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1400 crore plan to connect six new ports to the National Highways

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The six new ports are Kirtania (Balasore district), Chudamani (Bhadrak district), Dhamara (Bhadrak district), Astaranga (Puri district), Baliharchandi (Puri district) and Gopalpur (Ganjam district).

Following is a report from Sambada.

Sambad’s 1st April take on Odisha’s formation

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Following is from

Odisha’s top three Odia papers (Dharitri, Samaja and Sambada) have free epaper editions

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Their websites are:

  • Dharitri (Usually updated around 3 PM California Time; 3:30 AM Indian Time)
  • Sambada (Seems to be updated in the PM California Time)
  • Samaja (Usually updated around 4 AM California Time; 4:30 PM Indian Time)

At present all three are free and one does not need to login to read them.  Dharitri and Samaja had epapers for some time now. Sambada is the latest one to join the club.

Happy 61st Birthday Bhubaneswar (April 13) : Sambada

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Is Jindal Steel of Kalinganagar trying to cheat Orissa? – Sambada

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Following is from Sambada. It reports that Jindal Steel of Kalinganagar is trying to give its extra power to its plant in Harayana against the agreement that the state of Orissa has the first rights to get that extra power. The Orissa high court was approached on this and it has put a stay order on this. Industrialists should realize that such attempt to steal from a state, that too a poor state like Orissa, is what gives the whole conecpt of industrailization a bad name.

Why so many want to establish ports in Orissa? Sambada asks

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Sambada raises interesting queries regarding why so many companies are interested in making ports in Orissa and what kind of goods will pass through those ports. A partial answer is that the ports are not only for meant for Orissa but also for landlocked mineral rich neighboring states such as Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand. Also, when one looks at the number of ports in Gujarat, the number of ports coming up in Orissa does not seem that excessive. Nevertheless, the Orissa govt. must be careful to make sure it is not being taken for a ride by a company.

Sambada and Samaja are top news papers in Orissa

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Top Dailies: Indian Readership Survey 2008 — Round 2
Newspaper Language 2007 R2 2008 R2
The Times Of India Eng 134.8 133.4
Hindustan Times Eng 60.9 63.5
The Hindu Eng 52.5 52.8
The Telegraph Eng 30 29
Deccan Chronicle Eng 30 28
Dainik Jagran Hin 536.1 557.4
Dainik Bhaskar Hin 305.8 338.3
Amar Ujala Hin 282.2 293.8
Hindustan Hin 235.3 266.3
Rajasthan Patrika Hin 131.9 140.0
Asomiya Pratidin Ass 65.9 60.2
Dainik Agradoot Ass 39.8 32.8
Ananda Bazar Patrika Ben 157.5 153.9
Bartaman Ben 87.6 84.0
Gujarat Samachar Guj 84.7 87.4
Sandesh Guj 63.6 65.3
Vijay Karnataka Kan 99.4 92.2
Prajavani Kan 66.4 58.3
Malayala Manorama Mal 129.1 121.8
Mathrubhumi Mal 105.0 97.1
Lokmat Mar 206.6 199.3
Daily Sakal Mar 125.6 116.3
Sambad Ori 51.5 60.6
Samaj Ori 46.4 53.1
Ajit Pun 31.2 30.5
Jag Bani Pun 29.6 29.3
Daily Thanthi Tam 208.8 205.8
Dinakaran Tam 160.8 168.3
Eenadu Tel 142.2 144.1
Andhra Jyothi Tel 56.8 68.1
Inquilab Urd 8.3 8.1
Urdu Times Urd 6.2 4.6
(All figures are in lakhs)

The Oriya papers Sambada and Samaja have presence in the Internet. Samaja has a web-site with limited news and an e-paper site with the full paper. Sambada only has a web-site with limited news.

Tangarpada auction: Combining financial and technical bids to determine the winner (Sambada)

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In we discussed a report regarding auctioning of minerals. The following article in Sambada illusrtates with numbers that the best way to go would be to decide the winner of the auction based on evaluating the financial and technical bid together and determining which one offers the state the maximum revenue. (Later when time permits I will translate the article into English.)

Update on Chhatrapur Titanium-Dioxide project: Sambada

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New mineral deposits discovered: Pragativadi and Sambada

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Following is excerpted from a report in Pragativadi.

According to a preliminary estimation made by the Directorate of Geology, nearly 8 million tonnes (MT) of bauxite was reserved at Ushabali plateau in Kandhmal district. Estimation regarding bauxite reserve in Kandhamal district is preliminary. The volume of reserve could be more, an official said, adding survey work would be extended to nearby areas this year.

The Orissa Mining Corporation (OMC) recently reviewed the mineral survey activities taken up the Directorate of Geology to find new reserve, particularly iron ore, which was in demand as the state had signed MoU for setting up of at least 46 steel plants.

The Directorate had completed survey of Hirapur area in Nabarangpur district for iron ore deposits and had also undertaken fresh surveys in Joda, Badbil in Keonjhar and Daitari in Jajpur.

Though the directorate had completed iron ore survey work by using drilling method at Tensa area of Sundargarh district, the findings were under study, sources said.

Similarly, the survey had also concluded that small diamond reserve could be traced at Dharamabandha and Nangalbod area of Nuapada district where the precious metal was found along with stones.

Tata Power’s tall claims about its proposed unit in Naraj, Cuttack (near Bhubaneswar)

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Following is an excerpt from a report in (This report is reasonable; the tall claims about making Naraj like Jamshedpur is reported in Sambada, which is given at the end of the excerpt.)

Optimistic about completion of land acquisition for its 1,000 MW power plant near Cuttack in five months, Tata Power has allayed fears that it may cause air, water and noise pollution and said the thermal unit would adopt latest environmental safety technology.

"We expect the whole process of land acquisition for the Naraj Marthapur coal-based power project to be completed by October, this year," Project Director (eastern region) of Tata Power, Praveer Sinha said.

Maintaining that the company was for fair and just compensation for land, structures and trees, Sinha, who visited the proposed plant site with other company officials, said price for land would be settled through ‘direct win-win negotiations with sellers’.

Rates offered would be higher than benchmark rates fixed by Orissa government, Sinha and other company officials pointed out, adding most advanced technologies would be used in the Rs 5,000-crore project to minimise plant emission.

… Ruling out any adverse impact on the air quality of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar due to the plant, he said water spraying would be undertaken in coal yard area to suppress the dust, while high efficiency electrostatic precipitator would be installed for removal of fly as from the flue gas.

"All these measures would keep emission of ash and coal dust to well below the statutory norms," a senior official at Tata Power’s Jamshedpur plant said, adding flue gas would be released through 275 metre tall stack, three times taller than Qutub Minar.

Explaining the steps to check water pollution, Sinha said fly ash generated from the plant would be stored within the plant premises and it would not be dumped into Mahanadi river or Puri canal.

Fly ash, said another senior executive, would be directly utilised by the cement industry, brick manufacturing, road and pavement construction, fertilisers and for bund preparation in farms. "Therefore, the quality of water in Puri canal or Mahanadi river or Puri canal will not be affected and will not impact marine life at all," he said.

Similarly, he said waste water generated from the plant would be reused within the plant and discharge, if any, was likely to take place only during rainy season when excess water is available.

"Such water will be discharged only after treatment of effluents and its quality will comply with the applicable effluents standards," he said.

Sinha said steps would be taken to ensure that no pollutant material is discharged into the river. Ash would not pollute ground water due to impervious lining of the ash pond into which the ash would be disposed.

Ruling out noise pollution due to the power unit, company officials also made it clear that the machinery and equipment would meet all the national standards of noise limits.

Further, thick green belt would be developed around the project site to minimise the impacts of noise created by transport of coal by railways. Around two lakh trees would be planted in the green belt to absorb dust and noise.

Bhubaneswar airport to move outside of the area: Sambada

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Land acquisition status of the proposed shipyard near Dhamara

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Two new theatre halls planned for Bhubaneswar: Sambada

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Second Rural Technology Park of the country in Bhubaneswar: Sambada

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The first RTP is in Hyderabad. Both RTPs will have a relationship with the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) in Hyderabad. (New indian Express also reports on this.)

Kingfisher plans Hyderabad- Bhubaneswar- Varanasi- Gaya flights; Srilankan airlines considering Bhubaneswar- Chennai- Colombo flights: Sambada

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Update: New Indian Express reports that Air Deccan has plans to connect Bhubaneswar with Tirupati.

Visitor facilities at Chandaka increased: Sambada

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85 crores for Jajpur Rd -Duburi 4 lane high way: Sambada

Daily Pioneer, Jajpur, Jajpur Rd- Vyasanagar- Duburi- Kalinganagar, Kalinganagar corridors, National Highways, NH 215 (348 Kms: NH-5@Panikoli - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), Roads, highways and Bus stands, Sambada (in Odia) No Comments »

Update: Pioneer reports that ‘"The NHAI has agreed to provide funds immediately to take up the widening and strengthening the NH-215 from Panikoeli to Rajmunda. Rs 96 crore will be spent for this purpose. The tender process for the four laning would start soon."

Orissa media links

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Following is a collection of links about Orissa on-line media.