BIT offers attractive scholarships to attract top ranked students

(Disclaimer: I am listed as a "Friend of BIT" and as an adjunct and visiting faculty. So this is a biased posting. Nevertheless, I know many of its founders and am convinced of their sincerity to establish a top notch college in Odisha. Its Chairman, Prof. Rabi Mahapatra, was my professor at IIT Kharagpur. He is currently a full professor at Texas A & M University, a top university, especially in Engineering, in the USA. Even though BIT is new and its first batch has not graduated, I hope more top students will consider going to BIT. Besides the scholarship offer and other things mentioned in this ad, BIT has sent 1-2 of its top students to Texas A & M this summer.)

NOTE: The registration deadline has been extended till 22nd July.

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Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology promises to provide its top five students higher studies and research opportunities in the USA

NOTE: Please note that I am in the board of advisors of BIT. I agreed to join the board because I believe in the people who are making it. Nevertheless I am obviously biased.

The above statement is made in a report about Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology in Pioneer. Some excerpts from that report are:

A group of likeminded eminent NRO academicians have come together to start the Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology (BIT) and offer students of the State the opportunity for technical education and research of international standard and style. The institute promises its students education by experienced faculty from the US, innovative teaching methods and much more within the framework of the BPUT curriculum.

… There would also be opportunities for students to “Earn while Learn,” “Learn While You Teach” and the top five students would be provided opportunities in the US for higher studies and research, he said. The BIT hopes to achieve all this through its experienced faculty, both visiting and permanent, from places like the US, Canada and Singapore. 

I beleive that the above promise would be honored. That is because:

  • The BIT founders include several professors in the USA, two of whom (Prof. Laxmi Bhuyan and Prof. Prasant Mohapatra) are Chairmen of their departments at University of Califoirnia at Riversive and University of California at Davis respectively.
  • The top students from Orissa are as good as from any other state in India and thus many US universities would love to take them as graduate students and they will believe the quality of these students when these students submit recommendation letters written by professors in the US who know the students closely because of their association with BIT.

BIT’s initial faculty recruitment is also showing their commitment to quality. Its current faculty of thirteen has four Ph.Ds, two doing their Ph.Ds, four with M.Tech/ME/M.Phil degrees and only three with simple B.E/B.Tech degrees.

Even at this early stage of BIT’s recruiting, one may compare BIT with the following institute faculty to get an idea of where BIT is heading.

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BIT (Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology) and IIIT are good alternatives to CET and UCE (VSSUT) for top ranked students in Orissa/BPUT JEE

NOTE: Please note that I am in the board of advisors of BIT. I agreed to join the board because I believe in the people who are making it. Nevertheless I am obviously biased.

Update: has a nice report on Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology.

This year IIIT Bhubaneswar is starting B.Tech courses. See It could be a good alternative to CET and UCE.

Similarly, BIT, although private, could be a good alternative to CET and UCE as BIT is being made by several top professors in the USA. See Just to elaborate on the later, following is the promoting body of BIT, as obtained from their web site I know several of the professors in the BIT promoting body and they are very well respected internationally. I strongly believe that they will make BIT a top engineering college in Orissa.

Prof. Rabi N. Mahapatra, Chairman
Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University, USA

Mrs. Sumita Panda, Managing Trustee
Bhubaneswar, India

Prof. Laxmi N. Bhuyan, Trustee
Professor and Chairman, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Riverside, USA

Mr. Binoy K. Dash, Trustee
Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, California, USA

Major General P Pinak Das (Retd.), Trustee
Defense Research Development Organization, New Delhi, India

Mr. Rabindra Gaan, Trustee
Satellite Radio Broadband Consultant, Bell Labs, New Jersey, USA

Mr. Neelamadhaba Mahapatro, Trustee
General Manager and Partner, Microsoft Corp. USA

Dr. Gopal K. Mohapatra, Trustee
Geophysical Advisor, Hess Corp., Houston

Prof. Prasant Mohapatra, Trustee
Professor and Chairman, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis, USA

Dr. Sujata Mishra, M.B.B.S, M.D, Trustee
Consulting Physician, Bangalore, India

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BIT asked to admit students by October 31st; BPUT has to figure out how!

I am told that Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology (BIT) which could not participate in Orissa JEE counseling during August this year due to delayed AICTE approval will be admitting its first batch of students by the end of October 2008. On October 1, the Orissa High Court has issued an order to BPUT for allowing BIT and other six engineering colleges to admit their students by the end of October 2008. Prof. Rabi Mahapatra, Chairman, BIT said the stage is set to start the classes of all the four engineering branches from November 1, 2008. Special efforts are being made to cope up with the BPUT curriculum in the compressed semester time frame.

BIT is promoted by three US based professors (Prof. Rabi Mahapatra, Prof. Prasant Mohapatra and Prof. Laxmi Bhuyan) and several professional from top industries in USA. The vision of this group is to establish a world class Institute in the country. The Govt. of Orissa has keenly supported their efforts to establish a quality technical education. More on BIT can be found by visiting their website at


I am told that six other exisiting engineering colleges had seat increases which also happened after the Orissa govt.deadline. Students were not admitted against those seats during the last counseling. Now students will also be admitted against those seats.


The Orissa ggovernment is trying to figure out how to do the above. Watch out this space and for any updates on this.

October 9th, 2008

Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology (BIT) has just received AICTE approval

I am told by Prof. Rabi Mahapatra (Chairman of the Trustee) and Dr. Gopal Mohapatra (member Trustee) that BIT (Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology) has now received AICTE approval. This is great news. Since BPUT JEE counseling is already midway, I hope a way is found for BIT to admit students this year.

BIT will be a unique institution is Orissa. The reason I say it is that it is being built by several well-known  professors from the US and several other professionals.  Following is the list of  its promoters as obtained from their web page.

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Khurda Rd – Khurda area is set to become a major knowledge hub

Recent news in Tathya and earlier news in Samaja mention that the IIT in Bhubaneswar may be located in Argul near (3kms away)  Khurda Rd/Jatni station. If that happens with NISER also 2 km away (in a different direction) from Khurda Rd, the Knowledge SEZ near Khurda, multiple private engineering colleges in the vicinity, and with the possibility of a campus of the highly rated management institute IMI near the IIT, this area will become a major knowledge hub. The govt. of Orissa plans to join all these together as an ITIR. The proposed Vedanta University will only be 40kms or only 30minutes from this area.

August 6th, 2008

2007 ranking of Orissa Engineering colleges that participated in BPUT counseling – solely based on student preferences

((Update on June 17 2008:  For guidance on what you can get with your Orissa JEE rank in 2008, please see I do not have more information than that.)

Continuing with our methodology, and solely based on the student preferences in the GE (general) category,  we develop a ranking below. Our methodology is we compare when the various branches of the colleges get finished.  For example below when we write CET (8, 8, 12, 12, 16) it means that two of the CET branches were all finished in the GE category by the ranks 800, two by 1200 and one by 1600. We will use the first three numbers unless it becomes necessary to go beyond that.

  • 1. UCE Burla (8,8,12,12,16)
  • 1. CET Bhubaneswar  (8,8,12,12,16)
  • 2. ITER Bhubaneswar (16,16,16)
  • 3. Silicon Bhubaneswar (16, 20, 20)
  • 4. CV Raman Bhubaneswar (20,24,28)
  • 5. NIST Berhampur (24, 24, 28)
  • 6. GITA  Bhubaneswar(28,28,32)
  • 7. Orissa Eng College Bhubaneswar (28, 28, 36)
  • 7. IGIT Sarang (20,28,45)
  • 8. College of Eng Bhubaneswar (36,36,41)
  • 9. Gandhi Eng College Bhubaneswar (36,41,45)
  • 10. Krupajala Bhubaneswar (45,45,45)
  • 10. Trident Bhuabneswar (41, 45, 50)
  • 11. East Bhubaneswar (45,55,66)
  • 11. Gandhi Inst for Tech Bhubaneswar (50,50,60)
  • 11. GIET Gunupur (50,50,60)
  • 12. Orissa school of mining eng Keonjhar (45, 55, 117)
  • 13. NMIET Bhubaneswar (66, 72, 78)
  • 14. DRIEMS Dhenkanala(72,72,100)
  • 15. Konark Bhubaneswar (78, 78, 117)
  • 15. Koustuva Bhubaneswar (78, 100, 100)
  • 15. Mahavir Bhubaneswar (78, 84, 100)
  • 15. Synergy Dhenkanal (78, 84, 100)
  • 16. Nalanda Bhubaneswar (84, 84, 100)
  • 17. Rajdhani Bhubaneswar (84, 100, 100)
  • 18. Roland Berhampur (84,100, 108)
  • 19. Techno Bhubaneswar (84, 100, 117)
  • 19. Padmanav Rourkela (100,100,100)
  • 20. Ajay Binay Cuttack (100,100,117)
  • 21. Ghanashyam Hemalata  Puri(100,108,136)
  • 22. Jagannath Cuttack (108,117,147)
  • 22. Bhadrakh (117,117, 136)
  • 23. JITM Parlakhemundi (117,126,147)
  • 24. Inst of Adv Rayagada (117,136,159)
  • 24. Sanjay Memorial Berhampur (117,147,159)
  • 24. Purushottam Rourkela (126,126,136)
  • 26. Balasore (136,136,159)
  • 27. Seemanta Mayurbhanj (159, 159, 186)
  • 28. Padmashree Baragarh (172,172,200)
  • 29. Majighariani Rayagada (172,200,200)
  • 30. Satyasai Balasore (159, 172, 999)
  • 31. Samanta Chandra Sekhar Koraput (186,999,999)
  • 32. Gopal Krishna Jeypore (999,999,999)

The colleges that are missing from the above are NIT Rourkela, and KIIT. I consider NIT Rourkela to currently be the best in Orissa. I would slot KIIT around ITER and Silicon.

Outlook for 2008-2009:

Now that ITER’s parent organization Siksha O Anusandhan has become a deemed university, ITER may opt out of Orissa JEE and/or 2008 BPUT counseling.

In 2008 and 2009 there would be several new colleges. Among them three of them, if they get their approvals in time, are going to make a splash because of the people involved in the making of those colleges. They are:

  1. Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology: This College will be located at or adjacent to Infocity II. Its founders include three Orissa origin professors in the US (Prof. Rabi Mohapatra, Prof. Laxmi Bhuyan, Prof. Prashant Mohapatra) and high level people in WIPRO (in India) and Microsoft (USA). Watch out for this college. It should leap to the top3-5 in Orissa within a year or two of its starting.
  2. Temple City Institute of Technology: This college is being founded by one of the founders of KIIT and a US software professional who also gave some initial funding to KIIT. This college is also supported by at least one North America based professor (not me). Again based on the track record of the founders this should become a good college.
  3. Indus College of EngineeringWe discussed this college earlier. This college is being established by a trust led by Dr. Ravi Reddy. Dr. Reddy is a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and a Ph.D from University of Houston, USA. He was one of the main person at NIST, Berhampur. Based on this information, I think this will also become a good  engineering college.
  4. ASBM institute of Technology: Newsreports mention that ASBM plans to establish an engineering college in 2008. Based on ASBM’s track record this should become a good engineering college too.

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Several NRIs including three US based professors starting an engineering college near Bhubaneswar

Several NRIs including three US based professors are starting an engineering college near Bhubaneswar. The college is tentatively named as Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology and a brief biography of its US based trustees is here. Business standard reports on this. Following are some excerpts.

Orissa is all set to have an all non-resident Indian (NRI) sponsored degree engineering college.

The new degree engineering college is being set up near Khandagiri on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar by seven US-based NRIs. The Orissa government is actively promoting the endeavour. …

The NRIs are all professors and analysts from different US-based IT institutions and colleges. The Orissa government has allotted 20-acres of land near Khandigiri to the seven-member consortium for setting up the engineering college.

… state IT minister Surya Narayan Patro said, "the seven US-based NRIs have long approached us for setting up the degree college. Finally the government has decided to provide land for the venture".

According to Patro, "the engineering college would shortly be set up and construction work would begin soon."

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