After Chandigarh, Gwalior, Mumbai and Mysore the fifth Zonal Institute of Education and Training (ZIET) to come up in Bhubaneswar

Following is an excerpt from a report in Times of India.

… Kendriya Vidyalay Sangathan (KVS) has decided to set up a Zonal Institute of Education and Training (ZIET) in Bhubaneswar. This will be the fifth such institute in the country and will cater to over 350 schools of eastern region as a resource centre for states like Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and the northeast states.

"Earlier we had to depend on other ZIETs for the purpose of conducting in-service training, refresher courses, workshop and induction courses and research activities. The ZIET in Bhubaneswar will cater to the need of not only teaching but also non-teaching staff of schools. Besides, it will also help in preparation of model lessons and study material, to plan and propose the new areas and strategies required to be incorporated during the training programme to improve the quality of education," said principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya-1, S K Behura.

The ZIET will temporarily function from KV-I till its own building will be constructed in its permanent KVS building at Bankuala, on the outskirts of the city, Behura said.

ZIET, an autonomous body under the ministry of HRD, would also ensure that the participants are provided training in the areas of subject expertise, communication skills, classroom transaction skills, evaluation skills and student-development skills. It also aims at promoting a positive work culture and attitude among teachers through training and develop a healthy attitude in teachers towards research in school education. …

"Initially ZIET will provide training to KVS staff but later will also help in capacity building of employees of all CBSE schools in the region," Behura added.

The web sites of the existing ZIET are as follows:


September 28th, 2011

Two new Central Schools for Bhubaneswar and one more for Jajpur district in Jajpur Rd

Following is an excerpt from a report in Pioneer.

The State capital will soon have two more Kendriya Vidalayas with approval by the Ministry of Human Resource and Kendriya Vidalaya Sangathan at Kalinga Nagar and Pokhariput.

The two schools will be known as Kalinga Nagar KV no -5 and Pokhariput no -6 from class I to V.

The Kalinga Nagar KV will temporarily function in the campus of Unit- 1X and Pohariput KV at the campus of Jagamara Nodal Primary School till the permanent buildings come up at their own sites.

The other Kendriya Vidyalayas in Bhubaneswar are:

  • KV Number 1 in Unit 9
  • KV Number 1 2nd Shift
  • KV Number 2 CRPF Campus
  • KV Number 3 Mancheswar
  • KV Number 4 Neeladri Vihar

Other KV’s in the greater Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Khurda area are:

  • KV Charbatia
  • KV Cuttack (Bidanasi)
  • KV Khurda Road

With the above mentioned two new KVs in Bhubaneswar (at Kalinganagar and Pokhariput) and two new KVs in Cuttack (Khan Nagar and Mundali) the total number of KVs in Bhubaneswar-Cuttack-Khurda will be 12. (This is not counting the one in Puri.) 

Following is an excerpt from another report in Pioneer about a new KV in Jajpur Rd.

The demand for a Central School (Kendriya Vidyalaya) here has been fulfilled and the school would start within a week, said District Collector of Jajpur Pramod Chandra Mohanty at a large gathering at the Jajpur Road Town Hall on the occasion of the Local Self Government Day and the Prativa Puja celebration of the Vyasanagar Municipality on Tuesday.

Senior journalist KC Samal placed the demand for a second Central School in the district at the industrial town of Jajpur Road. The first school was opened at Jajpur Town a few days back.

Chairperson of the Vyasanagar Municipality Bandita Parida, who presided over the meeting, assured the Collector to provide an eight-room building in the Jajpur Road Stadium premises to start the proposed Central School immediately.

2 comments September 2nd, 2010

Several of the new Kendriya Vidyalayas start class immediately

Following three ads are from Samaja.

Following is an excerpt from a report in Telegraph.

… two have already started functioning from the Millennium City in Cuttack.

The admission process in the two schools will commence from the current academic session, the notification for which has already been published by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS).

The two schools will be operating from Munduli and Nuapatana.

The state government has allotted land for the construction of the two campuses, the work for which has already started.

Before the construction work is completed, the two schools will be operating from the CRPF campus, and from the Government Press.

“Students starting from standard I to V will be admitted now and soon the schools will be upgraded to standard X. Currently, both the schools will have 45 students each,”…

… the remaining nine schools at Kutra in Sundargarh, Bhanjanagar, Digapahandi and Aska in Ganjam, Murgabadi in Mayurbhanj, and one each at Sonepur, Deogarh, Jajpur and Nuapada will be set up soon.

Based on our bookkeeping in after the above schools are established the only two districts in Odisha that will lack a Central School will be: Kendrapada and Nayagarh.

1 comment July 19th, 2010

Seven (+ 11?) more central schools are in the offing

Update: One day after the news below Samaja also has the following news on 11 new schools.

While some newsreports have been reporting 11 more central schools are coming up (see the following report in Samaja mentions 7 more and the two lists vary. The locations mentioned in Samaja are: Bhubaneswar (2), Cuttack, Nayagarh and Rairangpur. The locations mentioned in Orissadiary are Kutra in Sundargarh district, in Cuttack city, in Bhanjanagar in Ganjam district, in Mayurbhanj town, in Sonepur, in Deogarh, in Jajpur, in Digapahandi of Ganjam District, in Aska of Ganjam district, in Nuapada, in CISF in Cuttack district.

July 13th, 2010

New Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) to come up in Aska, Bhanjanagar and Digapahandi: Samaja

Update 2 on July 12 2010: Orissadiary gives the locations of 11 of the schools.They are:

… one school each in Kutra in Sundargarh district, in Cuttack city, in Bhanjanagar in Ganjam district, in Mayurbhanj town, in Sonepur, in Deogarh, in Jajpur, in Digapahandi of Ganjam District, in Aska of Ganjam district, in Nuapada, in CISF in Cuttack district. Besides, … Prabhakar said.

Update: As per in total Odisha will have 12 new Central Schools. They will be in the districts of Mayurbhanj, Cuttack, Ganjam, Subarnapur, Deogarh, Jajpur, Nuapara and Sundargarh. Earlier in we listed the districts in Odisha that did not have Central Schools. These new schools will cover that list except the district of Kendrapada.

7 comments June 23rd, 2010

Eleven new Central Schools to come up in Odisha

Following is an excerpt from a report in Telegraph

The association’s board of governors has recommended the feasibility of 78 more Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV) as part of the process initiated by the HRD ministry for expanding the network of such central schools during the 11th plan period. The feasibility report included two KVs in Cuttack along with nine others across Orissa to address the educational needs of children of central government employees who are frequently transferred.

At present, there are 36 KVs in Orissa. While nine schools are in the project and defence sectors, the rest are in the civil sector.

The existing 36 Kendriya Vidyalayas are listed in As per that list the latest ones established in 2007 are in Rayagada, Parlakhemundi, Boudh, Malkangiri, Nawrangpur, Kandhamal, and Bhadrak. So the districts in Odisha that do not yet have Central Schools are: 

  • Deogarh
  • Jajpur
  • Kendrapada
  • Nayagarh
  • Nuapada
  • Sonepur

I hope the new ones will cover these districts.

See our earlier articles on this topic at, and

1 comment April 9th, 2010

Orissa Education and HRD related headlines from our sister site in Twitter

Our sister site in Twitter is (Often when we are busy or do not feel like writing a full posting here, we post a micro-blog in our Twitter sister site. The Twitter sister site also automatically adds the headline from this site and the orissagrowth site. Once in a  while we will collect those headlines here. But readers wanting a broader and more immediate coverage should consider following our Twitter site at Following are some selected items from that site since July 12th.

August 20th, 2009

Setting up of 6,000 Model Schools at Block level gets union cabinet’s nod: PIB

Following is from


16:35 IST

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today gave its approval to the setting up of  6,000 Model Schools at the Block level  in the country. Initially, in the First Phase of the implementation of this Centrally Sponsored Scheme, 2,500 Model Schools will be set up in the Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs). These schools will be set up through State Governments.

            A model school will have infrastructure and facilities, at least of the standard as in a Kendriya Vidyalaya and with stipulations on pupil-teacher ratio, ICT usage, holistic educational environment, appropriate curriculum and emphasis on output and outcome.

Objective:   The main objectives of the scheme are,

¨       To have at least one good quality secondary school in every block.

¨       To have a pace setting role for these schools.

¨       To try out innovative curriculum and pedagogy

¨       To be a model in infrastructure, curriculum, evaluation and school governance 

The salient features of Scheme are as under:

  • Location: 2500 Model schools will be set up in Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs).
  • Land:   Land for these schools will be identified and provided by the State Governments free of cost.
  • Medium of instructions: The medium of instructions will be decided by the State Governments. However, special emphasis will be given on teaching of English & spoken English.
  • Classes: The schools will have classes from VI to XII, or IX to XII.   
  • Management:  These schools will be run by State Government societies similar to Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

There will a continuous evaluation of the working of the schools by State Government agencies through a regular and well structured system of field visits. Besides, an independent agency may be assigned the task of monitoring of the scheme, including progress of construction for each State.

Financial requirement for setting up 2,500 schools during the 11th Five Year Plan has been estimated as Rs.9,321 crore, of which estimated  central share  is Rs.7,457 crore.  Planning Commission has allocated Rs. 12,750 crore for this scheme under the 11th Five Year Plan. Rs. 650 crore has been provided in the budget for 2008-09.

Sharing pattern will be at the ratio of 75:25 between centre and the states during the 11th Five Year Plan and 50:50 during the 12th Five Year Plan, while for special category states, the sharing pattern would be in the ratio of 90:10. The scheme will be implemented from the current financial year.

      The Scheme is, however, not to be implemented in the 6 states where assembly elections are being held, till the poll process is over.



The 123 educationally backward blocks in Orissa are (See also for a bigger list):

Sl.No. Name of State/District Sl.No. Name EEB Blocks   
XI. ORISSA      
1 Sambalpur
    1 Dhankauda  
    2 Rengali  
    3 Lakhanpur  
    4 Kolabira  
    5 Laikera  
    6 Kirimira  
    7 Rajborasambar  
    8 Paikmal  
    9 Jharbandha  
    10 Gaisilet  
    12 Kochinda  
    13 Jamankira  
    14 Reamal  
    15 Barkot  
    16 Tileibani  
    17 Naktideul  
2 Sundargarh
    1 Bisra  
    2 Lathikata  
    3 Koida  
    4 Gurundia  
3 Kendujhar
    1 Kendujhargarh  
    2 Harichadanpur  
    3 Patana  
    4 Ghatgaon  
    5 Saharapada  
    6 Telkoi  
    7 Champua  
    8 Jhumpura  
    9 Joda  
4 Mayurbhanj
    1 Koliana  
    2 Sulia Pada  
    3 Muruda  
    4 Saras Kana  
    5 Rairang Pur  
    6 Bija Tola  
    7 Bisoi  
    8 Jamda  
    9 Bahalda  
    10 Tiringi  
    11 Kusumi  
    12 Gopa Bandhu Nagar  
    13 Karanjia   
    14 Jashi Pur  
    15 Aukruli  
    16 Raruan  
5 Dhenkanal
    1 Kankada had  
    2 Anugul  
    3 Chhendipada  
    4 Athmallik  
    5 Palalahada  
    6 Forest Area  
6 Phulabani
    1 Phulabani  
    2 Phiringia  
    3 Khajuripada  
    4 Baudh Sadar  
    5 Harbhanga  
    6 Kantamal  
    7 Baliguda  
    8 Chakpad  
    9 Daringbadi  
    10 G. Udayagiri  
    11 Nuagaon  
    12 Raikia  
    13 Tikabali  
7 Balangir
    1 Patnagarh  
    2 Belpara  
    3 Khaprakhol  
    4 Titlagarh  
    5 Muribahal  
    6 Saintala  
    7 Bangomunda  
    8 Turekela  
    9 Balangir  
    10 Loisinga  
    11 Puintala  
    12 Agalpur  
    13 Deogaon  
    14 Tentulikhunti  
    15 Tarbha  
    16 Sonepur  
    17 Dunguripali  
    18 Binika  
    19 Biramaharajpur  
    20 Ulunda  
8 Kalahandi
    1 Bhawanipatna  
    2 Kesinga  
    3 Narala  
    4 Madanpur Rampur  
    5 Karlamunda  
    6 Dharamagarh  
    7 Junagarh  
    8 Jayapatna  
    9 Kokasara  
    10 Kalampur  
    11 Golamunda  
    12 Komana  
    13 Khariar  
    14 Sinapali  
    15 Boden  
9 Koraput
    1 Padmapur  
    2 Chandahandi  
10 Ganjam
    1 Chhatrapur  
    2 Ganjam  
    3 Khalikote  
    4 Kodala  
    5 Purusottampur  
    6 Hinjilicut  
    7 Polasara  
    8 Kavisurjanagar  
    9 Rangilunda  
    10 Kukudakhandi  
    11 Digapahandi  
    12 Sanakhemundi  
    13 Chikiti  
    14 Patrapur  
    15 Bhanjanagar  
    16 Jaganathprasad  
    17 Buguda  
    18 Sargad  
    19 Dharakote  
    20 Surada  
    21 R. Udaygiri  
11 Puri
    1 Dasapalla

November 7th, 2008

Update on Kendriya Vidyalayas in Orissa from Sambada and

Following are excerpts from on this.

To set up a KV the Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) spends Rs.2.70 crore for infrastructure and annual recurring grant of Rs.70 lakh.

So in a year of time MHRD has provided at least Rs.27.20 crore to Orissa to raise the primary and secondary education level, which is in shambles.

During the period KBK has been benefited most.

Tribal districts like Malkangiri, Rayagada, Nabarangpur, Gajapati and Boudh received KVs.

3 comments August 20th, 2007

New Central Schools (Kendriya Vidyalayas) in Orissa

Update: See updated list at

In 2007-08 fifty one (serial 95-145 in the list 2000-01 to 2007-08)  new central schools have been created, out of these five are in Orissa. They are in:

  • 100 Bouda
  • 108 Gajapati
  • 125 Malkangiri
  • 127 Nabrangpur
  • 132 Rayagada

This takes the total number of central schools in Orissa to 34. In addition there is some news that new central schools are also being made in Jajpur and Bhadrakh. They have not made it to the list yet. Assuming this is true, and looking at the district wise list of central schools, the districts in Orissa that do not yet have central schools are:

  • Deogarh
  • Kandhamala
  • Kendrapada
  • Nayagarh
  • Nuapada
  • Sonepur

Looking at the list of central schools in Orissa, it seems that the schools are more geographically distributed than most other states.

August 18th, 2007

Analyzing the educational aspect of the PM’s independence day speech and its implication to Orissa

The PM’s independence day speech will be remembered for a long time for its groundbreaking educational steps. Here, we analyze them vis-a-vis Orissa.

  • K-12
    • "We will support 6,000 new high quality schools — one in every block of the country"   [Orissa has 314 blocks. Currently the central govt has three kinds of schools: Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas and Ekalabya Vidyalayas. My guess is these will be Navodaya Vidyalayas. Until now, Navodaya Vidyalayas were being made one per district. Extending it to one per block will do wonders.]
  • Higher education
    • "We will also ensure that adequate numbers of colleges are set up across the country, especially in districts where enrollment levels are low. We will help States set up colleges in 370 such districts."  [Orissa has 30 districts. As per the NSSO study of 2004-2005, Table 3.14.1 shows that in the 15-19 age group 29% people in Orissa are attending school/college and in the 20-24 age group this number for Orissa is 6.1%. (Both numbers are lowest among all but the small states/UTs of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu and Lakshadweep.) For the Scheduled Tribe population these numbers are 17.1% for the 15-19 age group and 4.1% for the 20-24 age group.]
    • "We will set up thirty new Central Universities. Every state that does not have a central university will now have one." [Orissa does not have one so it should get one. But considering that there are 23 other existing central universities, making it a total of 53 central universities, Orissa should get two.]
    • "we are setting up five new Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research" [The five IISERs are at Pune, Kolkata, Mohali, Bhopal, and Trivendrum. A NISER is being set up in Bhubaneswar.]
    • "eight new Indian Institutes of Technology" [Three of these IITs are announced to be in Bihar, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. Orissa should get one of the other five IITs.]
    • "seven new Indian Institutes of Management" [Announcements have been made with respect to Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Shillong. If Orissa gets a new IIT then its chance of getting a new IIM this round is much less. Orissa should try though.]
    • "twenty new Indian Institutes of Information Technology." [There will be one in each main states, including Orissa, which does not have one. Existing ones are at Allahabad, Amethi, Jabalpur, and Gwalior and a new one is being established at Kanchipuram. ]
  • Vocational Education
    • "We will soon launch a Mission on Vocational Education and Skill Development, through which we will open 1600 new industrial training institutes (ITIs) and polytechnics, 10,000 new vocational schools and 50,000 new Skill Development Centres."
    • "We will ensure that annually, over 100 lakh students get vocational training – which is a four-fold increase from today’s level."
  • More scholarships
    • "We should seek not just functional literacy, but good quality education – education that is affordable, accessible, equitable – and available to every boy and girl who seeks to study. For the needy we will provide more scholarships."

5 comments August 16th, 2007

Central Schools (Kendriya Vidyalayas) in Orissa

At present there are 29 Central Schools in Orissa the latest being one in Neeladri Vihar Bhubaneswar (2003), one in Keonjhar (2001) and a second shift (2004) at Central School 1 in Bhubaneswar. In KBK districts the central schools are in Sunabeda, Koraput, Bhawanipatna and Balangir (2 of them). Many of the central schools have their own websites.

June 4th, 2007


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