There have been various news reports on this. Following are excerpts from a news report on this in Pioneer.

The Public Health and Engineering Department decided to supply water round the clock in the city soon, but every home having piped water supply would get a meter installed to determine the quantum of water used. The consumer would have to pay bills regularly according to the meter reading. In the first phase, the scheme would be implemented at Sahid Nagar on a pilot basis from August, according to PHED sources. The Japan Bank of International Cooperation would provide technical assistance for the scheme, which is expected to determine the quantity of water being wasted.

Earlier, the department used to supply water intermittently at fixed hours. PHED is supplying water to 60 per cent areas of the city. According to a survey, the water consumption per person in the city is nearly 135 litres. The city’s water requirement is 120 million litres, but the quantity of water supplied is quite higher at 212 million litres.