Engineering College Clusters in Orissa in 2009

September 3rd, 2009

Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Puri area:

  1. Ajay Binay Institute of Technology Cuttack (ABT) Pvt.
  2. Aryan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mouza: Barakuda, Post Panchagoan, Bhubaneswar-752 050
  3. Apex Institute of Technology & Management, Pahal Bhubaneshwar (APT) Pvt.
  4. Bhubaneswar Engineering College Khurda (BEC) Pvt.
  5. Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology, Plot No 4, Village Harapur, Khurda, Pin- 752 054
  6. BRM International Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (BII) Pvt.
  7. C. V. Raman College of Engineering Bhubaneswar (CVR) Pvt.
  8. Central Institute of Plastics Engineering And Technology Bhubaneswar (CPT) Govt.
  9. Centurian Institute of Technology Khurda (CIK) Pvt.
  10. College of Engineering & Technology Bhubaneswar (CET) Govt.
  11. College of Engineering Bhubaneswar Bhubaneshwar (CEB) Pvt.
  12. Dhaneswar Rath Institute of Engineering and Management Studies Tangi, Cuttack (DRM) Pvt.
  13. Eastern Academy of Science & Technology Phulnakhara, Khurda (EAS) Pvt.
  14. Einstien Academy of Tech. & Management (EATAM) Bania Tangi Bhubaneswar
  15. Eklavya College of Tech., and Sci., At Kusumati PO Jatni Bhubaneswar Khurda
  16. Gandhi Engineering College Bhubaneswar (GEC) Pvt.
  17. Gandhi Institute for Education & Technology, At Banlatangi, P.O. Bajpur, Dist : Khurda-752060
  18. Gandhi Institute for Technology Bhubaneswar (GIF) Pvt.
  19. Gandhi Institute of Technological Advancement Badaraghunathpur, Bhubaneswar (GIB) Pvt.
  20. Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management Khurda (GIK) Pvt.
  21. Ghanashyama Hemalata Institute of Technology & Management Chhaitana Puri (GHT) Pvt.
  22. Gurukula College of Engineering for Women (GCEM) At- Jamuhari Chhatabar, Bhubaneshwar Dist- Khurda Odisha
  23. Gurukul Institute of Technology,Janla Bhubaneswar (GKT) Pvt.
  24. Hi-Tech College of Engineering, Rasulghar, Pandara Bhubaneswar
  25. Hi-Tech Institute of Technology Khurda (HIT) Pvt.
  26. Indic Institute of Design & Research Khurda (IID) Pvt.
  27. Indotech College of Engineering, Plot No. 144, AT/PO Mallipada, Via Pallahat(Khurda-2) Dist-khurda,Orissa-752056
  28. Indus College of Engg. Bhubaneswar (IDU) Pvt.
  29. Jagannath Institute of Engineering & Technology Cuttack (JIC) Pvt.
  30. KMBB College of Engineering and Technology AT-Daleiput, PO-Talahat Dist. Khurda,Orissa
  31. Konark Institute of Science & Technology Jatni,Bhubaneswar (KIS) Pvt.
  32. Koustav Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (KIT) Pvt.
  33. Koustuva Institute of Self Domain (for Women) Bhubaneswar (KID) Pvt.
  34. Krupajala Engineering College Pubasasan, Bhubaneswar (KEC) Pvt.
  35. Maharaja Institute of Technology,Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar (MIK) Pvt.
  36. Mahavir Institute of Engineering and Technology Paniora, Bhubaneswar (MIB) Pvt.
  37. Modern Institute of Technology & Management Khurda (MIM) Pvt.
  38. Nalanda Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (NIT) Pvt.
  39. Nigam Institute of engineering and Technology, Barang,Cuttack
  40. NM Institute of Engineering & Technology Sijua, Bhubaneswar (NMI) Pvt.
  41. Orissa Engineering College Nijigarhkurki, Bhubaneswar (OEC) Pvt.
  42. Oxford College of Engineering and Management ,Ramachandrapur, Bhubaneswar (OCM) Pvt.
  43. Rajdhani Engineering College Bhubaneswar (REC) Pvt.
  44. Shibani Institute of Technical Education , At-PO-Chhatabar,Via, Hanla, Bhubaneswar – 752054, Khurda, Orissa
  45. Silicon Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (SIT) Pvt.
  46. Sophitorium Engineering College, Baniatangi, Khurda
  47. Spintronic Tech. & Advance Resarch At.Po Taraboi P.S. Jatani Dist Khurda, Orissa
  48. Subas Institute of Technology Gyana Vihar, Barang, Bhubaneswar 754 005 Orissa
  49. Suddhananda Engg. & Research Centre, Phulnakhara Cuttack At Anchhipur P.O. Bhatapatna Orissa
  50. Synergy Institute of Technology, At : Bhimpur,P.O. Jagannathpur, P.S. Balianta, Dist:Khurda, Orissa
  51. TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering Khurda (TCT) Pvt.
  52. The Techno School Bhubaneswar (TTS) Pvt.
  53. Trident Academy of Technology Bhubaneswar (TAT) Pvt.
  54. Vedang Institute of Technology, Durga Prasad, P.O. Ramachandi, Dist. Khurda, Orissa
  55. VITS Engineering College, Tangi, Khurda (VTK) Pvt.
  56. Vivekananda Inst. Of Tech., at Chhatabar Dandi, Chaatabar, Orissa
  57. Xavier Institute of Tech., Princess Avencue Ghangapatna Bhubaneswar Dist Khurda Orissa
  58. Agricultural Engineering at OUAT, Bhubaneswar
  59. KIIT Bhubaneswar
  60. ITER Bhubaneswar
  61. IIIT Bhubaneswar
  62. IIT Bhubaneswar


  1. Gandhi Academy of Tech. & Engineering At/PO Golonthara Konisi, Berhampur, Dist Ganjam Orissa
  2. Gandhi Institute of Industrial Technology Berhampur (GII) Pvt.
  3. Kalam Institute of Technology, Berhampur Berhampur (KIB) Pvt.
  4. National Institute of Science and Technology Palur Hills, Berhampur (NST) Pvt.
  5. Parla Maharaj Engineering College
  6. Rahul Institute of Engineering & Technology Thatadapalli Village, Kotharsing (P.O.) Konisi Tahasil, Berhampur, Ganjam (D. T.) Orissa
  7. Roland Institute of Technology Surya Vihar, Berhampur (RIT) Pvt.
  8. Sanjaya Memorial Institute of Technology Chandipadar, Berhampur (SMT) Pvt.
  9. Vignan Institute of Technology & Management Berhampur (VIT) Pvt.
  10. IIIT Berhampur (planned)


  1. Balasore College of Engineering & Technology Balasore (BCE) Pvt.
  2. Bhadrak Institute of Engineering & Technology Barapada, Bhadrak (BIT) Pvt.
  3. Modern Engineering & Management Studies Balasore (MEM) Pvt.
  4. Satyasai Engineering College Balasore (SAT) Pvt.
  5. Srinix College of Engineering College At-Ranipatna, Dist Balasore-750001 .
  6. Vijayanjali Institute of Technology At Gadabhanga No. 4 P.O. Khantapara, District : Balasore 756043 Orissa


  1. Black Diamond College of Engineering & Technology Jharsuguda (BDC) Pvt.
  2. Padmashree Krutartha Acharya College of Engineering Bargarh (PKA) Pvt.
  3. Vikash College of Engineering for Women (VCEW) plot No. 2766, P.S. Dist- Baragarh, Odisha
  4. VSSUT Burla (UCE) Govt.
  5. Silicon Institute of Technology, Sason, Sambalpur -763 200, Orissa.
  6. Sundargarh Engineering College, Sundargarh (SUN) Pvt.


  1. Padmanava College of Engineering Rourkela (PCE) Pvt.
  2. Purushottam Institute of Engineering & Technology Mandiakudar, Rourkela (PIE) Pvt.
  3. NIT Rourkela
  4. Rourkela Institute of Technology At P.O. Kuarmunda, District : Sundergarh Pin 770039 Orissa (planned)


  1. Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology Gunupur (GIT) Pvt.
  2. Gandhi Institute of Science and Technology Rayagada (GIR) Pvt.
  3. Institute of Advanced Computer & Research Rayagada (IAC) Pvt.
  4. Majhighariani Institute of Technology and Science Rayagada (MIT) Pvt.


  1. Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang (IGT) Govt.
  2. Adarsha College of Engineering At Saradhapur, P.O. Kumurisingha Dist : Angul, Pin 759122 Orissa
  3. Synergy Institute of Engineering and Technology Dhenkanal (SYN) Pvt.


  1. Gopal Krushna College of Engineering & Technology Jeypore (GCE) Pvt.
  2. Samanta Chandra Sekhar Institute of Technology & Management Semiliguda, Koraput (SCS) Pvt.


  1. Jagannath Institute of Technology & Management Paralakhemundi (JIP) Pvt.
  2. Orissa School of Mining Engineering Keonjhar (OSM) Govt.
  3. Seemanta Engineering College Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj (SEC) Pvt.
  4. Government Engineering College, Kalahandi
  5. Paradeep Port Engineering College (planned)

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14 Writeup

  • 1. Abhisek  |  September 3rd, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    If the State Govt takes initiative then the JN TATA Technical Institute near Berhampur can become an engineering college with specialisation in Automobile engineering. Besides lakhs of people from southern part of Orissa work in the textile and diamond factories of Gujarat. So, Institutes for textile and jems and jewellery technology should be planned at Berhampur with state funding.

  • 2. Sanjib Karmee  |  September 3rd, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Currently, the state has more than 100 Engg colleges. Is there any data available regarding the numbers of students graduating every year from Orissa with BE/BTech, BA, BSc, BCom, ME/MTech, MA, MSc, MCom and other Bachelor and Master degrees? It can give a clear picture as to where we are heading. The Govt. should think of a way to make Science and Arts subjects more attractive for higher learning. Otherwise, our education will be one sided. Who will do research in Pharma and other Industries? I think not just Orissa but whole country is moving in a biased way.

  • 3. Prashant K Sahoo  |  September 4th, 2009 at 6:44 am

    Dear Sajeeb Karmee,

    I agree with your thought. However, if you see the number of Engg. colleges more than 85% are Private efforts. So until private efforts comes in this direction along with the Govt’s one the society won’t learn. Now a days a private effort is a must for a developed society.

  • 4. Sanjib Karmee  |  September 4th, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    I am not opposed to privatization of education. The govt. in collaboration with pvt sector should should see to it that all students get quality education of their choice, whether it is Engg., Med.; Arts, Science or Commerce. I learned that India is already facing a huge shortage of nurses. The point is Govt. should learn to utilize its man power.

  • 5. amit  |  September 4th, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    sir i want know that is automobile engg trade is available in any engg college………of bhubneshwar..

  • 6. amit  |  September 4th, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    and please tell me about joint entrance test i am doing three years diploma and after that i want to do engg i bhubneshwar so tell me the full procedure for taking admission ,, and tell me about its entrance test

  • 7. Ajaya Sahu  |  September 4th, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Yes, time has come, Odisha govt. should focus now in Medical / Pharmacy / Nursing in each cluster of Odisha as like Engg. Institutions. We have enough Engg. Colleges having 100 + as listed by Dr. Chitta Baral in this article.

  • 8. jagmohan swain  |  September 4th, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    Not much movement appears to be going on at the ground level as far as setting up medical/pharmacy.nursing schools.Egineering colleges are dime a dozen and appear to have taken off in the state.Govt must now redouble it’s efforts towards healthcare.There are 4400 MBBS seats available in Andhra pradesh whereas Orissa only has 770.It’s high team sate govt corrected this.Kerala which has a population of 3.1 crores (Orissa has 3.6 crores ) has 2100 MBBS seats.Is anyone surprised why Kerala continues remain at the top of Human development Index among all states.

  • 9. Abhisek  |  September 5th, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    would appreciate if the Berhampur cluster also includes places like Paralakhemundi-Gunupur and Rayagada similar to Sambalpur-Baragarh-Jharsuguda-Sundergarh cluster and Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Puri cluster. While Paralakhemundi is a part of undevided Ganjam district, Gunupur and Rayagada are towns adjoinging Ganjam district and easily accessible from Berhampur city.

  • 10. Chitta Baral  |  September 5th, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Bargarh is 40 kms from Sambalpur.
    Jharsuguda is 50 kms from Sambalpur.
    Sundergarh town is 35 kms from Jharsuguda.
    That is why I put them together.

    Berhampur to Parla is 125 kms. Gunupur – Rayagada are much farther.

  • 11. anuj kumar  |  September 9th, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    i want take admission in orissa pvt engg college in core branch like mechanical, electrical,electrical and electronics

    my contact no is 09534173698

  • 12. gaurav  |  October 14th, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    i like to know whether of enginnering meerut is approved by aicte or not

  • 13. dillip  |  February 1st, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    kindly send emails of all bbsr based engineering colleges

  • 14. nabajyoti bora  |  May 20th, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    i am a zz category candidate of orissa jee-2010. my rank is 30057 in GE and 5720in ZZ. can i get engg admission at any good pvt. engg. college. if yes , kindly let me know.

    regards. n j bora


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