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Filigree hub in Cuttack

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Telegraph.

A major initiative to support and mobilise Orissa’s filigree artisans is on the cards.

The initiative, involving both the central and the state governments, would be launched under the Union government’s circuit development scheme. The project would be linked with the tourism sector in the state as plans are afoot to set up a “Silver Filigree Centre” at Mundasahi on the banks of Mahanadi river near here under the aegis of the Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC).

Official sources said the project was conceived to identify the filigree potential in Cuttack and to ensure that artisans were not quitting their profession. An official survey had revealed that most of the silver filigree artisans wanted to sustain their skills provided it offers them benefit.

“The idea of setting up the Silver Filigree Centre at Mundasahi has been planned to link Tarkashi or silver filigree and tourism. The filigree centre will allow the tourists to go to a place showcasing the artisans’ work,” Cuttack collector Kishore Kumar Mohanty told The Telegraph.

“Funds to the tune of Rs 1 crore from the Union government under its Circuit Development Scheme will be used to make the project a reality,” the Cuttack collector said, adding that the district administration had demarcated a three acre plot for the project. “The allotment of the land for it is under process,” he said.

Sources in OTDC said the initiative to give a fillip to the Cuttack Tarkashi art form involves identification of traditional artisans, bringing them under one roof and setting up infrastructure for live demonstration of the intricate method involved in the silver filigree work with a product sale facility. The proposed centre also envisages food, recreational facility and amusement park for children.

The art and craft of Sambalpuri Sarees and their designs: Samaja

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100 crores for Handicraft and Handloom promotion

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Pioneer. ( also has a similar report.)

The Centre has proposed to set up an Integrated Marketing Project for the development and promotion of handicrafts and handloom of Orissa with a special focus on Tribal and Fibre Crafts.

The project is proposed to be executed by Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) and IL&FS. It will involve an investment of approximately Rs.100 crore.

In order to make it a reality, Executive Director of the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, Rakesh Kumar along with other senior officials called on Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at Orissa Bhawan in New Delhi on Saturday and apprised him about the project.

During the meeting, Patnaik said the State has a vast potential for development of Tribal Crafts, Tribal Jewellery, Dhokra Casting, Silver Filigree work and other metal work, Terracotta, Wood work, Appliqué work, horn work, golden grass work, Cane and Bamboo products.

Kumar informed the Chief Minister that the project will include various components like human resource development, design & product development, national & international marketing, setting up of a state of the art Crafts Complex at Bhubaneswar and Puri as well as setting up of showrooms abroad.

Central Tourism ministry adds 4 more Orissa villages to the village tourism list

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Update: The Orissa government tourism home page has a link to the list of tourist spots in Orissa.

In 2002-03 Raghurajpur (in Puri district) was the first village to be put in this list. This was followed by Pipli (in Khordha district) in 2004-05 and Khiching (in Mayurbhanj district) in 2005-06. The four new villages that are being added are Hirapur (in Khordha district), Barapali (in Baragarh district), Padmanavapur (in Ganjam district) and Deolajhari (in Angul district). Hirapur is famous for the 64 Yogini temple and the villages around it also make a lot of bronze utensils and artifacts. Barapali is famous for Pata Sarees – Sambalpuri style, while Padmanavapur is also famous for Pata Sarees – albeit of a different style. Deolajhari is near a waterfall. Following is Dharitri’s report on this. 20071005-village-tourism.JPG 20071005-village-tourism-2.JPG

Metalcraft exhibition

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Terracotta exhibition in Bhubaneswar: ad in Samaja

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Bhubaneswar among the four initial “shopping tourism destinations”

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Following are excerpts from a report in on this:

… Talking on the prospects of shopping tourism, Soni said initially the government had identified four places across India – Noida, Hyderabad, Aurangabad and Bhubaneswar – to develop as shopping tourism destinations.

‘This new concept of shopping tourism will help local artisans get a good market for selling their traditional artefacts. Subsequently, it will create tremendous amount of job opportunities in different rural pockets and will also promote the cultural heritage of our country. The union ministry is also looking at some other places, including West Bengal, to develop as shopping tourism destinations,’ she said. …

This PTI report in Hindu elaborates on one point.

Noida in Uttar Pradesh with world-class facilities, Shilpagram near Hyderabad, permanent art and crafts fair at Bhubaneswar and another at Aurangabad near Ajanta-Ellora in Maharashtra are the shopping tourism destinations coming up.

Urban haat at Konark

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Pioneer reports on this. Following are some excerpts.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday inaugurated an Urban Haat near the Sun Temple here. He said the Haat would act as a bridge between the handicraft industry and the tourists in the State as it aims to facilitate sale of handicraft products. …

The Urban Haat has been built over an area of four acres of land by the Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) at a cost of Rs 2.67 crore. It consists of 40 shops, an open-air theatre hall and two exhibition halls.

It primarily aims at marketing handicrafts made of cane and bamboo, appliqués, patta chitra and wooden products.

Golden grass handicrafts in Jajpur

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Following are excerpts from a New Indian express report on this.

As an active member of the movement, the 59- year-old woman now earns a comfortable living by making exquisite handicraft items from dried golden grass, locally known as “kainsha”.

… I get great satisfaction from making several household handicraft items from the golden grass, says Sumalata.

More than 4,000 women from 18 villages of Kamagarh, Garh Madhupur, Antia and Jenapur gram panchayats are engaged in making handicrafts from golden grass. Raw material is supplied by handicrafts society. All these women owe their economic independence to 79- year-old Pranakrushna Mohanty, the brain behind the movement in the district.

To help women of the economically backward sections become self-reliant, Mohanty and a friend, Bhikari Patnaik struck upon training them in golden grass handicrafts, which is available in plenty in the district. …

Each handicraft item takes anywhere between a day and a month to complete, and costs between Rs 10 and Rs 1,000. But these women get only a fraction of that amount as middlemen play spoilsport here too.

Paper sculptures by Arun Ojha at Orissa Modern Art Gallery

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New Indian Express has a report on this. Following is an excerpt.

Arun’s paper sculptures are flying off the walls thick and fast ever since he put them up at the Orissa Modern Art Gallery here.

Golden grass handicrafts from Orissa

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There have been several news items regarding the beauty of handicrafts made up of dried grass which becomes yellow and golden in color. Following are some excerpts on this from a report in New Kerala.

Dried grass, which becomes yellow and golden in colour, has been innovatively used by a group of Oriya women to craft attractive items of daily use.

The grass is made of Khus Khus stem. It is sturdy and can be bent to any shape to be turned into items of household use. It can also be crafted into decorative items. This has been the occupation of a group of Orissa’s Jajanga Village of Kendrapara District for the last ten years.

Nearly 80 per cent of the women in Jajanga village create various decorative items like flowers, baskets, wall-hangings, mats and pen-stands. All that each of them earn is about Rs.500 to 1,500 per month. …

The Golden grass items were introduced to Jajanga by Mahila Samiti committee headed by Swarna Prabha Swain. Today, it exists as a cottage industry here. …

At times they take five days to make an item. They take pride in their produce, and hope that the day is not far when their handicrafts are sold all over the country, or at least in all part of Orissa.

Perhaps the Orissa government can push this village to become an arts-n-crafts village like Raghurajpur and include it in a tourist circuit. In general, Orissa government should identify a few more craftsman villages where 80% of the houses are involved in some handicraft or some art-n-craft and develop amenities there  and include them in tourist circuits. Besides the above mentioned village other candidates could be a village or villages in Baragarh district that weave Sambalpuri sarees and villages near Pipli. My knowledge of such villages is rudimentary, but we will keep our eyes open and report about them here.