Now-a-days there are several news paper sites and portals related to Orissa. Most of them are of daily news variety; and all the news papers try to cover all issues, a large percentage of which are negative or sensational news. Our goal in this website/blog is two fold:

  • focus on the positive, especially on the growth aspects of Orissa; and
  • to be a historical database so that one can chart the history of a particular dimension.

Let me elaborate on the second. Suppose you would like to know about the progress with respect to POSCO. In our blog, you can either click on the "POSCO" category or use the search box and type "POSCO". You will then be able to access all the entries on POSCO that we have sorted by the date. One may say that, one can type POSCO in google and find all kinds of articles on POSCO. Yes, but they won’t be sorted by dates, they won’t include articles in Oriya, they may repeat the same event published in different sources, and they may not have many news articles as many news papers do not maintain a proper archive. With this introduction, may I suggest that you play with the search box and browse through the categories and click on some of them; you will get the idea of what we are trying. If you like what we are doing and would like to help, please contact us. Currently, the main contributors to this site are myself (for more about me you may see my home page). In the past there were contributions by:

  • Dr. Digambara Patra, Tokyo, Japan
  • Mr. Umashankar Das, Hyderabad, India
  • Mr. Deba Chandan Nayak, San Diego, USA

But one other person pushed to make this happen, but  would not liked to be named now. The following short history of this site elaborates on his contribution:

I have had many blogs in the blogger platform, mostly related to Orissa human resource development issues. P, a Orissa lover and Oriya lover with expertise in web development contacted me with a great vision of a bunch of connected sites on Orissa and offered to help in the initial hosting and design. On a trial basis, we started with a site on HRD that initially focused on higher education and that led to the site This site is a follow-up to that. Although both sites use the wordpress platform and existing themes, P did many customizations to that. These customizations took a lot of time, but it was worth it, as it improved the look and functionality of the site significantly. P administered the site until July 29th 2007; during that period he also hosted this site for free and finally he did 99.99% of the work to move it to a new host. Until then he almost worked daily on improving various aspects of the site design. Our sincere thanks and greatest appreciations to P for all of that.