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Odisha related ECOR and SER new lines allocations for 2011-12 and spending during 2010-11

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The above can be obtained by looking at the appropriate pages of this year’s pink book and last year’s pink book. Following are images cut from both.

From 2011-12 Pink book

Following are some observations based on the above:

  1. Khurda Rd-Balangir: It seems 115.8 crores is expected to be spent on Khurda-Balangir line during March 2010-March 2011. This is close to the 120 crores that was allocated in the 2010-11 budget. So I am not sure why the budget was slashed to 60 crores. My guess is that last year they spent the money in building on the land they had already acquired. Now they need to acquire more new land to build and so until enough new land is acquired a lot of money could not be allocated for construction. The blame here lies with the railways for not anticipating in advance and not buying enough land in the previous years. The Odisha government should have also monitored this and prodded ECOR to buy enough land in advance. A bit of good news is that the budget speech explicitly mentions that Khurda Rd-Begunia will be completed this year.
  2. Talcher-Bimlagarh: Last year the allocation was 50 crores. However, it is anticipated that 99.4-37.98= 61.42 crores will be spent on this during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is 66 crores, and the budget speech explicitly mentions that some part of this line will be completed this year.
  3. Angul – Sukinda: In 2010-11 the allocation was 22.5 crores, out of which only 12.7 crores is expected to be spent during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is a substantial one consisting of 27 crores (RVN) plus 169.15 crores (PPP). It is not clear where the PPP money is coming from. If it is from the Odisha government or Odisha industries then railways should not take credit for it.
  4. Haridaspur – Paradeep: In 2010-11 the allocation was 101 crores, out of which 79.6 cores (=251.2-171.6 ) is expected to be spent during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is a substantial one consisting of 10 crores (RVN) plus 169.15 crores (PPP). It is not clear where the PPP money is coming from. If it is from the Odisha government or Odisha industries then railways should not take credit for it.
  5. Daitari – Banspani: I am not sure what the deal here is. This line is supposed to be complete. I don’t know why there is a 70 crores budget for this.
  6. Lanjigarh Rd – Junagarh: This line has an allocation of 10 crores and will be completed this year. Once that is done  Ispat Express should be extended to Lanjigarh Rd or Bhawnipatna and a Bhawniaptana – Bhubaneswar express should be introduced.

Now let us move to SER.

  1. Jaleswar – Digha (41 kms): Last year 20 crores were allocated to it. But only 2 crores is expected to be spent during March 2010-March 2011. For the 2011-12 the allocation is a substantial one consisting of 150 crores. Also due to some modification in the plan the overall estimated cost has gone up from 255.11 crores to 533.63 crores. The modification includes a segment in West Bengal. It is not clear how much of the allocated 150 crores will be spent in the Odisha part and how much in the newly tagged on West Bengal part.

The overall new lines budget for 2011-12 is 733.4 crores. But if one takes out the PPP part then it is only 393 crores. And then, if the Jaleswar-Digha part is West Bengal centric and one takes 150 crores for it out then the total reduces to only 243 crores. Is Mamata Banerjee hoodwinking Odisha here?

See for how it compares with previous years budgets. See for a tabular listing of the new line budget over the years. See for an old projection to the future.

Demand for an ECOR rail division in Rourkela grows

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Following is an excerpt from a report in

How justified is the demand to carve out a separate railway division at Rourkela under the East Coast Railway (ECoR)? Given the continuing neglect towards the infrastructure and passenger amenities over decades, the demand is gaining momentum.

With apolitical and political outfits jumping on the bandwagon to seek separation of Rourkela from the Chakradharpur division of the South Eastern Railway (SER), the Railway Ministry is likely to feel the heat ahead.

Train Passenger Steering Committee convener and Rourkela Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Subrat Patnaik in tandem with the members of the Rourkela Development Forum (RDF) and Rourkela Railfanning Association (RRA) are vociferous in their demand. The local BJD unit has gone a step ahead to threaten disruption of mineral transportation by rail if the issue was not sorted out.

Locals feel, in the changed scenario, the triangular districts of Sundargarh, Jharsuguda and Keonjhar – high on industrial and mining activities – would no longer tolerate further neglect as Sundargarh alone annually contributes ` 800 crore to SER.

… Inadequate train services and infrastructure apart, the lingering of the proposed Bimlagarh-Talcher rail link is a stark pointer of neglect, they stated.

Even 10 per cent of the revenue generated from the regions is not spent to benefit a population of over 50 lakh.

RDF and RRA members Dilip Mohanty, Mahendra Mishra, Mihir Swain and Supratik Mishra sent a memorandum to the Railway Ministry over the demand claiming the combined revenue share from these three districts is anything over ` 2,200 crore.  …

The fact that there is an ECOR division in Sambalpur (147 kms from Rourkela) and Chakradharpur (101 kms from Rourkela) should not be a concern as there are many railway divisions that are much closer. In it is mentioned that there are separate rail divisions in Varanasi and Mughalsarai that are only 17 kms apart, Guntur and Vijaywada that are 34 kms apart and so on. 

The petition at lists various reasons why a ECOR rail division in Rourkela is needed. Please visit it and sign it.

There is also a similar need for a railway division in Rayagada or Kesinga/Lanjigarh Rd/Bhawanipatna to cater to existing lines and to the many new lines that are coming up there. The new lines include Naupada-Gunupur and its extension to Therubali and Lanjigarh Rd – Junagarh and its extension to Nabarangpur and Jeypore.  With many people in Viskhapatnam demanding that the VSKP division be split from ECOR, if that happens the Odisha part of the current VSKP division as well the above mentioned new lines should be moved to the proposed division at  Rayagada or Kesinga/Lanjigarh Rd/Bhawanipatna.

In North Odisha with several new lines coming up (Bhadrakk – Dhamara, Chakulia – Buramara, Jaleswar – Digha, ) and with the commencement of broad gauge service in the Rupsa-Baripada-Bangiriposi line a new division in Balasore or Bhadrak is warranted. SER greatly meshed up the Rupsa-Baripada-Bangiriposi line costing Indian Railways significantly. See page 8-9 of 2006-may-CAG report. These parts should also be taken away from SER.

Status of new railway line projects in Odisha; a projection to the future

Angul - Talcher - Sukinda (under constr.), Buramara - Chakulia, Haridaspur - Paradeep (under constr.), Jaleshwar-Digha, Khurda Rd - Balangir (under constr.), Lanjigarh Rd - Junagarh, Railway Budget 2008, Railway Budget 2009, Railway Budget 2010, Railway Budgets, RVNL, Talcher - Bimlagarh (under constr.), Tomka - Jaroli 8 Comments »
New Lines 2006- 07 2007- 08 2008- 09
2009- 10
2010- 11 Spent until 2009- 10 Remai ning

Khurda- Balangir

(289 kms)

23 20 32.34 28.07 120 105.8 474.2 700 Cap

Talcher- Bimlagarh

(154 kms)

10 15 10 10 50 37.98 722.8 810.8 Cap

Haridas pur- Paradip

(82 kms)

44 20 80 70 101 RVN

21.9 Cap

171.61 RVN

299.83 RVN

21.9 Cap

572.4 RVN

Angul- Sukinda Rd

(98.7 kms)

20   60 75 22.5 RVN

20.88 Cap

13.5 RVN

581.62 RVN

20.88 Cap

617.6 RVN

Lanjigarh Rd – Junagarh

(56 kms)

19 12 35 30 60 169.31 0.69 170 cap

Daitari – Bansa pani

(155 kms)

155.6   20 60 75 RVN

367 cap

671.85 RVN

186.56 RVN

367 Cap

933.4 RVN

Jaleswar- Digha

(41 kms)

    Did not exist Did not exist 20 (new) Did not exist 235.11 255.1 Cap

Buramara – Chakulia

with upgrad ation  of Rupsa – Buramara

(125 kms)

        under progress as an RVNL SPV.     466.5 RVN

Gunupur- Theruvali (79 kms)

(Naupada  – Gunupur 90 kms gauge conver  sion is now complete)

N-G 34 N-G 25    

Already surveyed.

But listed as a soc. desirable project. 

Odsiha should push hard for this to be designa ted as a port conn. (to Gopalpur port) project and taken up via RVN SPV.

  Odisha govt. has also indicated to push this as a PPP project.  
Total allocation on new lines (NL) and gauge conver sion (GC)

Rupsa – B 15.9

Other – 4.1

Total – 325.6 crores

Rupsa – B 35

other – 5

Total – 132 crores

244.34 + 65 = 309.34 275.07+ 36.14 = 311.21

ECOR NL – 428.7


SER NL – 20

SER GC – 1

Total = 454.7

2004 – 199 crores


New Lines 2006 – 07 2007- 08 2008- 09 2009- 10 2010- 11 Spent until 2009- 10 Remain ing Total





















































(All numbers above are in Crores of Rupees. Cap means Capital expenditure and RVN means expenditure through Rail Vikas Nigam.)

2006 had a big allocation of 155.6 crores just for Daitari-Bansapani for its completion. With that done, in 2007 Lalu really screwed [pardon my language!] Odisha with respect to the new lines by having a total budget on new lines and gauge conversion of only 132 crores. (There may have been another 20 crores in that budget in the green book.) Things picked up a bit in 2008 and 2009 and finally now, it is at a decent state.

Now we must make sure that by next year there is approval of Buramra-Chakulia and increase in the allocation for all the other projects that are not completed or about to be completed. A sample projected budget (for new lines) that we should aim for the next seven years is as follows.

  This Yr Remai ning 2011- 12 2012- 13 2013- 14 2014- 15 2015- 16 2016- 17 2017- 18
Khurda – Balangir 120 474.2 130 130 140 100 Done Done Done Done
Talcher – Bimlagarh 50 722.8 100 120 130 140 150 100 Done Done
Haridaspur – Paradip 101 300 100 100 100 Done Done Done Done Done
Angul – Sukinda 22.5 582 40 60 80 100 120 150 50  Done
Daitari – Bansapani 75 187 75 85 20  Done Done Done Done Done
Jaleswar – Digha NEW     20 235 30 30 30 60 80  Done Done Done
Buramara – Chakulia 0 467 NEW 20 50 50 120 120



Gunupur – Theruvali 0 450 (est) 0



50 50 100 120 120 Done
Other new lines: Puri Konark; Nabrangpur-Jeypore; Nabrangpur-Junagarh; Jeypore – Malkangiri; Malkangiri – Bhadrachal am

Lanjigarh Junagarh 60


  0 0 NEW1 (1) 20  NEW2 (1) 40  (2) 20 NEW3 (1) 40 (2) 30 (3) 20 NEW4 (1) 60 (2) 60 (3) 40 (4) 20 NEW5 (1)140 (2)130 (3)120 (4) 90 (5) 20
Total 455   495 595 620 630 650 670 670

Other lines that are mentioned in the 2010-11 budget and to be pursued beyond are: Lanjigarh Rd – Phulbani – Talcher, Berhampur – Phulbani, etc.

Talasari beach to be made a special tourism zone via PPP

Balasore, Beaches, Jaleshwar-Digha, SER, Talasari 1 Comment »

Following is an excerpt from Statesman on this.

State tourism and excise minister Mr Debi Prasad Mishra today declared that Talasari beach, one of the most famous tourist spots of Balasore district will be developed as a special tourism zone.  ..

The infrastructure will be developed for the middle and high-middle class tourists in mind, the official sources maintained.

The minister informed that a ‘Sea Festival’ will be organized in third week of April for publicity and creation of awareness on the tourist spot. For the maiden year, the festival will be organized for about three or five days, the minister said adding that tourism and excise department will support it. The sports and youth affairs department will organize a beach sports competition on the occasion.

See also the article and the pictures in