Mini Marathon in Bhubaneswar on 17th February 2008 on the occasion of Ekamra – The Temple City Festival. The Marathon shall be flagged off from Kalinga Stadium by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Orissa and it shall traverse through the important inter sections of Bhubaneswar City covering about 15 km and shall terminate in Kalinga Stadium. The Marathon, besides being a run for fun, aims at propagating the message Run for a Green Orissa. The registration of participation shall be enrolled from 12th to 15th February 2008 in the Office of PRO, OMC Head Office, Bhubaneswar from 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM and on 16th February registration will be made at Kalinga Stadium from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Mukteswar Dance Festival

The small and elegant Mukteswar Temple with its famous stone arch at the entrance is the gem of Orissan Architecture. The temple is also important as a transition point between the early and later phases of Kalinga School of Architecture for which this dance festival is named after the said temple. The sprawling green lawn in between Mukteswar-Parsurameswar Temple Complexes will host the event.


Chorus (Shiva Bandana)
06.00 – 06.15 PM

Solo Odissi
06.15 – 06.40 PM

Duet Odissi
06.40 – 07.20 PM

Group Odissi
07.20 – 08.20 PM


Bijoy Jena & Group

Madhubrata Satapathy, Rourkela

Rahul Acharya & Debasis Patnak

Suravi, Bhubaneswar


Saswati Social Cultural Centre, Bhubaneswar

Leesa Mohanty, Mumbai

Odissa Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Bhubaneswar

Roopshree Mohapatra, Puri


Shantilata Chhotray & Group

Meera Das

Lingaraj Pradhan & Amulya Balabantray

Dona Ganguly & Group, Kolkata

Kalinga Mahotsav

When people celebrate their heritage and ways of life, the spirit of revelry crosses languages, continents and cultures. And the Kalinga Mahotsav at Dhauli, a festival of Martial Dances, is celebrated very much in that spirit.

For the people of Orissa Dhauli hill at the outskirts of Bhubaneswar is more a living experience than a memory. Twenty three hundred years ago, their fore-fathers fought one of the fiercest battles in human history against Emperor Ashok. They suffered loss of a hundred thousand men, lost the war, but gained immortality, because they metamorphosed a warring monarch into an apostle of non-violence and peace. The festival is a fitting tribute to the victory of Peace over War where renowned dancers of India perform harmonising the vigour of martial art with sublime dance forms.

The calm and solemn statue of Buddha overlooking the entire stage from the top of the stupa and the tranquil expanse of the countryside populated by paddy fields and cashew plantations provides the peaceful background to the outburst of movements and sounds which accompany the performance of the martial artists. The aim of the organisers is to harmonise the vigour of martial tradition with the sublimity of peace through the art of dance.

Date 06.00 – 06.15 PM 06.15 – 06.40 PM 06.40 – 07.20 PM


South Korean
Folk Dance

Fauzer Singh & Troupe, Punjab

Tatteta Gullu,
Andhra Pradesh


Martial Dance

Fauzer Singh & Troupe, Punjab

Paika Dance

Rajarani Music Festival

Celestial music, sublime surroundings and soothing climes of late winter—soul traverses to an elevated sphere leaving you utterly relaxed. Holidays are made with this kind of experience that creates a lasting mark in your mind.

Rajarani Music Festival held against the backdrop of the 11th century Rajarani Temple in Bhubaneswar is such an evening of concerts: it’s relaxing, entertaining and uplifting. The city has a large assemblage of celebrated temples of which the Rajarani Temple is one of the most conspicuous. It’s remarkable for the absence any presiding deity in it. The temple is famous for its ornate deul or compass and the statues of eight Dikpals guarding the eight cardinal directions of the temple.

To show case the glorious tradition of Indian classical music, the Rajarani Music Festival was conceived to be organized by the Department of Tourism in association with Bhubaneswar Music Circle.

The musical evenings are resplendent with excellent performances by the great maestros of Indian classical music creating an allegory of darbari gayans (musical performances in an Indian king’s court) of age old histories.

Eminent instrumentalists and vocalists of India have rendered scintillating performance in this festival over the years.


6.00 – 7.00 PM

7.00 – 8.00 PM


Hindustani Vocal
Smt. Bandita Ray, Bhubaneswar

Hindustani Instrumental – Sitar
Pandit Niladri Kumar, Mumbai


Odissi Vocal
Smt. Shyamamani Devi, Cuttack

Carnatic Instrumental – Violin
Padmabhusan T. N. Krishnan, Chennai


Hindustani Instrumental – Violin
Smt. K. Bhubaneswari

Hindustani Vocal
Pandit Upendra Bhatta, Pune

Various winter time tourist oriented festivals in Orissa

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Following is extracted from a Kalinga Times report.

  • Nov 16-18: Parab festival at Koraput.
  • Nov 23-27: Shreekshetra-Beach Festival, Puri.
  • December 1-5: Konark Festival.
  • Jan 3-17: Toshali-Ekamra Festival in Bhubaneswar. The festival will be include a 10-day Toshali Crafts Fair and the following:
    • Mukteswar Dance evening from January 3 to 5
    • Rajarani Music Evening from January 5 to 7
    • Kalinga Martial Dance Evening at Dhauli on January 8 and 9
    • Folk dance festival from January 10 to 17
    • International Food Festival from January 3 to 17
    • National Level Handloom and Handicrafts Exhibition-cum-sale from January 3 to 17
    • Walking Tours of Heritage Corridors from January 6 to 13
  • Jan 4-6: Folk Dance Festival at Sambalpur.