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NHDP (National Highways Development Project) and Odisha

Bhubaneswar - Paradeep, Capital Region Ring Road (CRRR), Coastal highway, NH 203 (97 Kms: Bhubaneshwar-Pipili-Puri-Konark), NH 215 (348 Kms: [email protected] - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border - Rourkela - Rajamundra - Pala Laharha - Talcher - NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: [email protected] - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - [email protected]), NH 5 (488 kms: NH No.6 in Jharkhand - Baripada - Baleshwar - Bhadrakh - Cuttack - Bhubaneswar - Khordha - Brahmapur - upto Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5A (77 Kms: NH-5 at Chandikhol to Paradip), NH 6 (462 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Lobarchatti - Bargarh - Sambalpur - Deogarh - Kendujhargarh - Jashipur - Bangriposi - Jharkhand Border ), NH 60 (57 Kms: West Bengal Border- Jaleswar - Baleshwar), Overall Odisha, SH 10 Sambalpur - Jharsuguda - Rourkela, State highways, Vijaywada-Ranchi highway 3 Comments »

The various phases of NHDP and their meaning, as obtained from wikipedia,  is as follows:

Phase I: The Golden Quadrilateral (GQ; 5,846 km) connecting the four major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

* In Odisha: Part of the GQ connecting Kolkata to Chennai.

Phase II: North-South and East-West corridors comprising national highways connecting four extreme points of the country. The North-South and East-West Corridor (NS-EW; 7,300 km) connecting Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, including spur from Salem to Kanyakumari (Via Coimbatore and Kochi) and Silchar in the east to Porbandar in the west.

* In Odisha None

Phase III: The government recently approved NHDP-III to upgrade 12,109 km (7,524 mi)of national highways on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis, which takes into account high-density traffic, connectivity of state capitals via NHDP Phase I and II, and connectivity to centres of economic importance. contracts have been awarded for a 2,075 km (1,289 mi).

* In Odisha (From

  • Panikholi-Keonjhar- Rimoli, NH 215, 106kms
  • Duburi – Talcher, NH 200, 98kms
  • Bhubneshwar-Puri(Approved Length 59 Km) 203 67
  • Chandikhole-Duburi 200 39
  • Rimoli – Roxy – Rajamunda(Approved Length 163Km) 215 96
  • Sambalpur-Baragarh-Chattisgarh/Orrisa Border 6 88 Balance for award

Phase IV: The government is considering widening 20,000 km (12,000 mi) of highway that were not part of Phase I, II, or III. Phase IV will convert existing single lane highways into two lanes with paved shoulders. The plan will soon be presented to the government for approval.

* In Odisha (From

Phase V: As road traffic increases over time, a number of four lane highways will need to be upgraded/expanded to six lanes. The current plan calls for upgrade of about 5,000 km (3,100 mi) of four-lane roads, although the government has not yet identified the stretches.

* In Odisha (From

  • Six Laning of Chandikhol-Jagatpur-Bhubaneswar(Approved Length 61 Km) 5 67
  • Dhankuni-Balasore (Orissa portion Balasore – Laxmannath) 2 , 6& 60 235.68
  • Bhubneshwar-Ichchapuram 5 164.33
  • Balasore –Chandikhol 5 138.14


Phase VI: The government is working on constructing expressways that would connect major commercial and industrial townships. It has already identified 400 km (250 mi) of Vadodara (earlier Baroda)-Mumbai section that would connect to the existing Vadodara (earlier Baroda)-Ahmedabad section. The World Bank is studying this project. The project will be funded on BOT basis. The 334 km (208 mi) Expressway between ChennaiBangalore and 277 km (172 mi) Expressway between KolkataDhanbad has been identified and feasibility study and DPR contract has been awarded by NHAI.

* In Odisha: None yet.

Phase VII: This phase calls for improvements to city road networks by adding ring roads to enable easier connectivity with national highways to important cities. In addition, improvements will be made to stretches of national highways that require additional flyovers and bypasses given population and housing growth along the highways and increasing traffic. The government has not yet identified a firm investment plan for this phase.

* In Odisha: None yet.

In addition to the above some of the other major highway development activities are:

The following annotated map shows the above highways on the Odisha map.

The blue path is the divided 2 lane Vijaywada-Ranchi highway; the red one, already a 4-lane highway as part of the Golden Quadrilateral will become a 6-lane highway; and the orange (state/PPP funded) and pink (part of NHDP) ones will be 4-lane highways. I believe soon the remaining parts of NH 5 (for port connectivity to ports in Balasore district) and NH 6  (as it connects Mumbai-Kolkata) will also become 4-lane highways and all the new ports coming up will be connected to the GQ by 4-lane highways.

The concern is the bottom half of Odisha which will not have good roads except the Vijaywada-Ranchi highway. Unless particular attention is paid to that part, it will fall further behind.

The expressway plan at does cover all of Odisha in phases. If parts of it can be expedited then it will help.

NHAI projects to be awarded in 2011-12 involving Odisha and NH6 (Kolkata-Mumbai)

NH 200 (440 Kms: Chhattisgarh - Jharsuguda - Deogarh - Talcher - Kamakhyanagar - Duburi - Chandhikhol), NH 215 (348 Kms: [email protected] - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border - Rourkela - Rajamundra - Pala Laharha - Talcher - NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: [email protected] - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - [email protected]), NH 5A (77 Kms: NH-5 at Chandikhol to Paradip), NH 6 (462 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Lobarchatti - Bargarh - Sambalpur - Deogarh - Kendujhargarh - Jashipur - Bangriposi - Jharkhand Border ), NH 60 (57 Kms: West Bengal Border- Jaleswar - Baleshwar) 2 Comments »

Following is from

Project Name  NH.No  State Length (km) Estimated TPC
 (Rs. Cr.)
NHDP Phase Month of Award 
Ahmedabad-Vadodara 8 Gujarat 102 2125.24 V Apr’11
Kota-Jhalawar 12 Rajasthan 90 530.01 III Apr’11
Beawar-Pali-Pindwara 14 Rajasthan 244 2388.00 III Apr’11
Nagpur- Wainganga Bridge 6 Maharashtra 45 484.19 III Apr’11
Walayar-Vadakancherry 47 Kerala 54 682.00 II May’11
Panikoili – Rimuli  215 Orissa 163 1410.00 III May’11
Rohtak – Jind 71 Haryana 53 283.25 III May’11
Tindivanam-Krishnagiri 66 TamilNadu 178 610.21 III May’11
Barwa Adda-Panagarh 2 West Bengal 122 1665.00 V May’11
Jabalpur- Lakhnadon  7 Madhya Pradesh 74 776.00 IV June’11
Shivpuri-Dewas 3 Madhya Pradesh 330 2815.00 IV June’11
Gwalior-Shivpuri 3 Madhya Pradesh 125 1055.00 IV June’11
Walahjapet-Poonamalee 4 Tamilnadu 92 930.00 V June’11
Eastern Perpheral Expressway NE-II UP/Haryana 135 2699.00 Others June’11
Jowai-Meghalaya/Assam Border 44 Assam 102 390.74 III July’11
Vijayawada-Machhilipattnam 9 Andhra Pradesh 63 649.00 III July’11
Patna-Buxar 30&84 Bihar 125 1129.11 III July’11
Aurang- Saraipally- Orissa Border 6 Chhatisgarh 150 1017.00 IV July’11
Meerut – Bulandshahar 235 Uttar Pradesh 63 505.00 IV July’11
Jabalpur-Katani-Rewa 7 Madhya Pradesh 210 1906.00 IV July’11
Kishangarh-Udaipur-Ahmedabad 8,79A, 79 & 76 Rajasthan/Gujarat 556 5387.30 V July’11
Rampur-Kathgodam 87 Uttarkhand 93 845.60 III Aug’11
Moradabad-Aligarh 93 Uttarpradesh 145 679.32 IV Aug’11
Birmitrapur-Barkote 23 Orissa 128 778.15 IV Aug’11
Punjab/ Haryana Border – Jind 71 Haryana 70 438.75 IV Aug’11
Hospet-Bellary-KNT/AP Border 63 Karnataka 95 911.00 IV Aug’11
Solapur-Mah/KNT Border 9 Maharashtra 126 1235.66 IV Aug’11
Angul-Sambalpur 42 Orissa 153 1220.32 IV Aug’11
Muzaffarpur-Barauni 28 Bihar 107 356.40 IV Aug’11
Bilaspur-Ner Chowk  21 Himachal Pradesh 54 901.88 IV Aug’11
Etawah-Chakeri 2 Uttar Pradesh 157 1491.50 V Aug’11
Vijaywada-Elluru-Gundugolanu 5 Andhra Pradesh 103 1743.00 V Aug’11
Agra-Etawah Bypass 2 Uttar Pradesh 125 1486.00 V Aug’11
Har/UP Border-Yamunanagar-Barwala-Panchkula 73 Haryana 104 938.00 III Sep’11
Hospet-Chitradurga 13 Karnataka 120 1045.00 IV Sep’11
Mah/KNT Border-Sangareddy 9 Karnataka 145 1245.00 IV Sep’11
Cuttak-Angul 42 Orissa 112 1123.69 IV Sep’11
Raipur-Bilaspur 200 Chhatisgarh 127 1219.74 IV Sep’11
Lucknow-Sultanpur 56 Uttar Pradesh 124 1013.00 IV Sep’11
Chandikhole-Paradeep 5A Orissa 77 808.50 V Sep’11
Kharagpur-Baleswar 60 Orissa 119 486.55 V Sep’11
Madurai-Parmakudi-Ramanathapuram 49 Tamil Nadu 116 1102.00 III Oct’11
Rohtak-Hissar 10 Haryana 100 950.00 III Oct’11
Khagaria-Bakhtiyarpur 31 Bihar 120 III Oct’11
Solapur-Maharashtra/Karnataka Border-Bijapur 13 Maharashtra 100 950.00 III Oct’11
Varanasi-Sultanpur 56 Uttar Pradesh 142 1349.00 IV Oct’11
Amravati-Dhule-Gujrat Border 6 Maharashtra 480 1079.00 IV Oct’11
Vikravandi-Kumbakonam-Thanjavur 45C Tamil Nadu 165 1172.00 IV Oct’11
Mahulia-Bahargora 6&33 Jharkhand 150 861.81 IV Oct’11
Chnadikhole-Dubari-Talchar 200 Orissa 133 1287.00 III Nov’11
Kundapur-KNT/Goa Border 17 Karnataka 192 1965.00 IV Nov’11
Hoskote-Dobespet 207 Karnataka 89 844.28 IV Nov’11
Ludhiana-Chandigarh 95 Punjab 60 V Nov’11
Rajahmundary-Gundugulanu 5 Andhra Pradesh 121 V Nov’11
Chakeri-Allahabad 2 Uttar Pradesh 150 1425.00 V Nov’11
Allahabad Bypass-Varanasi 2 Uttar Pradesh 160 1520.00 V Nov’11
Anandpuram-Vishakhapatnam-Ankapalli 5 Andhra Pradesh 59 V Dec’11
Mulbagal-Karnataka/AP Border 4 Karnataka 22 231.00 III Dec’11
Coimbatore-Mettupalayam 67 Tamil Nadu 54 567.00 III Dec’11
Aurangabad- Barwa Adda 2 Bihar 220 V Jan’12

Four laning of Sambalpur-Angul

NH 42 (261 Kms: [email protected] - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - [email protected]), PPP 2 Comments »

Update on July 12 2011: As per a report in Business Standard:

The financial ministry approves the four laning of Angul-Sambalpur section of NH 42 in Orissa for Rs 1,220.32 crore and two/four laning of Birmitrapur to Barkote section in Orissa (Rs 778.15 crore). These are to be done via PPP.

Original part published on: June 19th. 2008, 11:55pm

Following is an excerpt from a report in New Indian Express.

The Lok Sabha petitions committee rapped the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for the inordinate delay in four-laning of the National Highway No 42 from Angul to Sambalpur. As a number of steel industries and thermal power plants are coming up in Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Angul and Dhenkanal districts, traffic on this route has increased manifold. The State Government has been demanding the NHAI for further widening of this route in view of movement of large number of heavy vehicles. The petitions committee chaired by Pabhunath Singh met at Delhi recently and sought to know from the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways about the delay in four-laning the road. The NHAI officials reportedly told the committee that the proposal of the State had been approved. After survey on traffic intensity on the route, the 107-km stretch between Manguli and Angul has been been identified for four-laning. The Ministry has made a budgetary provision of Rs 2.3 crore in the current year�s budget for feasibility study and preparation of detailed project report (DPR). Steps have been taken to engage a consultant for DPR preparation. … Dharmendra Pradhan, a member of the committee, reportedly suggested that the four-laning should be done up to Jarpada in view of the steel project coming up there. However, the Ministry officials said that there is no proposal for four-laning beyond Angul. On the development of 209-km-long NH-23 from Banarpal to Birmitrapur, the Ministry said that widening of 9- km road to two lane is in progress and the four-laning of Birmitrapur to Rajamunda depends of the traffic intensity. A consultant has been appointed for feasibility study.


Various road development plans across Orissa: Dharitri

Cuttack, Jharsugurha, Khordha, NH 42 (261 Kms: [email protected] - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - [email protected]), NH 5 (488 kms: NH No.6 in Jharkhand - Baripada - Baleshwar - Bhadrakh - Cuttack - Bhubaneswar - Khordha - Brahmapur - upto Andhra Pradesh Border), Sambalpur, Sundergarh, Vijaywada-Ranchi highway No Comments »

Several four laning projects approved and their impact

Angul, Anugul- Talcher - Saranga- Nalconagar, Jajpur, Jajpur Rd- Vyasanagar- Duburi- Kalinganagar, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Kalinganagar - Tarini - Keonjhar, Kalinganagar- Chandikhol- Paradip, Kalinganagar-Bhadrakh, Kendrapada, Keonjhar, NH 200 (440 Kms: Chhattisgarh - Jharsuguda - Deogarh - Talcher - Kamakhyanagar - Duburi - Chandhikhol), NH 215 (348 Kms: [email protected] - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border - Rourkela - Rajamundra - Pala Laharha - Talcher - NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: [email protected] - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - [email protected]), Paradip - Jatadhari - Kujanga, Sambaplur- Burla- Bargarh- Chipilima, Sundergarh 1 Comment »

Note, that Jajpur-Rd Duburi is also being 4-laned. With all these 4-laning, Kalinganagar area will be surrounded by four 4-lane segment: NH-5, NH-200, NH-215 and Jajpur Rd-Duburi.

(The above map fragment is from an wikipedia map.)

There will also be two four lane paths from Kalinganagar area to Rourkela.

 With approved plans to four-lane NH 42 between Angul and Sambalpur, the state govt. needs to four lane the segment between Angul and Talcher to have a seamless 4-lane transition between NH-42 and NH-200 at Angul-Talcher.


There is plan to four-lane Bhubaneswar-Puri. The Orissa government should pursue the four-laning of the following:


  • NH-42 from Cuttack to Angul
  • NH-23 from Talcher to NH-6

The Orissa government should team up with Jharkhand to 4-lane

  • NH-23 from Rourkela to Ranchi
  • NH-83 from Jamshedpur to NH-6
  • NH-5 between NH-6 and Balasore (the last two need for port access in the upcoming ports in the Balasore district)

The Orissa government should team up with West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Maharashtra for four-laning NH-6 completely.

These actions will 4-lane the upper part of Orissa with fairly direct 4-lane paths from many areas of Orissa to Delhi and Mumbai. (Fairly direct 4-lane connections exist between Orissa to the south and Kolkata.)

Following is from

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today gave its approval for the development of 4 laning of (i) Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimouli, (ii) Rimouli-Roxy-Rajmundra sections of NH-215 and (iii) Chandikhole-Duburi-Talcher Section of NH-200 in the State of Orissa under NHDP Phase III A on BOT Basis.

The project cost of (i) Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimouli section (163 km) is estimated as Rs.1170.59 crore including Rs.84.40 crore towards Land Acquisition (LA), Rehabilitation and Resettlement and preconstruction. Similarly, the estimated cost for Rimouli-Roxy-Rajmundra (106 km) and Chandikhole-Duburi-Talcher Section (133 km) are Rs.849.05 crore and Rs.969.63 crore respectively. The cost towards LA, R&R and preconstruction of other two projects are Rs.195.29 crore and Rs.185.63 crore respectively. The Government would provide the viability gap funding (VGF), which would not exceed 40% of the total project cost excluding the cost of LA, R&R and pre-construction.

The project will be developed by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) through the Private Sector Concessionaires who will be selected by NHAI following two stage bidding process. The first stage of the bidding process i.e. pre-qualification of the bidders has already been completed by NHAI. The second stage of bidding process is in progress.

The Concession period for the Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimouli section will be 20 years. For Chandikhole-Duburi-Talcher Section and Rimouli-Roxy-Rajmundra section the concession period is 18 and 25 years respectively.




Roads and Highways infrastructure in Orissa

Angul, Balangir, Balasore, Bargarh, Baripada-Balasore-Kirtania, Bhadrakh, Bhadrakh-Balasore, Bhadrakh-Dhamara, Bhubaneswar-Berhampur, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack- Kalinganagar, Bhubaneswar-Dhenkanal- Anugul, Bhubaneswar-Nayagarh, Bhubaneswar-Paradip, Bhubaneswar-Pipli- Astaranga, Bhubaneswar-Pipli- Konark, Bhubaneswar-Puri, Bouda, Choudwar-Kendrapara - Dhamara, Coastal highway, Corridors emanating from Bhubaneswar metro, Cuttack, Cuttack-Paradip, Deogarh, Dhenkanal, DISTRICTS & BLOCKS, Gajapati, Ganjam, Grama sadak, Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur, Jharsuguda-Sambalpur- Bargarh, Jharsugurha, Kalahandi, Kalinganagar - Kamkhya Nagar - Talcher, Kalinganagar - Panikoili - Jajpur - Kendrapara, Kalinganagar - Tarini - Keonjhar, Kalinganagar- Chandikhol- Paradip, Kalinganagar-Bhadrakh, Kandhamala, Kendrapada, Keonjhar, Khordha, Koraput, Malkangiri, Mayurbhanj, Mining Corridor, Nabarangpur, National Highways, Nayagarha, NH 200 (440 Kms: Chhattisgarh - Jharsuguda - Deogarh - Talcher - Kamakhyanagar - Duburi - Chandhikhol), NH 201 (310 Kms: Boriguma - Bhawanipatna - Balangir - Bargarh), NH 203 (97 Kms: Bhubaneshwar-Pipili-Puri-Konark), NH 203A (49 Kms: Puri - Bramhagiri - Satpada), NH 215 (348 Kms: [email protected] - Anandapur - Kendujhargarh -Rajamundra @NH-23), NH 217 (438 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Khariar Rd - Nuapada - Khariar - Titlagarh - Ramapur - Baligurha - Asika - Brahmapur - Gopalpur), NH 224 (298 Kms: Khordha - Nayagarh - Dashapalla - Bauda - Sonapur - Balangir), NH 23 (209 Kms: Jharkhand Border - Rourkela - Rajamundra - Pala Laharha - Talcher - NH-42), NH 42 (261 Kms: [email protected] - Redhakhol - Anugul - Dhenkanal - [email protected]), NH 43 (152 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Chandili - Borigma - Jaypur - Koraput - Sunki - Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5 (488 kms: NH No.6 in Jharkhand - Baripada - Baleshwar - Bhadrakh - Cuttack - Bhubaneswar - Khordha - Brahmapur - upto Andhra Pradesh Border), NH 5A (77 Kms: NH-5 at Chandikhol to Paradip), NH 6 (462 Kms: Chhattisgarh Border - Lobarchatti - Bargarh - Sambalpur - Deogarh - Kendujhargarh - Jashipur - Bangriposi - Jharkhand Border ), NH 60 (57 Kms: West Bengal Border- Jaleswar - Baleshwar), NH 75 (18 Kms: Jharkhand Border to NH-215 near Parsora), Nuapada, Overall Odisha, Puri, Puri - Konark, Rayagada, Road maps, Roads, highways and Bus stands, Rourkela-Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Sonepur, State highways, Sundergarh, Vijaywada-Ranchi highway No Comments »


In recent years there has been a big jump in the number of kilometers of national highways in Orissa. Following is copied from my page "Roads and Highways infrastructure in Orissa."

Road network: Orissa Roads1; Orissa Roads2; India’s NH network; India’s golden quadrilateral; the part of the GQ/NH-5 that runs through Orissa.

  • National Highways in Orissa and India; its growth in recent years:
    • NH 5: Junction with NH No.6 in Jharkhand near Baharagora-BaripadaBaleshwar-Bhadrakh-Cuttack- Bhubaneswar-Khordha-Chhatrapur-Brahmapur– upto Andhra Pradesh Border. (488 kms)
    • NH 5A: Junction with NH No.5 near Haridaspur-Paradip Port. (77 kms)
    • NH 6: From Chhattisgarh Border-Lobarchatti- BargarhSambalpur-Deogarh-Barakot- Kendujhargarh -Jashipur-Bangriposi-upto Jharkhand Border (462 kms)
    • NH 23: From Jharkhand Border-Panposh-Raurkela– Rajamundra-Barakot- Pala Laharha-Talcher-Jn. with NH-42 (209 kms)
    • NH 42: Junction with NH No.6 near Sambalpur– Redhakhol-Anugul-Dhenkanal- Jn. with NH-5 near Cuttack. (261 kms)
    • NH 43: From Chhattisgarh Border– Dhanpunji- Borigma- JaypurKoraput-Sunki- Andhra Pradesh Border. (152 kms)
    • NH 60: From West Bengal BorderJaleswarBaleshwar (57 kms)
    • NH 75: From Jharkhand Border to junction with NH No.215 near Parsora (18 kms)
    • NH 200: From Chhattisgarh-Machida-Jharsuguda– Kochinda- Deogarh –Talcher-Kamakhyanagar-Sukinda- Chandhikhol (440 kms)
    • NH 201: Boriguma-Ampani-Bhawanipatna– Belgan- Balangir-Luisinga-Jogisuruda-Dunguripali-Bargarh (310 kms)
    • NH 203: Bhubaneshwar-Pipili-PuriKonark (97 kms)
    • NH 203A: The highway starting from its junction with NH-203 at Puri, connecting Bramhagiri and terminating at Satpada (49 kms)
    • NH 215: Panikoli-Anandapur-Ghatgan- Kendujhargarh– Parsora-Koira-Rajamundra (348 kms)
    • NH 217: From Chhattisgarh Border-Nauparha-Khariar- Titlagarh-Belgan- Ramapur- Baligurha-Sorada-Asika- Brahmapur– Narendrapur- Gopalpur (438 kms)
    • NH 224: Khordha-Nayagarh-Dashapalla- Purunakatak-Bauda-Sonapur-Balangir (298 kms)
  • Vijaywada-Ranchi highway (approved by planning commission as reported in May 2006), [July 06] [The Orissa government has been demanding a NH from Vijaywada to Ranchi which will pass through the Naxal infested areas. 1200 km of this 2000km will be in Orissa. CM talked to planning comission about it.]
  • Ongoing National Highway work in Orissa
  • Future plans for Orissa: [1:april-28-05]; [2:april-28-05].
  • Various phases of NHDP: [1]; [2]; [3]
  • Other highway plans:
    • 4 laning of Chandikhol-Paradip by February-end of 2007
    • 4 laning of Keonjhar-Panikoili, Duburi-Talcher, Cuttack-Paradeep and Duburi-Keonjhar Highways. [June17-05-Pragativadi]
  • Aim-for-with-high-priority/parts-of-it-in-Orissa-govt- plan(page4)-already:
    • Connect NH 215 (perhaps at Jajpur Rd) to Jenapur to NH200 (where it meets Brahmani) with a highway as Jenapur is the location where the National waterway will cross the railway line and Jenapur is 7 kms from where a branch of the line goes to Daitari and Bansapani.
    • Designate AP-border-Koraput-Raygada-Padampur- Berhampur (in NH5) as a National highway. (This will bring Koraput and Raygada, thus a big part of KBK, closer to BBSR) — a slight revision of what is in the plan
    • Designate Anandpur (NH 215)-Bhadrak-Dhamara port as an NH. (This will bring Dhamara port closer to Jharkhand, thus helping industries in Jharkhand and Orissa.)
    • Jagatpur-Kendrapara-Chandbali-Dhamara — make it an NH (alternative route to Dhamara port)
    • Panikoili/Kuakhia-Jajpur-Aradi-Chandabali — make it an NH (alternative route to Dhamara port)
    • Panikoili-Jajpur-Kendrapara-NH5a-Paradeep — make it an NH (alternative to Paradeep port)
  • Orissa State Road Transport Company (OSRTC)
  • Wide city roads:
    • Four-laning of the Airport-Dhamana Chhaka road in Bhubaneswar: [1]
    • Other Bhubaneswar Road plans: [1], [2]
  • Bhubaneswar area road plans: