Making Rourkela a Tier II city of India – HRD and other development of Rourkela (work in progress)

November 15th, 2009

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Rourkela is the second largest metropolitan area of Orissa with an official metropolitan population of 550,668 but perhaps much more (at least 700 K) if one takes into account nearby places like Biramitrapur and Rajgangpur. It is probably the most cosmopolitan area of Orissa. Because of its steel plant it has world-wide name recognition. It has a lot of young talents; I am told that Rourkela youngsters have done much better in entrance exams like IIT JEE than from other parts of Orissa. Rourkela and the Sundergarh district have produced many national hockey players (both male and female), some of whom have gone on to captain the Indian national side.

Being an important station in the Mumbai-Howrah line, Rourkela is very well connected to both. The National Institute of Technology at Rourkela is often ranked among the top 5 NITs of the country; in recent years it has done much better and is in the process of starting a business program. Rourkela also has two private engineering colleges and at least one more is in the works. Rourkela has at least two good magament schools: Rourkela Institute of Management Studies (sometimes ranked nationally) and Indian Institute of Production Management, Kansbahal.  

Overall, Rourkela has the potential to be a Tier II city of India at the level of Vizag, Chandigarh, etc. But unfortunately, that has not happened so far and active organized efforts need to  be made to achieve that.

So here I will list some of the things that should be pursued so that Rourkela becomes a Tier II city of India.

Knowledge and HRD aspects:

  • Metropolitan University: Rourkela is perhaps the largest metropolitan area of the country, or may be the whole world which does not have a general university. This needs to be rectified at the earliest. IMHO, the best model to follow would be of Delhi University. So a Rourkela Metropolitan University should be established  with graduate programs as well as with a few constituent colleges spread (offering Bachelors as well as Masters degrees) across the metropolitan area, but with no affiliated colleges. The exisiting government colleges in Rourkela (Govt. College, Rourkela; SG Women’s, Rourkela and Rourkela College) would be made constituents of this university.
  • Medical College: Although a WODC sponsored PPP-based medical college is in the works, we must continue pursuing an ESIC medical college here. SAIL, which is making a medical college in Bokaro, should also be pushed to establish a medical college here.
  • BPUT: BPUT must become fully operational from Rourkela.It  needs to have real departments and centers and offer its own courses. It should be expanded to have programs in Science and Humanities.
  • Research Centers: The state should pursue one of the central government departments such as CSIR, DAE, Sc & Tech, etc. to open a research center in Rourkela.
  • Centrally funded University: At some point a centrally funded university should be pursued for Rourkela.
  • More private institutions: Rourkela has the population base and the amenities that metropolitan areas offer to have more private institutions such as engineering colleges, management institutions etc. A multi-pronged apporoach should be taken.
    • Local big industries should be cajoled to participate in this. For example, SAIL is also planning an engineering college in Bokaro. They should be pushed to have one in Rourkela.
    • Local people should also open private institutions on their own.
    • Educational foundations inside and outside state that have developed good private institutions should be approached and invited to open institutions in Rourkela. Inside Orissa, institutions like Silicon and NIST should be approached. 
  • STP: The STP at Rourkela should be expanded.
  • IT/BPO: Because of the cosmopolitan nature of Rourkela, it would be a good place for BPO and call center operations. This should be pursued.
  • Sports Institute/University: Sundergrah district is considered by many to be the Hockey cradle of India, both in men’s and women’s hockey. It has produced both Men’s and Women’s hockey team captains in Dilip Tirkey and Jyoti Sunita Kullu. Orissa government should pursue to establish a National Sports Institute (of the kind in Patiala) in Rourkela. It should include programs in physical training, coach training, official training etc. This would specially contribute  in the enhancing the employment opportunities for Adivasis who constitute 50.74% of Sundergarh’s population.

Connectivity Aspects:

  • Rail Connectivity -Trains: While the connectivity to Mumbai and Kolkata is marvelous, connectivity to other places needs improvement. Dilip has a good list of new trains needed for Rourkela at This list is:
    • Rourkela-Bhubaneswar Intercity Express( Day Time)
    • Rourkela-Berhampur Gajapati Express
    • Rourkela-Secundarabad/Hyderabad Express
    • Trains to New Delhi from Bhubaneswar via Rourkela OR Rourkela-Nizamuddin/New Delhi Express (Any extension of Ranchi-Hatia or Tatanagar trains will also work)
    • Trains to Patna and Eastern U.P.
  • Rail Connectivity-Others: The Talcher-Bimlagarh line must be fast-tracked.
  • Roads: The 4-laning of the state highway 10 connecting Sambalpur and Rourkela must be expedited.
  • Air Connectivity: Rourkela airport must be made functional with commercial flights at the earliest.

Metro area:

  • A larger metropolitan area for Rourkela that includes Kansbahal and Rajgangpur in the west and Biramitrapur in the North must be formally established.
  • The state government should pursue Rourkela to be included in JNNURM.

(The above is from Google Maps.)

(The above is from "sarini: Occasional papers, No. 4, Adivasis of Rourkela")

Work in Progress…

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  • 1. Sansiddha Pani  |  November 15th, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    There is already a general university at Sambalpur, thus in my opinion another full fledged general university is not required. Instead something of the sort of Ravenshaw University or FM University can be started. That is what I think is called an unitary university, basically one which does not have affiliating authorities.

  • 2. Chitta Baral  |  November 16th, 2009 at 12:04 am

    I did not have a Utkal/Smbalpur/Berhampur kind of university in mind. But not a unitary university either. I have clarified the kind of university that I think would be best for Rourkela.

  • 3. Dillip Kumar Mohanty  |  November 17th, 2009 at 5:18 am

    Thank u sir for adding my suggestions

    Well i will give more on the website later on

    And now i have added the demans made by Passenger Steering Committe Rourkela

    Please Check

  • 4. alok  |  November 17th, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Chitta sir..Excellent obserevation…When i visited Chandigarh once upon a time i was very impressed with the development taking place there..but at the same time its an UT as well as a capital for two the money inflow is more as compared to other state capitals.But looking at the city of Rourkela its jst a replica.What lacks is the development.I am not asking the govt to develop in that pace but atleast half of the pace of Chandigarh or one third.If this can be done in just 5 years Rourkela will overtake cities like Tata and Ranchi and will be comparable to Chandigarh.
    What i feel govt should first of all push for the ESIC at Rourkela and the speedy developmet of BPUT.just naming a technical university is not enough.We need to start regular programs and develop the campus.
    The state govt should invite IT companies like wipro and infosys to start BPO operations due large pool of talent and educated people.
    The govt should discuss the airport issue with SAIL so that the airport gets commmercial flights asap.This will solve the problem for air connectivity.We can start flight dervice via rourkela form kolkata to bbsr and kolkata-ranchi via rourkela,kolkata-rourkela via tata.
    Coming to the railways the orissa sampark kranti should take the keonjhar-badbil-chakradharpur route to reach Rourkela and going via hatia-mugalsarai-kanpur on any two days of the week.Similar route can be taken by BBSR rajdhani on any two days.It will take just 19 hrs to reach Delhi from Rourkela via hatia-kanpur route.Superfast train between Berahampur via Keonjhar and a weekly train to Guwahati ,may be later.Similarly we can start a superfast from RKl to delhi on the ramaining 3 days of the week via hatia-mugalsarai-kanpur.
    The highway between Rourkela and barkot should be rapaired asap.
    On part of OSRTC they should resume the volvo service between BBSR-Rourkela and start services between Berhampur-Rourkela.
    IT parks should be established once the above demands are fulfilled.Even the demand for IIM should be made for Rourkela.
    SAIL should make investments to develop Rourkela from all corners.

  • 5. Abhisek  |  November 17th, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    As suggested in the Rourkela forum, the Berhampur-Rourkela Gajapati Express via BBSR, Keonjhargarh, Chakradharpur will give a perfect communication link to as many as 10 districts of the State and hence this must be persued further.

  • 6. alok  |  November 17th, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    Chitta Sir,
    I got to know that the state govt is not initiating the ESIC authorities to change the location for ESIC from BBSR to RKL as its afraid it might loose the true is that..I dont think the ESIC authorities might have problem.If its true what i think then the problem lies with state govt..Could you please throw some more light on this.

  • 7. alok  |  November 17th, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Dilip,
    Do the Bilaspur rajdhani continues to run through Rourkela ?
    If yes then why the tickets are not available and the train is not showing up when you search from RKL to Delhi and return.One of my friends was looking for booking the tickets but got very dissapointed.Do you have any status update at present ?

  • 8. Chitta Baral  |  November 17th, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    On ESIC the latest can be known by contacting Prashant babu. Not everything on it can be disseminated in public forum.


    In general, all of the above can come to reality if a group of dedicated volunteers are willing to work for it. Unfortunately, there has not been a good mailing list or yahoo-group type group for Rourkela. A good blog that keeps track of Rourkela’s development is also useful. See for example, . I hope some of you will consider leading the above kinds of activities.

  • 9. Dillip Kumar Mohanty  |  November 18th, 2009 at 12:03 am

    Hallo all

    the DEMANDS page has been updated

    plz visit and comment

  • 10. Dillip Kumar Mohanty  |  November 18th, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Nice Observations Abhishek

    U can add these at the DEMANDS page

    2441/2442 Howrah-Bilaspur-New Delhi Rajdhani Express was to be discontinued from 1sr Nov but owing to the railroko andolan by Steering Committee the Railways has decided to continue the train upto 25th Nov and afterwards it will continue as Hatia-New Delhi Rajdhani Express. U must be knowing Hatia is the most important station of Ranchi

  • 11. Ajaya Sahu  |  November 18th, 2009 at 3:13 am

    Train No: 8507- Visakhapatnam-Amritsar express- It is plying 3 days in a week via Berhampur-BBSR-Sambalpur-Jharsuguda-New Delhi-Amritsar. The frequency of this train can be increased to daily and rest 4 days can ply thru Rourkela Route to Amritsar.

    This will have good advantage to connect both cities Rourkela and Berhampur. Also Berhampur region will have daily connectivity train to New Delhi.

  • 12. alok  |  November 18th, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Ajay..i believe 8507 can take the present route till jharsuguda and from there it can go via rourkela-hatia-mugalsarai-kanpur..Do you think the same or you think it should ply via keonjhar-ckp-rourkela and then via jharsuguda-bilaspur.
    It can also ply via keonjhar-ckp-rourkela-hatia..There are atleast 3 routes available.Lets see how the railways work on this..

    Dilip sounds great but when i went through the railway sites it shows from bilaspur and not from hatia..and there are some time changes for bilaspur rajdhani along with days of running..Any idea..

    Chitta sir..efforts are still continuing.what matters most how the CM takes this..If he is serious he will take a note on this if he is not then we are already going through that kinda situation ..may be worst is yet to come…i keep my fingers crossed.

  • 13. Chitta Baral  |  November 18th, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Saw the headlines in ESIC thing looks bleak. But lets keep trying till the end. Help Prashanta babu in his efforts.

  • 14. Abhisek  |  November 18th, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Though it is regretful that the campaign for ESIC Medical College has not gone in favour of RKL, but if this campaign is reworked then the City could get a propoer Govt Medical college which it deserves. I think at crucial junctures the RKL MLA and MP who also is the standing committee chairman, failed to make their voice heard and that cost RKL the ESIC Medical College. Also, the State Govt. fresh from the massive electoral victory didn’t feel the necessity to bow before public pressure.

    Can we impress upon the Ministry of Railways atleast, to consider for a Railway Mediacal College at Rourkela? Or as a last resort mediacl college from SAIL? RKLites are the best to think over these issues.

  • 15. alok  |  November 18th, 2009 at 6:39 pm to know that the foundation stone for ESIC at BBSR will be layed on 9th of December by the President of India…I believe the dream of an ESIC at Rourkela is blown away…God now may save Rourkela…(rest edited)

  • 16. Prashant K Sahoo  |  November 19th, 2009 at 4:30 am

    Dear All,

    The foundation for ESIC is pre-planned by the opposition group who wants to work from back and silently in favor of BBSR. Initially the foundation was supposed to by laid by CM of Odisha. But it was changed in the last moment realizing the pressure and tremendous demand in favor of RKL. These group must be condemned and exposed for sure. Otherwise they are dangerous to Odisha’s integrity in terms of igniting the Regionalism accross Odisha. They have very cleverly invited teh President of India for the foundation stone, so that it will be difficult for anybody ( morally ) to change the location .

    RKL deserves ESIC Medical College and It will be there at any moment. Both logically and morally ESIC has to be in RKL. Center don’t have any problem setting up at RKL . It is the State Govt. who has played the politics and proposed BBSR name to ESIC as the location.

    See how fast they are working in last 6-7 weeks like allotment of Land, deciding the inauguration date etc. etc. The speed of work is definitely abnormal and I had never seen such KARMA-BEERA in our State Administrations. Wow !!

    We all are working towards it and watch out regularly various National and State Media.

    The first step is to acknowledge the President of India about this resentment and this inauguration is against the INTEREST OF COMMON PEOPLE OF ODISHA. She should not inaugurate something in a place which is against the people’s interest.

    I appeal not to loose your hope and continue your appeal for ESIC at RKL. These are all pre-planned and to distract the resentment. Lets keep focused.

    Until some real construction works begins at BBSR for ESIC , everything is possible.

  • 17. Preeti  |  November 19th, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Dear all

    Don’t lost your confident . we should be fighting until the end like Australian cricket team.we should try our best to reopen our public servent eyes and being example of Odia peoples.

    Another thing I asked that people who was using odia’s leg pulling concept.How many time they give suggestion to state govt for central funded institute should set up different parts of odisha as logic base inspite of Bbsr.we are not bashing bhubaneswar or not anti-Bhubaneswar or not be jealous of Bhubaneswar. We better known odisha then …. . I think that central govt. has known only one location of odisha i.e BBSR. They are forgotten other 30 disticts of odisha.That why we try to recall central govt and state govt about this 30 distict . we are not anti bbsr but we are strong anti aginest blind and selfish public servents.
    we want to bring a great reveal in Odisha peoples .
    Just wait and watch

  • 18. Chitta Baral  |  November 19th, 2009 at 11:40 am


    If you look in orissalinks you will find many efforts to make centrally funded institute outside of Bhubaneswar. In fact the first item in Orissalinks was about that. See

    You can also check . You will read about marches in Bhubaneswar about KBK Central University. You will read about Bhubaneswar people going to Malkangiri to participate in protests.

    By making anti-Bhubaneswar remarks all you and others are doing is decreasing your support. Basically you are harming your own cause.


  • 19. Chitta Baral  |  November 19th, 2009 at 12:02 pm was started in Oct 2005. That was before Bhubaneswar got IIT or NISER. In other words at that time the only large centrally funded institute in Orissa was NIT. Yet, groups in Bhubaneswar were leading the fight for the first central university in Orissa to go to KBK.

    So one needs to stop bashing Bhubaneswar and its people and focus on their own goals. Bashing Bhubaneswar does not help at all unless one gets pleasure out of that.

  • 20. Preeti  |  November 19th, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Dear Chitta Sir

    My comment is not againest you ?It is very hurt when some gentle person is used Leg pulling attitude of odia peoples.Just 4 months back I have gone to sundergarh from wipro bench period’s camp on tribal peoples . I seen how tribls peoples are spend their life without proper welfare. There are govt hospitals but no professional doctor ,lack of avability high diagnose machines. Some peoples who suffered by tumor unable to take treatment from this govt. hospital who has already refer them cuttack medical college. They are spending their balance life on ram varsha. They have no money to go cuttack(300 km) or any good hospital at bbsr for operated . They are daily worker or land farmer. This is not only one example of sundergarh. This type of thing happened every corner of Odisha. So how I faith on our govt. system . In my view “ we should first take care humanity then come odisha and odia.then BBSR” . Odisha is not great then humanity. In one corner people are died without getting proper medical treatment in other corner state govt setup number of medical colleges. We don’t need this type of medical college which is not provide service to our backward and poor peoples. We want a medical college who build up for poor peoples or low average peoples . so that,value of medical college increased and we can say we are living good enviroment after that we think about our regional. I don’t opposed this type of medical college will setup any location of India (mainly backward distict) or Odisha except metro city where already setup central funded medical college . Still I strongly opposed esic medical college at BBSR. I don’t need any supporter for this issue. There is no polities with me only EXCEPT HUMANITY. My last view is esic medical college and hospital lost its important if it setup at bbsr .we can do any thing for humanity.

  • 21. mihir  |  November 19th, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    Dear Preeti
    There is no such type of “Humanity” word in our state govt’s dictionary . Better we searh this word in President’s dictinary.

  • 22. MIHIR  |  November 19th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Dear All

    It is very good news that utkal jhoti odia committe,Delhi,gurgaon try to raise this issue in Current paliament season. Some MP of odisha are interested to take this issue in Paliament.

  • 23. Chitta Baral  |  November 19th, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Dear Preeti:

    There are definitely some people who are behind having ESIC in Bhubaneswar. But all the people here seem to be in favor of ESIC in Rourkela. So it does not help alienating them. The reason I pointed out those links is not for me but to point out others (and many from Bhubaneswar) who were behind the KBK central University.

    My point is if one makes a vision of Rourkela (or for any regions for that matter) in a judicious way, one can get a lot more people (including people and organization from Bhubaneswar) behind it. That is the right way to go and that has a greater chance of success. There is no room for bashing people of one place or region in such an approach.


    Taking a cue from the NIS movement (i) We did not bash other states/cities including Kolkata where the NIS announced for Bhubaneswar was shifted. Our approach was Kolkata can have whatever, we just want the one announced for Bhubaneswar. (ii) We then fed data to Orissa MPs who raised the issue in the parliament.

    Extrapolating that to the ESIC case, the best opportunity is to make this an issue is the current assembly with accurate (not made up) data about ESIC insured person (IP) numbers (that hopefully show that most of them are around Rourkela) and then ask why it is not being made in Rourkela. (There is no Bhubaneswar bashing involved in this approach.)


    Step 1: Collect accurate data about ESIC IP numbers.

    Step 2: Contact MLAs (especially from opposition parties and from Rourkela area) to raise this issue in the assembly.

    Steps to avoid:

    A. Bashing of Bhubaneswar, etc. As mentioned, it reduces support to the ESIC cause.

    B. Extrapolating the ESIC case to some other case like the effort made by some to move the National University announced (multiple times in the parliament) for Bhubaneswar to other regions. (I think that that attempt hurt ESIC’s case a lot. See below.)

    What B does is that it makes the Orissa government afraid of moving ESIC because then that will lead to a flood-gate of request for moving X to Y. All those may have some good logic and some bad logic. You all know how hurtful it is to Rourkela people to mention moving of BPUT. Same is true for any moving.

    ESIC is a very very special case, and it must remain so. If it is linked to something else then both causes get hurt.

    C. Writing to people in Delhi saying Bhubaneswar has been given this and that in the context of something. (Writing to the CM and state officials is ok.)

    C hurts Bhubaneswar and Orissa as well. I think, again the campaign by some who wrote to various officials in Delhi about Bhubaneswar having been given this and that played a role in Orissa not getting the NID of which there was earlier indication that Orissa will get one. If someone wants X to be in Y just justify why Y is the suitable location for X. By pointing out why Bhubaneswar should not have it, gives the people in Delhi excuses to steer the whole thing away from Orissa. NID was a competition between various eastern states. When people of Orissa wrote to the decision makers (PM, etc.) that Bhubaneswar has been given this and that in the last few years, they got a excuse to pick another state which they did. I think this writing has caused irreparable harm to Orissa for sometime. Orissa will now be in the back up the queue of any central institutions as they will be able to say that your own state people have been writing us telling that we have given such and such to you. This will harm Orissa as a whole.

    I hope some day the people who did this harm to Orissa will realize what they did. (Some of those people are friends and have done some real good for Orissa in the past. I wish they had thought through more carefully the implications of their actions and heeded to warnings. I hope they at least carefully read the letter that MP Bhakta Das wrote and learn from that what to write to center and what not to; how to make a case and how not to.)

  • 24. Preeti  |  November 20th, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Dear Chitta Sir
    I respected and fully agree with all your above comments. You are most experienced and professional then me. power is not me to ask any question to you. But give your views (as per great odia)
    (Note -Remember It is not any technical institute or university !!! )it is a organisation which is build up by low category salary peoples. The money(investment money) also belong from this category peoples.This is not a show case(esic medical college & hospital) to keep in drawing room(bbsr location) for increased status of Odisha. This is poor peoples’s organisation must be setup for poor people’s location.
    Another thing Iam recalled you, still now nobody opposed for AIIM BBSR,RAILWAY MEDICAL COLLEGE BBSR,IIT BBSR,NISER BBSR…etc. No body forgive us if we will kick poor peoples’s back. Today one preeti open her mouth tomorrow you see lakh of preeti open their month againest this decision. It is upto you to win this poor peoples’s heart or keep esic medical college as a show case and increased the status of Odisha and bbsr. first we should care humanitarian then Iam indian then Odian . It is universal truth you don;t away on this truth. This is the quality of good human being.

  • 25. Chitta Baral  |  November 20th, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Dear Preeti:

    You are asking the right question. How do we find the answer?

    1. Prashant babu has filed an RTI. That is one approach.

    2. MLAs can ask in the assembly. That is being tried also by Prashant babu. You should try/help too. Contact MLAs please. I had listed name of local MLAs in an earlier posting.

    3. Some officers who may be on the know are being approached. Please contact any high ranking officers (Labour Secretary, Chief Secretary etc.) in the Orissa secretariate that you may know.

    We need the answer to the questions you are asking and we are as interested in that answer as you are. Please chip in any or all of the three above.


  • 26. Abhisek  |  November 20th, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    It will be wrong to conclude that the NID issue is closed for Orissa. With no mail campaign and no agitation seen ever, like IIT, NISER or ESIC Mediacl college campaigns, the centre was never going to sanction the NID to orissa on a platter. Has anyone seen the CM of Orissa writing to the centre ever on the NID, as a follow up to the assurance he extracted from the Union Minister as was seen in earlier cases? Has any MP of Orissa raised the issue in the Parliament ever? Now if everyone will maintain silence because some people want it to be in Berhampur; then there is no point in moaning over the issue. Which Central Insitute has been sanctioned to Orissa without other competing cities of the State asking for the same? Infact some went to the extent of giving representation to the concerned Union Minister and secretaries directly. If despite that Orissa or Bhubaneswar got the assured Institutes, how come the NID will be measured under a different yardstick. If the NID@Berhampur campaign is seen as the reason for Orissa being denind the NID, I think this is purely hypothetical. When the Central Govt. has not come out with specific number of NIDs to be established, unlike 10 NITs and 16 CUs etc, there is every reason to ask for it to be established in Orissa and with consensus on Berhampur, instead of jumping to a conclusion. Ofcourse, if we or the Govt. don’t want to pursue the demand then that is a different matter. In that case Orissa will be loser and Berhampur will be a bigger loser.

  • 27. Chitta Baral  |  November 20th, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    There is a small window of opportunity until a formal announcement is made in Parliament and/or a PIB comes out. After that locations won’t change, but in the rarer case one may be able to get a new NID.

    As in any other effort, a few person will have to take the lead. Contact RP in Delhi and take the lead together.

  • 28. Chitta Baral  |  November 20th, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Also, if you want others to do something then you have to convince them to do it, not blame them for not doing it.

  • 29. alok  |  November 20th, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Chitta Sir,
    Even i got to know that a RTI was filled reagrding the ESIC.I beileve the state govt is yet to justify its stand for setting the ESIC at BBSR.If the state govt has not replied yet then how come its going ahead with the laying of foundation stone ceremony? I dont know what the law says but is it justified for what the state govt has planned.I think it should answer the RTI query and justify.I believe we need to catch someone who can raise this issue at the parliament so that eveyone including the PM and President gets to know this.I believe Prashant sir will be the best man for this job.

  • 30. Chitta Baral  |  November 20th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Dear Alok:

    Have you contacted Prashant Babu to offer you help? He is the one who filed RTI and also doing the other things that I mentioned. Offer your help and contribute in the ongoing efforts.

  • 31. mihir  |  November 21st, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Please don’t query anything . Please come and help to Prashant babu.

  • 32. Umesh Panda  |  November 26th, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    Preety!!! I heartily appreciate your views in regards to HUMANITY. There is nothing important more than humanity. What ‘s the glory if we have a dozen super specialty hospitals in bbsr if the poor people are depriving of basic health care in other parts of the state. People here are more concerned about how to develop bbsr as compare to other metros in the country and further comparing with foreign educational hubs but ignoring the simple fact that rest parts are depriving. I am sure the humanity aspect is sidelined here. We need to rethink about our goal, whether to call a developed capital region with all the amenities concentrated in one place and let rest parts as depriving OR to build an equally distributed, socially strong state.

  • 33. Umesh Panda  |  November 26th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    I share the same views as Preety ma’am have given that ESI is meant for the poor workers who suffer in dusty and polluted areas, and certainly not for the purpose of decorating bbsr to make it the biggest or the best city in India. Bbsr is over populated with medical facilities. When AIIMS is coming up, there is no requirement of the ESI Medical hospital to be set up there. It is nothing but plane cheap politics done by the state govt. It has never treated Kosal region equally to the costal region.

  • 34. Umesh Panda  |  November 26th, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Suggesting Balangir by the CM for ESI Medical college location was a well calculated strategy. He was very much aware that Balangir is not getting it at any cost as the ESI authority will reject showing the cause not having adequate nos of registered beneficiaries in that locality. This way he countered the Western Orissa politics and managed to establish a clean face in front of western orissa people and at the same time declared to establish it in bbsr as intended from heart. Every thing happened so swiftly such as land allocation and other clearance for bbsr ESI Medical College. If he was so concerned about ESI Medical College to establish in western orissa then why didn’t he suggested RKL or JSG as the second or third locations and immediately declared bbsr as the final place suitable for that? It is not the first time but western orissa is being neglected by the state government since the formation of a separate Orissa state.

  • 35. Chitta Baral  |  November 26th, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Although criticizing Orissa government is fine, this site will not be used as a platform for breaking apart Orissa. So any further comments along those lines will not be permitted.

  • 36. amaresh tripathy  |  November 26th, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    it is looking as if the govt of odisha thinks that the entire state of odisha is confined in cuttack and bbsr, otherwise by the mushrooming of development takes place in these areas only not in others.
    i agree it is very correct that the ESIC hospital should be established in rourkela only, rater than bbsr where there is plenty of medical colleges and hospitals

  • 37. situn_bput  |  December 13th, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    dear chitta sir,
    this is not ma comment for esic..we are in a very difficult position..we want your help
    .in this month nov21 bput vc has declared that from that day onwords bput will start its functioning from rourkela but after 5/6 days again an academic counselling meeting was in bbsr campus.and till now the toal university is functioning from bhubaneswar along with more than 100 numbers of staffs,.they ve named that campus as central placement cell cum jee complex..
    we ve to note that orissajee is conducting by bput rourkela but everywhere they are adressing it as bput bbsr
    according to the orissa govt act jee dept along with all the thing must be from rourkela and with the name off jee complex the total thing they are functiong the university from bhubaneswar
    what can we do??can we tk the help of rti act??or can we go to the court??will it be benificial??
    sir plz help us..we are hopeless…what can we do to control the badmasi of vice chancellor and registar??plz helpus sir
    sir plz send me a mail

  • 38. Chitta Baral  |  December 13th, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    I was told that the current VC’s term is ending in a couple of months. My suggestion would be to wait for the new VC to join and work with him/her from the beginning so as to move operations of BPUT to Rourkela.

  • 39. jaga  |  December 19th, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    dear chitta sir,
    in my point of view we can take the example of any thing–shopping malls,picture hall or whatever but the INFRASTRUCTURE plays a very vital role in all those things….
    there is a kahabat of 21st century
    dimag ho ya naho face saaf hona chhahiye
    andar se dil kala ho ya gora but dress saaf hona chhahiye
    thats the thing
    we can compare the same thing to rourkela
    we ve no corporation
    we need a corporation and a mayer so that everything will be all rit
    i m 100% sure that if we will devlop our infra and we can do the beautification in our city and if we can make our city clean and green (excluding sail area)
    then its d only mantra to devlop one place…
    and after some days we can see all those malls,complex,engg colleges our rourkela too
    we need only 1 thing
    that is muncipal corporation
    because as rourkela”s 50% maintainance are under sail dept
    the muncipality is taking advantage of that thing and not devloping the infra of the state govt area …

    we can take the example of bbsr ekalavya college……………
    that college is of the owner of piet college rourkela
    but instead of doing his 2nd college in rourkela he has invested money in the bbsr region for a college…..
    but we can take the example of koustav bbsr group…
    all the new koustuvs college are coming up in the bbsr region
    koustuvs 2 nwe colleges>bec and kit all are in the bbsr region

    answer is that govt is devloping the infrastructure of only and only bbsr…

    sir what can we do???

  • 40. Amar Bagh  |  December 29th, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Hi All,
    This is Amar, very recently I returned to Rourkela after working 3 years in Genpact Gurgaon. As of now I had planned to set up an institution in Rourkela which will help students right from 10th to PG level to improve their communicative skill(English Communication). apart from this I’m also planning to start a Call Center Training Program specially focusiing on Voice & Accent because I want my people to be better then the metro city guys and girls. So I need all your precious suggestion regardin this. Gotta suggest then feel free to call me @ 9238542139.

    Thankyou All

  • 41. jaga  |  January 23rd, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Governor and Chancellor of universities MC Bhandare on Friday appointed Jitendriya Kumar Satapathy as the new vice-chancellor of the Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT). His appointment is for a period of five years from the date of his joining.

    Satapathy is currently the Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Born in 1954, Prof Satapathy topped his batch in 1976 in BSc (Eng) with 85.8 per cent marks. He then completed his MSc (Eng) in 1981 with specialisation in Electric Power. In 1988, he got his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bradford, UK.

    For presenting research papers and academic works, Satapathy has visited the UK, the USA, Singapore, Japan and Australia. He has also worked as guest and invited faculty for foreign universities. His fields of specialisation include power systems, power electronics and drives, harmonic interaction in power systems, digital protection, digital signal processing, digital channel equalisation and system identification. He has been associated with 43 publications and authored popular books…..thx god main problem initiator to gaya…


  • 42. aditya  |  July 28th, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Dear All
    I have got listen that there is some new malls is coming in rourkela. Is it wrong or right? Na khali gapa.. Friends we need malls in rourkela beacause this city is cosmopolitan area. Rourkela people required malls, multiplex etc. What do you think about it?

  • 43. Priyabrata  |  October 4th, 2012 at 12:53 am

    @ADITYA , we realy need these things in Rourkela…


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