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Odisha related ECOR and SER new lines allocations for 2011-12 and spending during 2010-11

Angul - Talcher - Sukinda (under constr.), Haridaspur - Paradeep (under constr.), Jaleshwar-Digha, Khurda Rd - Balangir (under constr.), Lanjigarh Rd - Junagarh, New Lines, Railway Budget 2010, Railway Budget 2011, Talcher - Bimlagarh (under constr.) 6 Comments »

The above can be obtained by looking at the appropriate pages of this year’s pink book and last year’s pink book. Following are images cut from both.

From 2011-12 Pink book

Following are some observations based on the above:

  1. Khurda Rd-Balangir: It seems 115.8 crores is expected to be spent on Khurda-Balangir line during March 2010-March 2011. This is close to the 120 crores that was allocated in the 2010-11 budget. So I am not sure why the budget was slashed to 60 crores. My guess is that last year they spent the money in building on the land they had already acquired. Now they need to acquire more new land to build and so until enough new land is acquired a lot of money could not be allocated for construction. The blame here lies with the railways for not anticipating in advance and not buying enough land in the previous years. The Odisha government should have also monitored this and prodded ECOR to buy enough land in advance. A bit of good news is that the budget speech explicitly mentions that Khurda Rd-Begunia will be completed this year.
  2. Talcher-Bimlagarh: Last year the allocation was 50 crores. However, it is anticipated that 99.4-37.98= 61.42 crores will be spent on this during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is 66 crores, and the budget speech explicitly mentions that some part of this line will be completed this year.
  3. Angul – Sukinda: In 2010-11 the allocation was 22.5 crores, out of which only 12.7 crores is expected to be spent during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is a substantial one consisting of 27 crores (RVN) plus 169.15 crores (PPP). It is not clear where the PPP money is coming from. If it is from the Odisha government or Odisha industries then railways should not take credit for it.
  4. Haridaspur – Paradeep: In 2010-11 the allocation was 101 crores, out of which 79.6 cores (=251.2-171.6 ) is expected to be spent during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is a substantial one consisting of 10 crores (RVN) plus 169.15 crores (PPP). It is not clear where the PPP money is coming from. If it is from the Odisha government or Odisha industries then railways should not take credit for it.
  5. Daitari – Banspani: I am not sure what the deal here is. This line is supposed to be complete. I don’t know why there is a 70 crores budget for this.
  6. Lanjigarh Rd – Junagarh: This line has an allocation of 10 crores and will be completed this year. Once that is done  Ispat Express should be extended to Lanjigarh Rd or Bhawnipatna and a Bhawniaptana – Bhubaneswar express should be introduced.

Now let us move to SER.

  1. Jaleswar – Digha (41 kms): Last year 20 crores were allocated to it. But only 2 crores is expected to be spent during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is a substantial one consisting of 150 crores. Also due to some modification in the plan the overall estimated cost has gone up from 255.11 crores to 533.63 crores. The modification includes a segment in West Bengal. It is not clear how much of the allocated 150 crores will be spent in the Odisha part and how much in the newly tagged on West Bengal part.

The overall new lines budget for 2011-12 is 733.4 crores. But if one takes out the PPP part then it is only 393 crores. And then, if the Jaleswar-Digha part is West Bengal centric and one takes 150 crores for it out then the total reduces to only 243 crores. Is Mamata Banerjee hoodwinking Odisha here?

See for how it compares with previous years budgets. See for a tabular listing of the new line budget over the years. See for an old projection to the future.

Status of Khurda-Balangir Project; misinormation on last year’s spending may have harmed this year’s allocation

Khurda Rd - Balangir (under constr.), Railway Budget 2010, Railway Budget 2011 Comments Off on Status of Khurda-Balangir Project; misinormation on last year’s spending may have harmed this year’s allocation

This project was approved in 1993-1994 and since then very little progress has been made. In the 2010-11 railway budget, for the first time, there was a decent allocation of 120 crores towards this project.

Before the 2011-12 railway budget there were a lot of news that out of the allocated 120 crores 100 crores was returned due to non-utilization.

This seems to be a false news.

If one looks at the Pink Book at,1,304,366,539,1056 one can note that by the end of the 2010-11 outlay this project would have spent 211.65 crores. (See below. There seems to be some typo on the total amount needed for the project.)

In last year’s Pink Book  that number till the end of 2009-10 outlay was 105.8 crores. (See above.) In other words between 2010 March and 2011 March 221.65-105.8 = 115.85 crores would be spent. This is close to the 120 crores that was allocated.

So unless I am missing something, the politicians are spreading misinformation and actually harming the cause of the Khurda Balangir line. Instead of making false claims that 100 crores was returned (and only 20 crores was spent) and blaming the state and central government, they should have stated that 115.85 of the 120 crores was spent; and now that both the state government and ECOR have shown the ability to spend almost 120 crores in the project, at least a similar amount should be allocated in this year’s budget.

Instead, for petty political gains they spread the wrong news and the aam janta who does not know the truth will think if the authorities could only spend 20 crores out of the allocated 120 crores, then its perfectly justified for the Rail budget to have only 60 crores for the project this year.

Unfortunately, we have bad politicians and many spreaders of false news and that has time and again harmed Odisha’s cause.

Having said all that, the Railway Board knew that 115.85 crores of the alloted 120 crores was going to be spent by March 2011. They should not have reduced the allocations to 60 crores for this year.


Now following are some excerpts from a report in It shows the misinformation being spread.


In lieu of the return of last year’s Rs.100 crore, she has sanctioned Rs.60 crore. Last year, Rs.120 crore was allocated out of which, Rs.100 crore was reportedly returned due to non-utilisation.

An earlier report, linked in a kddf posting, hopefully, gives some useful information on the land acquisition status.

… from Khurda Road to Balangir will pass through 32 bridges including the longest one over river Tel, 403 minor bridges, 11 tunnels — the longest being 1400 meters, besides 124 level crossings and 17 stations.

Land acquisition sources said land in 13 out of the 16  villages on Balangir side have been acquired. Paucity of funds has however hampered land acquisition in the remaining three villages, said Ganeswar Kanhar, Land Acquisition Officer.In 2007, compensation for 64 acres of land was given in eight villages.

Since then only six more villages could be surveyed as the proposal for land acquisition was kept pending till the first quarter of 2010. While the civil work would be taken up only after acquisition of land for the 50 km track is complete,  till now nearly 35 km is yet to be acquired. Kanhar said 36 km of civil work has been started on  Khurda side.

2011 Updating of the Status of new railway line projects in Odisha; a projection to the future

Angul - Talcher - Sukinda (under constr.), Haridaspur - Paradeep (under constr.), Khurda Rd - Balangir (under constr.), Lanjigarh Rd - Junagarh, Naupada - Gunupur (Gauge conversion), New Lines, Railway Budget 2011, Talcher - Bimlagarh (under constr.) 4 Comments »
New Lines 2006- 07 2007- 08 2008- 09
2009- 10
2010- 11 2011 -12 Spent until 2009- 10 Spent until 2010 -11 Remai ning

Khurda- Balangir

(289 kms)

23 20 32.34 28.07 120 60 105.8 211.7 474.2 428.3 700 Cap

Talcher- Bimlagarh

(154 kms)

10 15 10 10 50 66 37.98 99.4 722.8 645.4 810.8 Cap

Haridas pur- Paradip

(82 kms)

44 20 80 70 101 RVN 10 RVN 169.2 PPP

21.9 Cap

171.61 RVN

21.9 Cap 251.2 RVN 299.83 RVN 541.91 RVN 5.85 PPP

21.9 Cap

572.4 RVN 803.1 RVN 175 PPP

Angul- Sukinda Rd

(98.7 kms)

20   60 75 22.5 RVN 27 RVN 169.2 PPP

20.88 Cap

13.5 RVN

20.88 Cap 

26.2 RVN

581.62 RVN

389.4 RVN

5.85 PPP

20.88 Cap

617.6 RVN

442.6 RVN

175 PPP

Lanjigarh Rd – Junagarh

(56 kms)

19 12 35 30 60 10 169.31 176.6



170 cap

188.1 cap

Daitari – Bansa pani

(155 kms)

155.6   20 60 75 RVN 70 RVN

367 cap

671.85 RVN

367 cap

587.8 RVN

186.56 RVN

301.7 RVN

367 Cap

933.4 RVN

959.5 RVN

Jaleswar- Digha

(41 kms)

    Did not exist Did not exist 20 (new)  150 Did not exist  2 235.11 381.6

255.1 Cap

533.6 Cap

Buramara – Chakulia

with upgrad ation  of Rupsa – Buramara

(125 kms)

        under progress as an RVNL SPV.         466.5 RVN

Gunupur- Theruvali (79 kms)

(Naupada  – Gunupur 90 kms gauge conver  sion is now complete)

N-G 34 N-G 25    

Already surveyed.

But listed as a soc. desirable project. 

Odsiha should push hard for this to be designa ted as a port conn. (to Gopalpur port) project and taken up via RVN SPV.

      Odisha govt. has also indicated to push this as a PPP project.  
Total allocation on new lines (NL) and gauge conver sion (GC)

Rupsa – B 15.9

Other – 4.1

Total – 325.6 crores

Rupsa – B 35

other – 5

Total – 132 crores

244.34 + 65 = 309.34 275.07+ 36.14 = 311.21

ECOR NL – 428.7


SER NL – 20

SER GC – 1

Total = 454.7

ECOR NL – 583.4

ECOR GC – 12

SER NL- 150

SER GC – 2

Total= 747.4


2004 – 199 crores


New Lines 2006 – 07 2007- 08 2008- 09 2009- 10 2010- 11 2011- 12 Spent until 2009 -10 Spent until 2010 – 11 Remain ing Total






Odisha in the 2011-12 Rail budget

Railway Budget 2011 9 Comments »

See for the budget speech.

See,1,304,366,539,1056 for the pink book.

The new trains, extensions and frequency increases that may have stops in Odisha are:

  1. Sealdah – Puri non AC Duronto (tri-weekly) [From Feb 2012]
  2. Vivek Express: Dibrugarh- Thiruvanthapuram-Kanniyakumari Express (weekly) via Kokrajhar [From Nov 2011]
  3. Vivek Express: Howrah-Mangalore Express (Weekly) via Palghat [New connectivity] [From Feb 2012]
  4. Kavi Guru Expres: Howrah-Porbander Express (weekly) [From Nov 2011]
  5. Rajya Rani Express: Jharsuguda – Bhubaneswar Express (tri-weekly) [From Nov 2011]
  6. Visakhapatnam- Koraput Intercity Express (5 days a week) via Vizianagram [Much needed] [From March 2012; but only 2 days a week]
  7. Howrah-Secunderabad Express(weekly) via Kharagpur [From Feb 2012]
  8. Hyderabad- Darbhanga Express (weekly) via Muri-Jharsuguda-Nagpur [New connectivity] [From July 7 2011]
  9. Howrah – Tirupati Express (weekly) [Summer special, regular from July 2011]
  10. Puri-Shalimar Express(weekly) [Summer special, regular from July 2011]
  11. Ranchi- Pune Express (bi-weekly) via Bilaspur [From Nov 16 2011]
  12. Shalimar-Udaipur Express(weekly) via Katni, Kota [via Rourkela; new conectivity] [From Feb 2012]
  13. Howrah-Mysore Express (weekly) via Gondia [New connectivity] [From Feb 2012]
  14. Digha-Visakhapatnam Express(weekly) [From Feb 2012]
  15. Puri-Gandhidham Express(weekly) via Durg [New connectivity] [From Nov 2011]
  16. Howrah-Visakhapatnam Express(weekly) [Summer special, regular from July 2011]
  17. Digha-Puri Express (weekly) [From Feb 2012]
  18. Kharagpur-Viluppuram Express (weekly) via Vellore [Increases connectivity] [From Feb 2012]
  19. Purulia –Viluppuram Express (weekly) via Midnapore, Kharagpur, Vellore [Increases connectivity] [From April 13 2012]
  20. Howrah-Nanded Express (weekly) [New connectivity] [From Feb 2012]
  21. Kendujhargarh- Bhubaneswar Fast Passenger ( 5 days a week) [Much needed] [From Nov 2011]
  22. Koraput- Bolangir-Sambalpur Passenger (daily) [Needed] [From March 2012]
  23. Baripada-Bangariposi DEMU [New connectivity] [From Nov 2011]
  24. Sambalpur- Nizamabad Express to Nanded (18309/18310) [New connectivity] [From July 1 2011]
  25. Rourkela- Bhubaneswar Express from 6 days to daily (18105/18106) [Needed] [From July 1 2011]

* Update (Not in the budget): Jammu Tawi-Hatia Express extended to Rourkela. [From Nov 12 2011] [New connectivity, Needed]

* Update (Not in this year’s budget): Bhubaneswar – Baripada Express extended to Bangiriposi [From March 2012] [Needed]

The items in red are ones that appear interesting to me. The reason they are interesting to me are given in square brackets. In particular, the budget brings new connectivity (from Bhubaneswar) to Mangalore, Calicut, Gandhidham and Mysore; (from Rourkela & Sambalpur) to Nanded; (from Rourkela & Jharsuguda) to Mysore and many en-route stations (possibly Hyderabad); the much needed VSKP-Koraput intercity express; and new connectivity (from ROU and JSG) to Hyderabad.

Now we go over the budget speech and extract all Odisha related parts from it.

6.  … During this year, we have met industry leaders, Chambers of Commerce and Industry to encourage investment in the specified areas of infrastructure, rolling-stock or service provision. Railways will provide economic share to our partners for such endeavours. With this objective, railways have developed several business-oriented policies for the first time. Some of these policy initiatives are:-

  • i. Railways’ Infrastructure for Industry Initiative (R3i)
  • ii.    Private Freight Terminal (PFT)
  • iii.    Special Freight Train Operators (SFTO)
  • iv.    Automobile Freight Train Operators (AFTO)
  • v.    Automobile and Ancillary Hubs
  • vi.    Kisan Vision (Cold Chains) vii.    New Catering Policy viii. Rail Connectivity to Coal and Iron ore mines (R2CI)

13.    Railways are already executing works either departmentally or through PPP/JV at Budge Budge, Dankuni, Naopara, Anara, Tindharia, New Cooch Behar, Kharagpur, Haldia, Guwahati and Kazipet. Work on the wagon factory in Orissa will also be taken up once the site is finalized.

 25.    I propose to set up more mechanized laundries for improving the quality of linen in trains at Nagpur, Chandigarh and Bhopal, in addition to Wadibunder, Tikiyapara, Kamakhya, Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Indore, Lucknow, Banaras, Samastipur, Sealdah, Tatanagar, Danapur, Bikaner, Bilaspur, Durg, Hatia, Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, where they are commissioned or are being set up. Proposals for laundries at Vishakhapatnam, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Gwalior, Manduadih, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, New Jalpaiguri, Jammu, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Tirupati, Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, Hubli, Bengaluru, Yashwantpur, Jabalpur, Allahabad, Mau, Amethi and Kota are also under examination.

28.    Madam Speaker, we had added only 10,677 km of new lines since independence. I had announced an ambitious target of 1,000 km of new lines in 2010-11. This is in contrast to average addition of 180 km annually. In the current year, we may do over 700 km, falling short of the target. But this would be almost double of the highest ever performance in any single year. Unless we set our targets high, we cannot realize the goals of Vision 2020. The hon’ble members will be happy to know that railways will be achieving its target of 800 km for gauge conversion, 700 km for doubling and 1,000 km of electrification.

Annual Plan 2011-12

30.    Madam, the Annual Plan for the year 2011-12 has been proposed at `57,630 cr which is the highest ever plan investment by the railways in a single year. The Plan is proposed to be financed through GBS of `20,000 cr, diesel cess of `1041 cr, internal resources of `14,219 cr, market borrowings of `20,594 cr through Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC), considering its past excellent performance in the financial market. Normally IRFC raises between `9,000-10,000 cr annually for leasing of rolling stock. Next year, an additional amount of `10,000 cr will be raised through tax free bonds for financing select capacity enhancement works. Railways will ensure servicing this debt of tax-free bonds. Further, external source of financing through PPP, WIS etc is expected to yield `1,776 cr.

33.    In the last budget I had announced updation of surveys for 114 socially desirable new lines. Out of this 94 will be completed by March, 2011 and the remaining by December, 2011. I propose to take up construction of these lines in the 12th five year plan since this budget year is the terminal year of the 11th plan. Our dream is to bring about a social revolution through rail connectivity. We need political freedom along with economic freedom that will usher in prosperity for our millions of countrymen, more especially to the common man.

34.    Madam, we have proposed to create a fund to implement the socially desirable projects during the 12th Plan. Under the umbrella of this non-lapsable fund, not only will the pending socially desirable lines be completed, but many other similar new line projects would also be taken up. The scheme is being named, Pradhan Mantri Rail Vikas Yojana. I am extremely thankful to the hon’ble Prime Minister for his support and guidance.

36.    Railways are already executing 19 projects in the similar difficult and underdeveloped areas in the States of Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Bihar and Maharashtra and I propose to increase the allocation to these projects to `771 cr.

45.    I am now making an offer that whichever state ensures trouble-free train running for the whole year, shall be given two new trains and two projects as a special package.

50.    Upgradation of stations would provide safe drinking water, pay & use toilets, high-level platforms, better accessibility for the physically challenged among many other facilities at these stations. I would like to assure all the hon’ble members that all the suggestion for Adarsh stations given by them have been included in the following list of 236 stations. I will be happy to receive suggestions from the hon’ble members to add more stations.
Abhaipur, Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar, Achhnera, Alipurduar court, Alipurduar Jn., Ambalgram, Ambernath, Ambikapur, Anara, Asoknagar Road, Azimganj Jn., Baghdogra, Bagula, Bahadurpur, Baharu, Bahirgachhi, Bahirpuya, Bahraich, Balagarh, Bala Mau, Balarambati, Balgona, Ballalpur, Bamangachhi, Bamangram Halt, Bamanhat, Banarhat, Baneswar, Banka pasi, Bankimnagar, Banstala, Barabhum, Baragaon, Barasat Jn., Barhni, Barmer, Barsoi Jn., Basudevpur, Basuldanga, Batasi, Bathnakrittiba, Belakoba, Beldanga, Beliaghata Rd, Beliatore, Betberia ghola, Bhadaiyan, Bhadrak, Bhagalpur, Bhagwangola, Bharwari, Bhimgarh, Bidyadharpur, Bishnupur, Boinchi, Brindabanpur, Buniyadpur, Burnpur, Chanchai, Chamagram, Champa, Chandanpur, Chatra, Chatterhat, Chengannur, Chintamani, Chirimiri, Chitrakut Dham Karvi, Chowrigacha, Churu, Dainhat, Darjeeling, Daryabad, Dasnagar, Deoria Sadar, Deulti, Dhatrigram, Dhubulia, Dhulabari, Dildarnagar, Diva, Dubrajpur, Dumurdaha, Durgachak, Eklakhi, Ettumanur, Falakata, Fatehpur, Fatehpur Sikri, Gadadharpur, Gandhigram, Ghanpur, Ghoksadanga, Ghoragata, Ghum, Gidhni, Gobra, Guntur, Gurap, Harishdadpur, Harishchandrapur, Hasimara, Hindmotor, Hotar, Hridaypur, Hubli, Jabalpur, Jaganath Temple, Gate, Jakhalabandha, Jalor, Jamikunta, Janai road, Jangaon, Jessore road, Jhantipahari, Jodhpur, Jorhat Town, Joychandipahar, Kahalgaon, Kaikala, Kalchini, Kalinagar, Kaliyaganj, Kamakhyaguri, Kamareddi, Kanjiramittam, Kanthi, Karimnagar, Kathgodam, Kathua, Khagraghat Rd., Khajuraho, Khalilabad, Khemasuli, Khurja Jn., Kiraoli, Kishanganj, Kolar, Korba, Kotshila, Kulpi, Kumbakonam, Kunda Harnam Ganj, Kurukshetra, Kuruppantara, Labpur, Lohapur, Loknath, Lower Parel, Madarihat, Madhusudanpur, Majhdia, Malatipur, Malda Court, Malkajgiri, Manendragarh, Manigram, Maninagar, Mararikulam, Matigara, Mayiladuturai, Meerut City, Meghnagar, Mollarpur, Mulanturutti, Murarai, Nabadwip Ghat, Nabagram, Nagore, Nagrakata, Naimisharanya, Nandakumar, Narendrapur, Navsari, New Alipurduar, New Bhuj, New Cooch Behar, Old Malda, Palla road, Palsit, Panagarh, Pandaveswar, Panjipara, Patranga, Patuli, Phusro, Piravam Road, Pirtala, Prantik, Quilandi, Raghunathpalli, Raigarh, Raipur, Rajbandh, Rajgoda, Rajnandgaon, Ramrajatala, Rangiya, Ratangarh, Remount road, Rudauli, Rupnarayanpur, Sabarmati, Sadulpur, Sagardighi, Sakoti Tanda, Salanpur, Salboni, Salem, Sambre, Sankrail, Santaldih, Sardiha, Sasthankotta, Satna, Shahganj, Shalimar, Sidlaghatta, Simlagarh, Sirathu, Sitapur Cantt., Sivok, Sohawal, Sonada, Srinivaspura, Sukna, Sultanpur, Talit, Thanabihpur, Tildanga, Tiruppur, Tuticorin, Udhna, Vaikam Road, Vasco-da-gama, Vellarakkad.

52.    Out of the 160 MFCs announced, a few are completed and few are in the process of completion. I have given a special target to complete all the MFCs next year. I propose to set up more MFCs with budget hotels at Bangarpet, Secunderabad,    Amethi,    Ramnagar,    Ajmer,    Chandigarh,    Amritsar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kamakhya, Gaya, Rae Bareli, Deoghar, Varanasi, Bhubaneswar, Vellore, Kanyakumari, Srinagar, Sasaram, Bhagalpur, Panipat, Bhuj, Anand, Arsikere, Birur, Neemach, Ratlam, Azamgarh, Ujjain, Adra, Midnapore, Tamluk, Purulia, Thakurnagar, Sagardighi, Jangipur, Bahrampur, Nabadwip, Kulti, Bolapur, Diamond Harbour, Naihati, Kanchrapara, Hajipur, Islampur and Rohtak.

Golden Rail Corridor

55.    Madam, I am happy to announce that pre-feasibility study for the western leg (Delhi-Mumbai) of the Golden Rail Corridor would start early next year. The study is being undertaken with help from Japan, with the objective of raising speed of passenger trains to 160-200 kmph. Similar studies will be initiated for other corridors including Mumbai-Kolkata, Chennai-Bangalore, Delhi-Jaipur and Ahmedabad-Mumbai.

95.    In my last budget speech, 33 new line sections covering 1,021 km were identified for completion as compared to less than 200 km normally. I am happy to inform the House that we have taken a giant leap in completion of new lines projects. The progress of laying new lines will be further accelerated and in the year 2011-12, we are confident of exceeding a milestone of laying of 1,000 km of new lines. The sections which have either been completed or will be completed during 2010-11 are:-

  • Bhawanipatna-Junagarh
  • Khurda Road – Begunia

97.    The target for Doubling was fixed as 700 km for the year 2010-11 and I am happy to inform the august House that this target will be met. Sections which have either been completed or will be completed during 2010-11 are as under:-

  • Barbil-Barajamda doubling

98.    The new lines sections covering 1,075 km proposed to be completed in 2011-12 are:-

  • Part of Talcher-Bimalgarh

100. The following sections covering 867 km are proposed to be doubled in 2011-12 are as under:-

  • Jharsuguda-Rengali
  • Banspani-Jaroli

101. In the last two budgets, I had announced 251 updating surveys/new surveys for new lines/gauge conversion/doubling. Of these, the following 190 surveys have been completed or will be completed by the end of this financial year. These lines will also be taken up in the 12th Plan:-

  • Raipur-Jharsuguda
  • Barajamda-Tatina
  • Gunupur-Theruvali
  • Puri-Konark
  • Sambalpur-Behrampur
  • Jeypore-Malkangiri
  • Navrangpur-Jeypore
  • Banspani-Bimalgarh-Barsuan
  • Digha-Jaleswar-Puri
  • Bolangir-Nawapada

Rail Tourism

102. We have planned for rail business with Ministry of Tourism. If successful this year, we will expand the partnership. To improve look of twenty railway stations and its approaches, the cost will be shared on 50:50 basis. The stations are Hyderabad, Hospet, Agra, Rae Bareli, Belur, Varanasi, Kamakhya, Haridwar, Dooars, Gaya, Madurai, Tarapith, Thiruvananthapuram, Furfura Sharief, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Nanded, Puri, Tarakeshwar, Rameshwaram, Tirupati, Guwahati, Jaipur and Ajmer.


Duronto trains
109.    The following new Duronto trains are proposed to be introduced:

iii.    Sealdah – Puri non AC Duronto (tri-weekly)

Vivek Express
113.    To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda which will be celebrated in 2013, I propose to introduce new trains called “Vivek Express”.

i.    Dibrugarh- Thiruvanthapuram-Kanniyakumari Express (weekly) via Kokrajhar
iii.    Howrah-Mangalore Express (Weekly) via Palghat

Rajya Rani Express
115.    I propose to introduce a new set of trains connecting state capitals with important cities/towns in those states:

ix.    Jharsuguda – Bhubaneswar Express (tri-weekly)

Express trains
117.    I propose to introduce following new express trains:

7.    Visakhapatnam- Koraput Intercity Express (5 days a week) via Vizianagram

8.    Howrah-Secunderabad Express(weekly) via Kharagpur

12.    Hyderabad- Darbhanga Express (weekly) via Muri-Jharsuguda-Nagpur

13.    Howrah – Tirupati Express (weekly)

15.    Puri-Shalimar Express(weekly)

16.    Ranchi- Pune Express (bi-weekly) via Bilaspur

20.    Howrah-Mysore Express (weekly) via Gondia

22.    Digha-Visakhapatnam Express(weekly)

35.    Puri-Gandhidham Express(weekly) via Durg

36.    Howrah-Visakhapatnam Express(weekly)

41.    Digha-Puri Express (weekly)

43.    Kharagpur-Viluppuram Express (weekly) via Vellore

45.    Purulia –Viluppuram Express (weekly) via Midnapore, Kharagpur, Vellore

55.    Howrah-Nanded Express (weekly)

Passenger services

118.    The following new passenger services will be introduced:

2.    Kendujhargarh- Bhubaneswar Fast Passenger ( 5 days a week)

3.    Koraput- Bolangir-Sambalpur Passenger (daily)


119.    Following new DEMU services will be introduced:

19.    Baripada-Bangariposi

Extension of trains:

121.    The run of the following trains will be extended:

14. Sambalpur- Nizamabad Express to Nanded (18309/18310)

Increase in frequency of trains

122.    The frequency of the following trains will be increased:

7.    Rourkela- Bhubaneswar Express from 6 days to daily (18105/18106)

New Line Surveys

128. On the basis of requests received from the hon’ble members, state governments and others, the following surveys are proposed to be taken up in 2011-12:-

42    Paradip Port – Dhamara Port
43    Bhadrachalam – Kharagpur through Koraput-Talcher-Baripada

Railway Electrification

131.    The hon’ble members will be happy to know that railways would exceed the original XI Plan target of 3,500 route-km of electrification. In 2011-12, the following sections covering around 1,000 km are proposed to be electrified:-

i. Vizianagaram-Rayagada-Titlagarh-Raipur



ECOR earnings up; IR’s earnings down

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Following is from a report in Pioneer.

East Coast Railway (ECoR) GM Arvind Kumar Vohra …

He informed about the achievements made by the ECoR during the last three quarters both at the freight and passenger fronts. During the period, ECoR has earned `6140.72 crore, 19.77 per cent more than the corresponding period of last year.

It has carried 79.98 MT of freight traffic, 4.91 per cent more as compared to the corresponding period of last year while 59.13 million passengers have been carried which is 12.03 per cent more than the corresponding period of last year.

The above is only about the earnings and not about profits. There is no data on that yet. However, Indian Railways as a whole has reduced earnings and may make a loss the last year. Following is from a report in Indian Express.

The Indian Railways’ great “turnaround story”, which was making waves in business schools till a few months back, now appears headed towards an ignominious end. A sharp decline in earnings and a serious escalation in expenditures are threatening to push India’s transport behemoth to near-bankruptcy.

… the Railways now has a net deficit of around Rs 2,500 crore. “While our expenditure has gone up by almost Rs 1,330 crore, our earnings are down by Rs 1,142 crore,” says a Railway Board official.

Odisha’s request for the 2011-12 Railways Budget

Railway Budget 2011 2 Comments »

Following is from a report in Business Standard.

In the run up to the Railway Budget for 2011-12, the Orissa government has requested the Ministry of Railways to sanction Rs 2085 crore for the state in the current financial year …

The state government has sought Rs 350 crore for the Khurda Road-Bolangir rail link (289 km), Rs 250 crore for the Paradeep-Haridaspur rail link (82 km), Rs 150 crore each for the Angul-Duburi-Sukinda Road rail line (90 km) and Talcher-Bimalagarh (154 km) rail line and Rs 60 crore for the Lanjigarh Road-Junagarh rail link (56 km).

For gauge conversion, the state has sought Rs 20 crore for the 89-km Rupsa-Bangriposi and Rs 30 crore for the 90-km Nuapada-Gunupur.

Similarly, for doubling projects, the state government has requested the Ministry of Railways to allot Rs 760 crore. Presently, 20 doubling projects are under execution in order to further augment line capacity. Allocation of funds for the second bridge on Kathajori and Kauakhai and Haridaspur-Jakhapura (third line) needs to be sharply increased.

The proposals for new doubling include Rayagada-Koraput rail link and patch doubling of Kottavalasa-Kirandul line. The state government has requested the Ministry of Railways to sanction doubling of this rail link which connects the port city of Visakhapatanam with the iron ore rich area of Kirandul.

For undertaking new electrification works, the state has sought Rs 100 crore from the Ministry of Railways in 2011-12. It has also requested the ministry to sanction funds for the development of multi modal logistics parks and container freight stations at Kalinga Nagar, Angul, Jharsuguda, Rourkela and Choudwar.

The Railways ministry has been requested to sanction some new rail links in 2011-12. These include Rupsa-Burhamura-Chakulia (35 km), Nuapada-Gunupur-Theruvali (79 km), Banspani-Barbil (15 km), Bhadrachalam Raod-Malkangiri-Jeypore-Junagarh-Lanjigarh Road-Talcher-Bimlagarh, Bargarh-Nuapada via Padampur (120 km), Talcher-Gopalpur (245 km), Puri-Konark (35 km), Rupsa-Bangriposi-Gorumahisani (35 km), Badampahar-Keonjhar (70 km), Berhampur-Phulbani (169.8 km) and Khurda Road-Rajathgarh (59 km).

The Orissa government has proposed to set up a dedicated industrial corridor in the Meramandali-Angul-Talcher-Chhendipada belt linking the coal mines, power generating units and steel plants.

This proposed corridor, to be co-habited by multiple users, is estimated to cost Rs 2192 crore. The state government has requested the Railways ministry to finalize the policy to construct such dedicated rail corridors in coal and mineral bearing areas.

The state has also given proposal for introduction of 16 new trains. This includes Duronto type super fast trains between Bhubaneswar-Mumbai, Puri-jaipur, Bhubaneswar-Pune, Bhubaneswar-Bangalore and Puri-Surat. It has also presented proposal for introduction of a super fast express between Visakhapatanam and Allahabad, express train between Koraput and Visakhapatanam, express train from Titlagarh to Bhubaneswar via Rayagada, express train from Keonjhar to Howrah, express train from Barbil to Visakhaptanam, super fast express from Rourkela to New Delhi, inter-city express between Puri and Tata via Keonjhar, express train between Berhampur and Rourkela, direct train between Bhubaneswar and Kalka, express train service between Jagdalpur and Kolkata, inter-city express between Berhampur and Puri and passenger train services between Barbil and Puri as well as from Rayagada to Bolangir.

Moreover, the state has sought Rs 25 crore for five new coaching terminals and Rs 50 crore for seven ‘Adarsh’ stations (model stations) and two multi-functional complexes.

Demand for an ECOR rail division in Rourkela grows

Baripada - Bangiriposi (under constr.), Bhadrakh - Dhamara (port conn. planned), Buramara - Chakulia, CKP ... Bhalulata - Rourkela - Jharsuguda Jn - Daghora , ECOR, Jaleshwar-Digha, Rourkela - Biramitrapur, Rourkela- Kansbahal, Rupsa Jn - Baripada, Sundergarh 15 Comments »

Following is an excerpt from a report in

How justified is the demand to carve out a separate railway division at Rourkela under the East Coast Railway (ECoR)? Given the continuing neglect towards the infrastructure and passenger amenities over decades, the demand is gaining momentum.

With apolitical and political outfits jumping on the bandwagon to seek separation of Rourkela from the Chakradharpur division of the South Eastern Railway (SER), the Railway Ministry is likely to feel the heat ahead.

Train Passenger Steering Committee convener and Rourkela Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Subrat Patnaik in tandem with the members of the Rourkela Development Forum (RDF) and Rourkela Railfanning Association (RRA) are vociferous in their demand. The local BJD unit has gone a step ahead to threaten disruption of mineral transportation by rail if the issue was not sorted out.

Locals feel, in the changed scenario, the triangular districts of Sundargarh, Jharsuguda and Keonjhar – high on industrial and mining activities – would no longer tolerate further neglect as Sundargarh alone annually contributes ` 800 crore to SER.

… Inadequate train services and infrastructure apart, the lingering of the proposed Bimlagarh-Talcher rail link is a stark pointer of neglect, they stated.

Even 10 per cent of the revenue generated from the regions is not spent to benefit a population of over 50 lakh.

RDF and RRA members Dilip Mohanty, Mahendra Mishra, Mihir Swain and Supratik Mishra sent a memorandum to the Railway Ministry over the demand claiming the combined revenue share from these three districts is anything over ` 2,200 crore.  …

The fact that there is an ECOR division in Sambalpur (147 kms from Rourkela) and Chakradharpur (101 kms from Rourkela) should not be a concern as there are many railway divisions that are much closer. In it is mentioned that there are separate rail divisions in Varanasi and Mughalsarai that are only 17 kms apart, Guntur and Vijaywada that are 34 kms apart and so on. 

The petition at lists various reasons why a ECOR rail division in Rourkela is needed. Please visit it and sign it.

There is also a similar need for a railway division in Rayagada or Kesinga/Lanjigarh Rd/Bhawanipatna to cater to existing lines and to the many new lines that are coming up there. The new lines include Naupada-Gunupur and its extension to Therubali and Lanjigarh Rd – Junagarh and its extension to Nabarangpur and Jeypore.  With many people in Viskhapatnam demanding that the VSKP division be split from ECOR, if that happens the Odisha part of the current VSKP division as well the above mentioned new lines should be moved to the proposed division at  Rayagada or Kesinga/Lanjigarh Rd/Bhawanipatna.

In North Odisha with several new lines coming up (Bhadrakk – Dhamara, Chakulia – Buramara, Jaleswar – Digha, ) and with the commencement of broad gauge service in the Rupsa-Baripada-Bangiriposi line a new division in Balasore or Bhadrak is warranted. SER greatly meshed up the Rupsa-Baripada-Bangiriposi line costing Indian Railways significantly. See page 8-9 of 2006-may-CAG report. These parts should also be taken away from SER.

Odisha port connectivity plans

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Following are excerpts from a report in Business Standard.

"The Government of India has announced a major policy initiative to offer Viability Gap Finding (VGF) for providing road and rail connectivity to the minor ports. As per this policy, the Government of India will bear 50 per cent of the cost for the road and rail infrastructure, the state government will provide 30 per cent while the remaining 20 per cent will be borne by the port developers”, G K Dhal, principal secretary (commerce & transport) said.

For the proposed port at Bichitrapur in Balasore district, the road connectivity would be between Jaleshwar and Bichitrapur while the rail connectivity would be from Digha to Bichitrapur.Similarly, for the port proposed at Subarnarekha mouth, also in Balasore district, the road connectivity is proposed between Basta and Choumukha whereas the rail connectivity would be from Haldipada to Choumukha.

The road connectivity for the Dhamara port in Bhadrak district has been envisaged from Jamujhadi on NH-5 to the port site. The rail link is being developed between Bhadrak and Dhamara.

… "The Orissa government has also proposed an industrial corridor on the Meramandali-Angul-Talcher-Chhendipada belt linking the coal mines, power plants and steel plants. Rail India Technical & Economic Services (Rites), the consultancy arm of Indian Railways, has submitted a draft feasibility report in this regard which is under the scrutiny of the state government. The Orissa government intends to form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the purpose. This common corridor will be co-habited by multiple players and can be financed by participative funding”, he added.

Paralakhemundi to have broad gauge passenger train service from the 18th December 2010; Hirakhand Express extended to Jagdalpur (via Jeypore) from the same day

Gajapati, Koraput, Koraput- Jeypore- Sunabedha- Damanjodi, Naupada - Gunupur (Gauge conversion), Railway Budget 2010, Vizag ..Shimiliguda - Koraput - Dhanapur ..Kirandul 9 Comments »

Following is an excerpt from a report in Orissadiary.

217 Puri-Palasa passenger which is leaving Puri at 07.50a.m and arriving Palasa at 03.25p.m will leave Palasa at 04.30p.m and will arrive at Paralakhemundi at 06.45p.m in the extended portion. In the return direction, 218 Paralakhemundi-Puri Passenger will leave Paralakhemundi at 07.45a.m and will arrive at Puri at 09.05p.m.

This train will stop at Pundi, Rauthpuram, Naupada, Tekkali, Pedasana, Temburu, Ganguvada, and Pathapatnam between Palasa and Paralakhemundi. The timings of 217/218 Puri-Paralakhemundi-Puri passenger will remain unchanged between Puri & Palasa. The train will run as a special train on the flagging off day of the extended portion and the regular run will be from Puri w.e.f 19th December and from Paralakhemundi w.e.f 20th Dec’2010.

8447 Bhubaneswar-Koraput Hirakhand Express, which is leaving Bhubaneswar at 07.35p.m and arriving Koraput at 09.45a.m on the next day, will leave Koraput at 10.05a.m and will arrive at Jagadalpur at 12.40p.m in the extended portion. In the return direction, 8448 Jagadalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express will leave Jagadalpur at 03.30p.m and will arrive at Bhubaneswar at 08.25a.m on the next day.

This train will stop at Jeypore and Jagadalpur in the extended portion. The timings of 8447/8448 Bhubaneswar-Jagadalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express will remain unchanged between Bhubaneswar and Koraput. The train will run as a special train on the day of flagging off of the extended portion and the regular run will be from Bhubaneswar on 18th December and from Jagadalpur from 19th Dec’2010.

Sambalpur-Howrah via Angul weekly express to commence from Dec 11th 2010

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Following is an excerpt from

As announced in the last Railway Budget, Ministry of Railways has decided to introduce three new trains in East Coast Railway jurisdiction. Puri-Howrah-Puri daily Duronto Express will be introduced from 7th December 2010; Sambalpur-Howrah-Sambalpur weekly Express from 10th December & Puri-Digha-Puri weekly express will be introduced from 11th December 2010.
2278 Puri-Horah Duronto Super Fast Express will leave Puri at 06.45a.m and will arrive at Howrah at 01.45p.m. In the return direction, 2277 Howrah-Puri Duronto Super Fast Express will leave Howrah at 02.25p.m and will arrive at Puri at 09.40p.m. This train has One AC Chair Car, 11 Second Class Chair Car and Two Guard vans having no intermediate stoppage.
2586 Sambalpur-Howrah weekly Super Fast express via Angul & Bhadrak will leave Sambalpur at 07.55p.m. on Fridays and will arrive at Howrah at 07.05a.m. on the next days. Similarly, in the return direction, 2585 Howrah-Sambalpur weekly Super Fast express via Bhadrak and Angul will leave Howrah at 08.55p.m on Saturdays and will arrive at Sambalpur at 08.10a.m. on the following days. This train has One AC-2 tier, One AC-3 tier, Six Sleeper Classes, Six General Second Class Coaches and Two Guard cum Luggage vans in its composition having stoppages at Rairakhol, Boinda, Angul, Talcher Road, Dhenkanal, Jajpur Keonjhar Road, Bhadrak, Balasore and Kharagpur between Sambalpur and Howrah.
2580 Puri-Digha weekly Super Fast express will leave Puri at 11.35p.m on Saturdays and will arrive at Digha at 09.30a.m on the next days. In the return direction, 2579 Digha Puri weekly Super Fast express will leave Digha at 05.15p.m. on Sundays and will arrive Puri at 03.20a.m. on the following days. This train has One AC-2 tier, One AC-3 tier, Eight Sleeper Classes, Six General Second Class Coaches and Two Guard cum Luggage vans in its composition having stoppages at Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Jajpur Keonjhar Road, Bhadrak, Balasore, Kharagpur, Panskura, Tamluk and Kanthi between Puri & Digha. But presently this train will have One AC-2 tier, One AC-3 tier, Five Sleeper Classes, Three General Second Class Coaches and Two Guard cum Luggage vans in its composition.

I am expecting the Sambalpur-Howrah via Angul weekly express to be made daily in the coming years as it newly connects Sambalpur, Angul,Talcher and Dhenkanal to Jajpur Keonjhar Road, Bhadrak, Balasore and Kharagpur and Angul,Talcher and Dhenkanal to Howrah.

Kalahandi news: Wagon factory and branch of Sri Sri University

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Thanks to for the pointers. Following is an excerpt from a report in

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday said the railways will usher in an industrial boom in the country as her ministry is to set up 20 new industries in the next one year.

‘We will set up 20 more heavy industries like wagon factories in underdeveloped areas of the country like Kalahandi in Orrisa, in Telangana (in Andhra Pradesh) and in Junglemahal (Maoists affected area),’ said Banerjee, while addressing a function to commence the work for the Dedicated Eastern freight Corridor at Dankuni.

Following is an excerpt from a blog entry in kalahandia.

To a local proposal through Vision Kalahandi 2020, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji has also agreed for a branch of his University in Kalahandi …

Khurda-Balangir line: State pushes to get approval for kms 36-112 (From Samaja)

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ECOR to make an indoor stadium in Bhubaneswar: Samaja

Bhubaneswar- Cuttack- Puri, ECOR, Khordha, Odisha sports Comments Off on ECOR to make an indoor stadium in Bhubaneswar: Samaja

The positives of BPUT operations happening in Rourkela

Bhubaneswar- Cuttack- Puri, Khordha, Rourkela, Rourkela- Kansbahal, Sundergarh, Talcher - Bimlagarh (under constr.) 3 Comments »

With more and more BPUT operations moving to Rourkela (thanks to for the pointer) there could be some huge positives, but not one that people normally think as BPUT’s academic programs in Rourkela will not be better than the programs at NIT Rourkela. But there would be definitely more seats; so that would be good. But the biggest positives would be with respect to connectivity.

In particular, the connectivity between Rourkela and the rest of Odisha, especially the Bhubaneswar area, would improve. Currently not enough attention is being paid to that.

For example, the Talcher-Bimlagarh line will significantly shorten the distance between Bhubaneswar and Rourkela. The distance between them will become 308 kms: BBS-Talcher (114) + Talcher-Bimlagarh(154) + Bimlagarh-Rourkela(40). Currently the shortest distance is 419 kms. Once Talcher-Bimlagarh line is completed one could travel between BBS and ROU in about 5 hours. That would mean one could take a train from one place at 6 and reach the other at 11. Currently the BBS-ROU intercity takes 7hrs 30 minutes one way and 7hs 55 minutes the other way. On the other hand the BBS-SBP takes between 4:40 to 4:50 minutes in the two intercities (BBS-BLGR and SBP-Puri).

So lets hope that the inconvenience caused by having many BPUT operations from Rourkela will lead to people demanding speeding up of the completion of the Talcher-Bimlagarh line and perhaps even the start of shuttle flights between Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.

Another positive would be that more private colleges (not now but in few years when the demand picks up again) may come up close to Rourkela and the frequent travel by college heads to Rourkela could give them ideas to develop the travel corridor in many ways.

So although the convenience argument is often used by many (including me) to support some BPUT operations in Bhubaneswar, where most of the BPUT colleges are, perhaps for the greater and longer term good some inconvenience in the short term can be accepted.

Bringing Rourkela and Bhubaneswar closer (in travel time as well as in people’s mind) would be a big plus for Odisha.

Lets work on operationalizing Talcher-Bimlagarh line in 3-5 years!

Update on Khurda-Balangir and Haridaspur-Paradip; Railway board urged to make additional ex-gratia payment to land losers (From Samaja)

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Rajsunakhala people unhappy that its station in the Khurda Balangir line has been eliminated: Pragativadi

Khurda Rd - Balangir (under constr.), Nayagarha Comments Off on Rajsunakhala people unhappy that its station in the Khurda Balangir line has been eliminated: Pragativadi

(Thanks to Saumya Mohapatra for the pointer.)

However the 2010 map at still shows Rajsunakhala station as part of the Khurda-Balangir line.The article below also mentions that land acquisition is over in most places.

Odisha legislators getting ready early on their request to the Rail ministry

Railway Budgets 6 Comments »

In the past sometimes they would wait till January and sometimes they would forget until a few days before the rail budget. But this time they seemed to be prepared ahead of time. Following is a report from Dharitri.

Mamata assures that the first phase of Khurda Rd-Balangir rail will be finished in March 2011: Dharitri

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Bringing up KBK by building its infrastructure: plans for what to realistically push with the central government for the next 7 years

Balangir, HRD-n-EDUCATION (details at, Jeypore, Kalahandi, KBK Plus district cluster, Khurda Rd - Balangir (under constr.), Koraput, Lanjigarh Rd - Junagarh, Malkangiri, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Rayagada, Sonepur, Vijaywada-Ranchi highway Comments Off on Bringing up KBK by building its infrastructure: plans for what to realistically push with the central government for the next 7 years

Various KBK statistics are known to everyone here as well as to the planning commission. We will not rehash them here. We will just like to point out that various programs in KBK (such as RLTAP) will not work to their potential unless qualified people are willing to be there to implement those programs and unless there are enough local people who are qualified. For example, one can open schools and hospitals and initiate irrigation projects. But if teachers, doctors and engineers do not go there in sufficient numbers to staff the schools, hospitals and irrigation projects they will not achieve their impact. So while we make programs for schools, hospitals and irrigation projects we need to pay attention to the infrastructure aspects that will (a) create enough local teachers, doctors and engineers and (b) will not deter teachers, doctors and engineers to come to this place.

With that in mind we propose that the following be pushed with the central government for implementation in the next 7 years  — the remaining part of the 11th plan and the 12th plan starting in 2012. I think the list below is doable. (Much more needs to be aimed for and done through the state government, industries and people in this region; but here we only focus on what one can realistically push with the central government and achieve.)

1. Railway Infrastructure: The Railway infrastructure of the KBK districts need to be drastically improved. In particular there are several approved lines that need to be speeded up. In addition there are some hanging lines that need to be extended and completed. The following shows the current Railway lines in Odisha.

The following picture shows the lines that bring better rail connectivity to the KBK districts. The ones in brown have been approved and we request that they be completed within the next 2-3 years and. We request that the ones in blue are approved and completed within 5 years.

2. Airport at Jeypore:  Currently Odisha has one airport with commercial flights. That is in Bhubaneswar. AAI is in the process of making another airport at Jharsuguda. We propose that another airport be built near Jeypore-Koraput with commercial flights in mind (small planes to start with) to serve the KBK area. An airstrip is already there.  The following map shows the location and its distance from the other airports in India.

3. Roads: On roads, we request that the construction of the Vijaywada-Ranchi highway be expedited.  More.

4. HRD/Education: The 11th plan has good proposals regarding schools, ITIs and model colleges. But as we said in the beginning of this document, KBK needs to produce its own teachers, doctors and engineers.

As a first step the Odisha government decided to locate the Central University of Odisha in Koraput. However, considering the vast area of KBK, we request the following.

4.1   The 11th plan has provision for having medical colleges and engineering colleges in 5 of the 16 new central universities. (See the page from Volume 3 of 11th plan below.) We request that the one of those medical college and engineering college be established as part of the Central University of Orissa, Koraput.

4.2   A centrally funded engineering college of the kind in Longowal Punjab (SLIET), Kokrajhar Assam and the one being made in Malda (GKCIET): These three centrally funded engineering colleges have rural focus and we request that one such rural focused 3-tier (catering to workers, technicians and engineers) is needed for KBK. We request that it be made in Balangir. In the next page we have cut-outs related to the above mentioned three colleges which show their mission perfectly matches what is needed in the KBK districts.

4.3 Upgradation of Food Craft Institute Balangir to an Institute of Hotel Management.

4.4 Some kind of a centrally funded institute in Kalahandi: One has to be realistic in pursuing something that is achievable; something central government has established in smaller towns in other states; something with similar philosophy as SLIET/GKCIET/CIT-Kokrajhar but in a different field.

Added on Dec 11th 2010: I think a Central Agricultural University can be pushed for Kalahandi. Currently a Central Agricultural University exists in Imphal ( I came across the news item in that says "the Union agriculture ministry had given the go-ahead to develop a central agriculture university in Jhansi". So a similar one can be pushed for Kalahandi.

4.5 Special funding for proposed state Universities in KBK: The Odisha government higher education task force has recommended new state universities to be made in Jeypore (Koraput), Bhawanipatna (Kalahandi) and Balangir. We request that the central government give a one time 50 crore grant to each of these proposed universities so that they can be started at the earliest.

 5. Job Centers:


  • Wagon factory in Kalahandi.
  • Tourist infrastructure around Gandhamardan hills and Harishankar.
  • Tourist infrastructure around Kolab dam and tribal hamlets of Koraput.

6. KBK+: In addition in the KBK+ district of Kandhamal a branch of Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) can be realistically pursued and achieved.

Final Word: Please make additional suggestions. But be realistic. Also, note that here we are talking about what to pursue with the central government.

Oisha BJD MPs meet Mamata Banerjee on Khurda-Balangir line: Dharitri

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CM Naveen Patnaik promises to pursue wagon factory in Kalahandi

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This is good news. But just to make sure that the Railway wagon factory happens in Kalahandi and is not shifted to another location, the Kalahandi people should  keep copies of all newspaper articles on this. That way in case the CM changes his mind, the copies of the news paper reports on this can be presented to him. Following is a screen copy of the report in Pioneer.



Bhubaneswar – Rameswaram express to start on May 2010; more than three years after it was announced in the 2007-08 Railway budget

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Following is from an East Coast Railways press release:

Ministry of Railways will introduce the new Bhubanewar-Rameswaram-Bhubaneswar weekly express with effect from 21st May 2010 from Bhubaneswar and from 23rd May 2010 from Rameswaram.

8496 Bhubaneswar-Rameswaram –Bhubaneswar weekly express will leave Bhubaneswar at 12.00 noon on every Friday and will arrive Rameswaram at 11.55 pm on every Saturday.  In the return direction, 8495 Rameswaram-Bhubaneswar weekly express will leave Rameswaram at 6.30 a.m on every Sunday and will arrive Bhubaneswar at 6.40 pm on every Monday.

8496/8495 Bhubaneswar-Rameswaram-Bhubaneswar weekly express will have stoppages at Khurda Road , Brahmapur, Vizianagaram, Duvvada, Vijayawada, Gudur, Chennai Egmore, Villupuram, Mayiladuthurai, Kumbakanam, Thanjavur, Tiruchirapali, Koraikuddi and Manmadurai stations between Bhubaneswar and Rameswaram having one AC-2 tier, one AC-3 tier , 10 Sleeper Class coaches , 04 General 2nd Class coaches, two Guard-Cum-Luggage vans and one Pantry Car in its composition.

This makes three exclusive trains between Bhubaneswar and Chennai. (By exclusive, I mean they will not be already occupied by passengers from/to Howrah thus having more quota for Odisha passengers.) They are:

  • 2829/30 Bhubaneswar-Chennai
  • 2897/98 Bhubaneswar-Pondicherry
  • 8495/96 Bhubaneswar-Rameswaram

Also the newly proposed Haldia-Chennai train may have more room for Odisha passengers as compared to Coromandel and Howrah-Chennai mail.

In general the east coast of Odisha has very good exclusive connectivity to the main Southern cities; Prashanti to Bangalore and Visakha and Konark to Hyderabad.

See for the other announced trains that are still pending.

SAIL proposes a port in Odisha

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Following is an excerpt from a report in Business Standard.

With expansion of its units in eastern India in pipelines, public sector steel major, SAIL today evinced keen interest in setting up a port in Orissa, official sources said.

A delegation of Steel Authority of India’s (SAIL) top executives today met chief secretary T K Mishra and other senior officers here to seek the state government’s assistance for the proposed port by the steel giant.

We have assured the SAIL officials of all help if they are keen for a port project," Chief Secretary T K Mishra told reporters, adding that the proposed port would help the public sector to transport coal for its requirement. The proposed port having a capacity of handling 20 million tonnes of cargo would be located anywhere in the state’s 480 KM coastline, Mishra said.
The state government had asked SAIL to find any of the 13 places already identified by the state’s transport and commerce department for setting up a port.

The interest in ports in Odisha is due to the mining belt and the related industrial belt in Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal. These ports will help the growth of the coastal parts of Odisha. Odisha should leverage these ports to develop communication channles (especially railway lines such as Talcher-Bimlagarh, Khurda Balangir, Gopalpur-Rayagada, Chakulia-Buramara) as well as some logistics hubs in appropriate places in the western parts of Odisha such as Titlagarh and Jharsuguda.